Coldplay - Mylo Xyloto

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This record showed me what music could be when i was 11. Inspiring and beautifully crafted.


When ever my family went to Florida it was a 13 hour trip and we always listened to this I basically memorized it and loved it ani it was a big part played in my life 💕

Trust and Us



My favorite album 🌀💜✨🌈☀️🌎


These songs are all so good!! Paradise tends to steal the spotlight a bit when it comes to this album, and for good reason; that song is incredible. However, each of the other songs have something unique and beautiful to offer, even ones you rarely hear about like Major Minus or Up In Flames. Listen to all of them and give each one a chance, because some are more subtle but just as precious.


Just wanna say it: UNBELEVABLE


Magical Album

Xox lol hw

This is definitely one of my favorite albums by Coldplay. What I love about them is how they write songs that tell stories, like Paradise. And the instrumentals are truly incredible. Although, there are these weird songs that sound like the intro to the next song?? It’s kind of strange, but it doesn’t ruin it in the slightest. Overall, I love the storytelling in this album. 20/10




Coldplay is my favorite actively performing group (The Stones cannot be counted as "active";), and the best band of this century (as of Jan 2018). This is THE best alternative music album since 2000 and begs to be played in its entirety without remixing. Another reason 2013 (really 2012-2013) was one of the all time best years in popular music history.

Majestic night

This is second favorite album of Coldplay after x & y. It is absolutely amazing and I love it so much. Charlie Brown, every teardrop is a waterfall and major minus are my favorites but the whole thing is amazing. Words can't describe how much I love this album. I listen to it all the time. ITS AMAZING. THANK YOU COLDPLAY

New to goals



still in love with this album


Coldplay has many brilliantly and beautifully crafted songs that never get old. Possibly one of the best pop albums of all time.

Mrs. Mendes Forever

From Charlie Brown to U.F.O. This album is purely life changing.


This one left me wanting. While "Paradise" is a top 10 song in their catalogue I didn't love much else this album had to offer save, "Us against the world" and "Up in Flames" which are both great chill tunes.

(good movie lover guy)

A step in a new direction but not too bold of a step like A Head Full of Dreams. Just the right one.


I love it soooo much even if it is old 😍😍😍


This album is very good and it takes a while to get used to. It is very poppy but at the same time their are a lot of guitar driven track as well. The songs all have a great message and people need to stop calling Coldplay "rash pop music" and actually listen to the lyrical quality. There is better lyrics here than anything in mainsteam music today( mainsteam music has terrible lyrics). Mylo Xyloto is a very good album and it needs time to be listened to because I didnt like it the first time I heard it and now I think it's really good. This album also has some very underrated songs in Coldplay's discography and they shine just as mush as the hits on this album. All I can say is well done Coldplay, you did it 2011 and you're still doing it now.

Christian Evangelista

When this album came out, my parents were getting divorced and struggling financially, my brother was having some health issues and I was having lots of trouble in middle school. I remember that this album lifted up my spirits and really made me feel like the problems in my life were just momentarily. The lyrics from Paradise especially really got to me. I always get nostalgic when I listen to this album, and remember how I used to feel so hopeless as a teenager. Thankfully things changed for the better! "The sun must set to rise... This could be para..."

812 vbdehffvghjky

stop the hate


In my opinion this album is a little too Synthesizer heavy for an Coldplay album. It is an Alt/Pop album (Princess of China) as they specify but if you wanted a Viva/Parachute mix This album might be disappointing. All of that is overshadowed by the epic and catchy songs on this album mainly: Paradise, Every teardrop is a waterfall and Charlie Brown. The opening track is a decent song but not one of their bests And Mayor Minus is an underrated gem Other than that a few overproduced ones But enough fantastic tracks to make this a Great Album!


Amazing with Rihanna ! 💗


Charlie Brown is the BEST SONG EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mylo Xyloto: track by track Mylo Xyloto - Intro to HLH Hurts Like Heaven - 9/10 Definitely one of my personal favorite tracks. HLH is just a fun and fast song with an amazing guitar solo. It just shows how far Coldplay can go and still sound amazing. Paradise - 9/10 Paradise is another amazing track showing how Coldplay can make one heck of a track. Chris's song writing really comes out here and its just an over all great song. Charlie Brown - 10/10 By far the best track. From its chorus, to its melody, to the instrumentation its shows how well you can blend an acoustic guitar with an electronic beat and sound. Simply beautiful. Us Against The World - 6/10 I do enjoy this track, with its more acoustic sound and powerful lyrics. My few complaints are where its listed and how it seems to slow down the album. I began to kind of lose interest with this song. Though nothing a few listens didn't fix. M.M.I.X - interlude Every Tear Drop is A Waterfall - 10/10 Another amazing track. Being extremely upbeat besides its name, it gives off a feeling of a warm glow. I'm personally happy the put a little more emphasis on the drums in this track as they fit perfectly with the song. Major Minus - 5/10 This track is OK. Its not the best from them and probably the one of the worst tracks on the album. It grew on me after a few listens but it never really seemed to fit. Nice guitar though. U.F.O - 7/10 The slowest track on the album and the best acoustic track in my opinion. As short as it is, it still managed to put a smile on my face at the beauty of it. Princess of China - 5/10 I feel here Coldplay didn't seem to bring their best. Its a fun track and i'm happy they brought singer, Rhianna into it. She made it fit, though the song just kind of felt lifeless in a way. It, like every other low track, grew on me in time. Up in Flames - 8.5/10 Another slower track as the album goes through but a good one at that. The slow and powerful beat in this song goes fittingly with Chris Martin's vocals and piano. Proving it do be a great piano ballad. A Hopeful Transmission - interlude (but nice percussion I must say) Don't Let it Break Your Heart - 9/10 A huge and powerful electronic sound coming from this track. Extremely uplifting and just fun to listen to. Up With The Birds - 9.5/10 A great closer to the album, very atmospheric and powerful.

Cc Boysa



My nephew will be 7 in June and he has loved the song Paradise for four years. The first time I played the song on my iPhone he was hooked. It is really neat to see how he has grown and learned how to say Paradise correctly. When he was 2,3,and 4 he could not say it right. It was so cute. He always asks me to play Paradise when he is in my car. I have blue tooth in my car. Right now I am thinking of getting a new used car. The first thing my nephew says is I need to get blue tooth in my next car. I asked why he wants me to have blue tooth. He replies so you can play Paradise. I used to like that song, but not anymore. If it were not for my nephew I would never listen to Paradise again. Coldplay is a great band. I really like their sound and so does my 6 year old nephew and 63 year old mom.

Clap, clap, clap

I like this album, I honestly do. It's not every day that you stumble across an album that's really good on its own. I like the fact that these guys always have fun making music, and that's a HUGE statement. People like me are very picky on what types of music they like and don't like trying new albums. These guys take risks and take a different turn on every album and that's surprising to me. Very good work can wait till your next hit! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


all people who rate under 5 stars don’t know music.


This album is to Coldplay as Sgt. Pepper is to The Beatles and Love Gun is to KISS


Amazing. To you haters that hate Coldplay, you are 100% literally WRONG! Coldplay is the best band ever, there has never been one mistake in their songs. WOOP!


I'm with what jadedragon13 said and it's a fact(apologies if I spelled wrong) but this song is what dragged me to Coldplay in a good way and the album picture is cool too! 10 outta 10! If you don't agree, see the music video and then agree with me!😄😄😄


Who are these losers!😆😆


my favorite song . 💞✨


While it’s not as good as Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends, it is a close second. Great melodies, energetic songs, and yes, the ballads hit home (of course they do, it’s freaking Coldplay!). Get this and VLVODAAHF and you’ll be happy. Trust me.


Colorful, vibrant and energetic. This will bring you on a journey of youth and happiness.


I love music. I listen to probably over 40 songs a day, and yet somehow Coldplay seems to be a majority of them. Coldplay songs can capture all kinds of listeners! Their songs are probably the only songs capable of making me get emotional! Artists like 1D and Taylor swift can't do that. Coldplay has so many varieties of songs to listen to. Covering all different topics too. It's impossible to give them one genre of music because they're so incredibly unique. They aren't those random "put-together" big bands like 1D or 5sos. They have come so far all by themselves, and their music is so well made, I'm truly impressed, or, as my young daughter wrote: I love Coldplay so much they're literally the best band in the world like I could listen to their music all day I have been through nearly all their albums searching and listening for songs that interest and I have found that ALL their songs interest me like I just can get enough of Coldplay my favorite band their music is incredible it gives my happy feelings and u never get tired of their songs u should try listening to them too and if u already listen to their music then u r AMAZING. Thanks Coldplay❤️

I Got Lost In The Echo

This is my personal favorite Coldplay album. Its more upbeat than the others, but still has songs with the usual feel we all know and love. All togehter fantastic.


You may notice that I'm writing this in 2016. Wow, right? And this came out in, Like, 2014? Yeah, anyways, this album gives me life. I dont care what year it is, this album will forever be a changing point in my taste in music. I've listened to Coldplay since Parachutes, and I've gotta say, they freaking rock! Coldplay knows how to make good music, especially when they come out with a pop-like album. They know how to make their music flow with the time period. Way to go Coldplay, I'm looking forward to more stuff like this!


Coldplay songs are always relaxing yet they make you want to get up and dance, I feel like a lot of people can relate to this album and should definitely get it NOW it has always been a dream of mine to go to a Coldplay concert and now I am surely going because of their new concert GET THIS ALBUM!!!!!!!


I remember when this album came and how positive and inspirational is was to me. I feel like the new album, A Head Full of Dreams, doesnt have that same affect on me. Only Army of One could possibly have it. I wish Coldplay would go back to this type of music. It literaly makes me cry tears of joy and get so emotional.


My fav album with my fav song Paradise by my fav band. What could go wrong?😎😎😎


Sorry to write a review so late…When I first listened to Paradise in 2011 when I was still a college rookie, I sang to it the whole way home and my family thought I was nuts. The celestial mixing of human voice and strings made me see colorful clouds and stars, and the lyrics healed me every time I felt down or hopeless. It sheds light through black clouds to me when the road is long and far from destination, makes me hold it for longer than I could without it. Now I graduated and had started a new life. Thank you for all these years, Coldplay, Paradise!


I would just like to say that Mylo Xyloto was not released on May 10, 2001. It was released on October 24, 2011.


I am in love with Coldplay! Their songs are just so clever and amazing. My favorite of all time ever is Paradise. You have no idea how much I love it! It always makes me so happy and is just so touching I just love it. I liked the "old Coldplay" too this is different but it doesn't mean it's bad


Mylo Xyloto is one of my favorite albums! But iTunes had to publish the incorrect date😱 it wasn't released in 2001, it was in 2011


NO THIS IS NOT LIKE “OLD COLDPLAY” good for you, you have discovered that bands can and WILL evolve. This album tests the water with new electric sounds and leaves feeling revived and all around happy


The best album of my generation.


I used to hear paradise when I was younger and it is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard.


Has some amazing songs.

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