Coldplay - X&Y

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Psychotic Frick

Title says all. This is my faborite of their albums, I genuinely enjoy all the songs.

Princess Meem 💖👑

I love Fix You, and Speed of Sound. I miss this Coldplay. ❤️

I say icky

peace and cherries but i’m missing coldplay rn ☮️🍒🍒☮️

Trust and Us



This has to be one of the best albums Coldplay has ever released. It has so many good songs, such as “Talk”, “Low”, and “White Shadows”, And has an overall outer space-ish vibe to it that makes it a great album to listen to when you just want to chill out or get lost somewhere. 10/10 and I would definitely recommend if you haven’t listened to it yet.

Dude. no

Love this song even cooler in the amazing Spider-Man movie. Captures the story. Oml am I the first person to look for that song cuz of that movie?😝😝😝


One of my favorite albums of all time! Thank you Coldplay!

I hate the nickname wizard

I don’t know how it is possible to make such a perfect album. All the tracks are amazing. I could listen to this on repeat for the rest of my life and never get tired of it. Thank you Coldplay for blessing my ears.


This Is Probably One Of Their Best Albums Yet


X&Y is a great album with great songs like X&Y, Fix You, Speed of Sound, and Talk. Easily the best Coldplay album out there.


The song is depressing of all the thins you failed


This album start to finish is pure magnificence displayed. I remember listening to this album when it came out with my parents when I was 8 and immediately knew I was destined like so many to fall in love with Coldplay music. Wish they would go back to this sound.


This album has a great mix of slow and fast songs. Songs such as X and Y,White shadows, and Speed of Sound have elements of well thought out song writing. This album as a whole creates a comprehensive masterpiece of real life centered music. This is the last great album Coldplay ever made.


Get the Bonus Tracks to this album off of the Japanese Special Edition. Gravity alone is worth the purchase.

brian bobcat

Now I purchased the whole album, however my two old songs that I got ten years ago, speed of sound and fix you occur last on the album and I have a duplicate song of fix you. iTunes— get it together. I would have just bought the album at Walmart if I knew the songs would be out of order


Great album and important for growing the base within the alternative music genre. A must-have album that sounds even better with age.

Mr. Hobo XD ;P

The first two albums are better but this album is by no means bad. Favorites for this album are speed of sound, swallowed in the sea, talk, and square one

⭐️ NAME ⭐️

OMG, fix you made me cry. 😭😭 emotional and breathtaking.


'Fix You' by itself is worth $9.99. The song saved me.

Majestic night

This album has so many different feels. The instruments are absolutely fantastic. This album has helped me through hard times in my life. It changed mine let it change yours. Favorites include square one, white shadows, low, speed of sound, a message, swallowed in the sea, the hardest part, and talk. I had trouble not listing the whole album. I listen to it all the time. It is my favorite album from them. It's so amazing words can't describe how much i love it. The drums and guitars. It's just so great.


Lying bikes in my try a boy huhubulyttttt


Because of this it ooh can.

New to goals


Cold rome

Legendary tracks


I'll be frank, this is my least favorite Coldplay album. "How?" you may ask. "How can this be your least favorite when there's albums like Mylo Xyloto and A Head Full of Dreams to bash?!". While I don't enjoy the more poppier sound Coldplay has been putting out, at least it's still enjoyable. X & Y has the repetition problem. Basically all of their deep cuts on this album are the same, musically and lyrically. Idk, this album doesn't do it for me. Aside from that, Fav songs are Talk, Fix You, Speed Of Sound, and A Message.


I watch a video on the best Coldplay songs and it said X&Y was one of the least received albums even though it has more hits than any other album.


This is the music we all should hear every day.


purely amazing. one of my favorites


X&Y is a work of art with now classic songs such as "Fix You" and "Speed of Sound"


This is by far one of coldplays best album and its filled with lots of exilaration and rock. I think you should buy the entire album. Its not boring and coldplay did a great job creating this album.


If you had to pay full price for just one song "Fix You" in my opinion would be worth the 9.99. Other songs worthy of attention though are "Til Kingdom Come", "The Message", and "Hardest Part".


Can't complete my album! Please fix this.

Jennifer Lodholz



I remember that I had bought the track Swallowed in the sea And I accidentally saw this album, which lists the tracks with $1.29 so I bought the track swallowed in the sea again. AND IT JUST WORKED. This track costs me 2x money. I wonder how it works that I could buy it twice??????


Full of awesome tunes and great vocals and lyrics

Viva la Cp

Why does iTunes delete the ratings for these albums? Ratings help catch people's attention and a rating of "32" people looks as if this album wasn't popular and looks like it isn't the genius album it is!

Alexander Bantam

Speed of Sound is one of their best songs and so is Fix You. In my opinion, their last great album. Thanks Coldplay for this album though!


This album can go either way Being Great and Meh Rock elements are a bit scarce on this album but that doesn't make it a bad album. It experiments with new sounds/genres and almost all of them are great tunes.


Coldplay never fails to produce breathtaking music


I was brought back to the amazing old Coldplay by a meme video of Sebastian Stan, and I am never looking back. Love it.

Christian Evangelista

This is honestly one of their best albums along with Viva La Vida. X&Y is a masterpiece.

Prim Productions

Coldplay <3

D mason89

Another amazing album by Coldplay!


I don't know why iTunes insists on deleting reviews off of albums. It makes this look like an obscure indie record. Nevertheless, this is an excellent album by Coldplay, with songs such as Till Kingdom Come, Fix You, Speed of Sound, Talk, and The Hardest Part ranking as some their best songs ever.



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