Coldplay - A Rush of Blood to the Head

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hands down one if the best albums of all time

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i think the early albums of coldplay are the best ones

Kid Millenium

.... It’s like opening a capsule...every song makes you remember the things you forget. In the 2000s I don’t think there was any other decade more extraordinary than this. I heard my mother play this on her radio when it was I remember the times when she still lived with us every time this plays, I can’t explain how or why it just does like how an older tune would bring and older person back to their time...


Between Parachutes and this, they are the best coldplay albums ever!


Clocks is my favorite song of all time. The Scientist is also beautiful. Those are by far the most popular and well know songs, but taking time to listen to the whole album is so important. In my place, A rush of blood to the head, warning sign, God put a smile on your face.. And even more I didn’t mention. Top to bottom such a beautiful sounding album. The piano, the smooth vocals of Chris Martin, the guitar, the drums, the bass. All so impressive and beautiful. This album is a must buy.

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Do they use magic or something?! These guys are super incredible!!!

Trust and Us



I bought the album today. I used to have it on CD. Was disappointed that after I purchased it, it would not let me download last 3 songs because they are “not available in my Country”. I live in Florida, USA. What’s up with that?


Hands down coldplays best album.


The BEST Coldplay album


Such A Beautiful Album By Coldplay

Princess Meem 💖👑

The Scientist, In My Place, and Clocks are my favorites. I wish Coldplay could go back to their roots, because this and Parachutes are their best albums. 💖

danny devito-o's

The classic album easily sets an example for any “alternative” (and “punk”)category albums, artists, etc. so you might wanna thank this album for starting a spark in this category’s popularity. Here I will rate each song one by one on a scale of 1 to 10 1: Politik (9/10) This album kicks off with a great start with its song “Politik”. The song uses(at first) drums, orchestra and guitar all at once. Then drifts into the four singing in unison (quietly) with a piano. then repeats it again with them Singing this a few times “(and) open up your eyes.” Then shifts one last time into a different tone, redeeming itself 2: In my place (10/10) In my place takes a different turn from the previous track as it ( metaphorically ) stops time and imitates the older track “Yellow” at the chorus, making this song an absolute masterpiece, winning it it’s GRAMMY award 3: God put a smile upon your face (10/10) Unlike “In my place”, this song is the only “punk” categorized song in this album. But this song is very special, it starts of with an acoustic then it’s “metal” spirit grows more throughout the song, I would consider that this is probably the most underrated song in this album 4: The Scientist (10/10) Despite being roughly 5 minutes long and mostly a piano ballad, The Scientist is arguably the best song in the album. The Scientist starts with just a soft, piano. then adds Chris’s vocals with some pretty emotional and admitment of humility-ish lyrics. then after the first verse, you add acoustic, then drums. Making the song change after each verse. But the thing that The Scientist has that no other song in this album (or any song Coldplay has made in general) has. And that is its feeling of “universal longing.” And that is what makes this song very special 5: Clocks (10/10) Also 5 minutes long, but not as impatient. Clocks is the most remembered and most iconic song in this album. Clocks starts out (shortly) with just a piano, then it spices it up with rock and it immediately becomes a great song. Both lyrically and instrumentally, Clocks is mainly the only one Coldplay song that virtually everyone knows, even 8 year-olds probably know this song because it was in the soundtrack for the kids movie “The Wild”(2006) was which is crazy cause it was four years after it’s realese. 6: Daylight (9.5/10) again, 5 minutes long, but different. Daylight imitates 80’s rock such as Pink Floyd with the combination of high and low vocals. And also has the use guitar put to the next-level and with cool bass-lines. 7: Green Eyes (8.5/10) A happy tone, acoustic song. Green Eyes is sort-of love song that, at first, makes it similar to the Beatles song “Here comes the sun.” Then it shifts towards a more “rock” tone at the end. 8: Warning Sign (9/10) Like daylight, this song does imitate 80’s rock but combining the theme of Green Eyes. Making it a better song 9: A whisper (9/10) The song is rather interesting, as it reminds me of the song “Death and all of his friends”. The song at least has a unique guitar use and rhythm. 10: A rush of blood to the head (9.5/10) Unlike any of the songs in the album, this song talks about a bunch of stuff. ex: buying a gun and start a war. Then the song Redeems itself quickly with its “rock” tone. 11: Amsterdam (9.5/10) The most powerful song in this album. Amsterdam talks about asking for help and starts out slow then near the end, the song picks up with a rock tone and powerful words of wisdom.

Luigi 7

Clocks alone would be enough for me to give this album five stars, but the other songs are pretty good as well. Clocks really is the best song ever written, in my opinion.


Bought this as a CD when it came out & wore it out!! One of my favs❤️❤️

զųɛɛŋ ƙıɬɬყ

This album is amazing. Words cannot describe how good it is. And since it was written post 9/11, It well represents the fear and what’s to come next of the early 2000’s. The affability of Chris Martin’s vocals match perfectly with the melodies. Overall, this is the best of Coldplay’s work, and I definitely recommend this album.

kandis p

Fave album ever

brian bobcat

Apple help! Clocks won’t download to my phone. I got this song a while ago and says I already bought it and won’t redownload. I give Coldplay five stars and apple zero for their technical problems. Update- I figured out how to restore purchases but now the album is out of order. The songs should be in order if I buy an album off iTunes. Not have my favorite song first or last on an album. I even tried deleting the album and redownloading it. Nothing I can do will work.


There is not one song on this album that isn’t simply mind-bogglingly amazing. My two favorites are Clocks and A Whisper. You must buy this album if you enjoy music


I love Coldplay. My dad and I have always loved their songs.


I can’t stand Coldplay. I’ve tried to like them. I’ve really tried. But I can’t. I’m a ridiculously huge fan of Imagine Dragons, having memorized every song THEY put out since 2009. I’m also a fan of The Score, and I like lots of songs from AJR. Many fans of Imagine Dragons and The Score are also fans of Coldplay. I’ve tried my hardest to like this, but I just don’t. It’s probably amazing; I just don’t hear it.


This entire album speaks to my soul.


A classic

Mr. Hobo XD ;P

They said they didn’t think they had a masterpiece album, but I think this is it


Why does everuone compare keanes first album to this? The only similarity is piano. And not even really that/


Completely talented group. Whole album is amazing.


This deserves more than 5 stars. Clocks is one of the top 10 best songs I've heard in my life. I spent a lot of time looking for it and I finally found it.


This album is timeless. Still some of the most important music I have ever heard. Amsterdam is one of the most powerful songs ever recorded, so moving.


This is probably my favorite of their albums. It has the right mix of their mellow early stuff and their "rockier" middle period, while completely omitting their later electronic period (which I abhor).


There is no other way to put it. What you hear in this album is a part of the best music in history. Coldplay is magical, and their music will live on to be legendary just as they are! What a time to be alive and have the chance to listen to this audio gold!

love it,but its frustrating

I love the politik!! It's breath taking the song "Clocks" I have listened to since I was.... I don't know when!!😂but I been listening to it so long that it has a very very very,VEEEERY,special place in my heart. 😭🤧🙂 ❤️


coldplays only worthwhile album

Eliza |-/

I've been absolutely in love with this album since it's release. Every single song is pure perfection. Chris Martin has the most amazing vocals I've ever heard and Coldplay is so incredibly talented and creative. I especially love Clocks and The Scientist!

good cookies

Best album ever

Majestic night

This album is absolutely beautiful.


No doubt, This album is the best album of 2000s

Professor Xantoast

Such a great album. Real, heartfelt anthems that are growing less and less common these days. Highly recommend.


Coldplay creations at its bestttttt😍🎶

Sojourner Abroad

One of my favorite albums of all time.


One of the greatest albums of the last 30+ years. I listened to it daily while deployed to Iraq. It's truly a generational classic. The best from the best band of the 2000's.




One of the two Coldplay albums that truly compares to other rock legends, the other being Viva. Look past The Scientist and this is truly one of the most well put together and excellant albums there is.


One of the best albums of all time.

El Chopo 5*^

Thank you My Brothers.

Łáńd Øvęr Øcêäń

I am literally obsessed with this album. I love it so so so much.


"In my Place", "The Scientist", and "Clocks" may just make up the top three songs in Coldplay's catalogue (debatable of course) but other highlights from this sophomore album are "Warning Sign" and title track "Rush of blood to the Head". Definitely an album to own!


This album is the best album they ever made... And Amsterdam is the best song in the history of life.


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