Led Zeppelin - Coda (Remastered)

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Coda (Remastered) Tracklist:

Trust and Us


Capitalism and Freedom

This is one of my personal favorite Led Zeppelin albums. This album has a great flow, track after track. Also, this album has great vocals, great drum solos, and great guitar solos as well. Finally, the instruments wrap around the vocals like no other, and intertwine perfectly. Definitely looking forward to the next limited play album, and extended play album from Led Zeppelin.


Is on the deluxe version here on iTunes.




This album is just full of left overs not used in their other albums but that doesn't make them bad. These songs are awesome! From their 1969 live performance "We're Going to Groove" and "I Can't Quit You Baby (Sound Check)" sound amazing. Then their hard hitting rock songs like "Ozone Baby" and "Wearing and Tearing" reminds you they still could rock out. "Bonzo's Montreux" shows off the how John Bonham was known for his drumming. Plus "Hey Hey What Can I Do" wasn't originally on Coda. It was on the B-side of the Immigrant Song single. It was only on Coda for a short period of time before it got removed off. 1. We're Going to Groove: (9/10); This is one of the songs taken from their 1969 tours. The song is perfectly named because halfway through the song you will be grooving to the song. 2. Poor Tom: (10/10); I can't believe that this is Led Zeppelin's least bought song! It as an acoustic guitar and an upbeat feeling. It's ironic though because it's about a guy finding out his wife has been cheating on him so he kills her. 3. I Can't Quit a You Baby (Sound Check): (6/10) This one is another song from their 1969 tour. I think it focuses on Jimmy Page's Guitar and Robert Plant's voice but it's just the original "I Can't Quit You Baby" from Led Zeppelin 1. That's why it isn't higher. 4. Walter's Walk: (9/10); This is the closest thing we ever got if John Bonham didn't die in 1980. If he didn't die this is what their next album would of sounded like. The only reason I say this is because Robert Plant sings this in 1982. He sounds amazing and it kind of gives you a bitter sweet feeling for Led Zeppelin. 5. Ozone Baby: (8/10); I really like the riff of the song. I remember this being on the radio a few times when I was little. I think that's why I like this song. Maybe you won't like it but the riff is familiar. 6. Darlene: (4/10); Yawn. This song is boring. The riff is repetitive and boring, the singing it lacking. 7. Bonzo's Montreux: (10/10); This is a song that is dedicated to the legend, John Bonham. It has a "Moby Dick" feel but without the opening guitar. There is no guitar just Bonzo (and some weird noises). This shows off why John Bonham was what he was. Shows how strong he can get by playing drums. His work here is amazing and I've never heard him pound of his drums so fast in some parts. If you're a big fan of John Bonham, you'll like this song. 8. Wearing and Tearing: (10/10); God this song is too good. It's also super unknown! This song is amazing! The guitar is amazing, the riff is amazing, the way how everyone is working together on here is amazing. When Robert Plant sings "You know" over and over again it sounds amazing. My foot always taps when I'm listening to this song. This sounds like they made this when Led Zeppelin was making "In Through The Outdoor" and I wish they put this on here. Bonus. Hey Hey, What Can I Do?: (15/10); I gave it this rating because this one of Led Zeppelin's best songs ever. The guitar work is amazing but the who takes the show is Robert Plant. He's singing here is on point. He's singing in a low voice which always sounds good especially when there's acoustic. I know it's on Immigrant song b-side but it was on Coda once.


Where is one of there best hidden tracks.


Very underrated. ****But people need to know "We're Gonna Groove" is NOT from RAH in 1970. Yes, they played that song there, but it IS a studio outtake from 68-69+ overdubs. Don't believe me? Look up the bootleg "Studio Magik" under Zep I or II and it's there.

Biggin 59

Of all the Led Zepplin LP's this is bt far the worst. The band had lost one of it's members and they just didn't have the heart to go forward. Their last good LP in throuh the out door should have been their last. These songs were not put together well. Althought there are a couple of nice moments for the most part...don't get it...I-iV and Houses of the Holy along with Physical Graffiti and In through the out door are their best work. Presence has a couple of bright moments but it to was rushed. Yoou have to remember too that this LP came out at the same time as The Police and U2 and Talking heads and Depeche Mode and the other early 80's along with Ozzy and Iron Maiden and this just didn't hold up on any agenda (Hard Rock, Heavy Metal or the newwave and punk) this LP was an after thought and should have not been put out. Sorry Zep Fans I love Zep and consider them one of the greatest Rock bands of all time but this is a horrible LP


I’m in my forties and have never listened to CODA. On one side, what a shame, I could have been enjoying this CD for twenty years, on the other hand, what a pleasant surprise. It’s like getting new Zeppelin music 35 years after they stopped recording. Even though it’s not quite the caliber of most Zeppelin it is still absolutely worth purchasing. It’s still that classic Zeppelin sound. I think a lot of people wrote it off the way I did a long time ago as an attempt at cashing in on the past – I was wrong.


Listen. If you understand and love Zepplin you are overjoyed they put this out. I have moronic friends named Rooster and Z who say this is crap, but did Bonham, Jones, Page and Plant write crap? Did they work on a whole song and record it during their creative prime, and it was crap? No. Absolutely not. Wearing and Tearing is Zeps fastest song and John Paul Jones best. These are gems. Cherish them.

The Joyride King

Hey hey what can I do with this album if its incomplete :/

Led Zeppelin III

This is by far my least favorite Led Zeppelin Album, and it should be, because it's songs that weren't put on the albums for a good reason! I do like Wearing And Tearing, and Bonzo Montreax but there isn't much more that I like.


A real Zeppelin fan knows that "Hey hey what can I do?" Is not and never was on the album Coda. You either need to find the Immigrant Song single and flip it over or buy one of the box sets that Include it. All albums get 5-stars.


Hey hey what can i do... The only song im missing from zep, and its not on the box hits OR on this album, i was prepared to buy this album(admitedly not my favorite songs) just for that song...but itunes...

Little Prince Sea Warior

Where is "Baby Come Home" as well? Itunes doesn't have this in its "Complete Studio Reccordings" either.


It's unfortunate that they're many fans who write off this album as unimportant and nothing special. The couple of "cleaned" up tracks from their Royal Albert Hall performance (We're Gonna Groove and I Can't Quit You Baby), a studio outtake from their 3rd album (Poor Tom) and Zeppelin's answer to punk rock (Wearing and Tearing), makes Coda worth a purchace for any fan. Only downside; this DOES NOT include the tracks from the 1993 re-release, which is a shame because White Summer and Hey Hey What Can I Do are some of my favorite.

rock and roll girl

Poor Tom is the least bought led zeppelin song on iTunes but I think it's a good song


Where's "Hey Hey, What Can I Do"? It's normally on the Coda album?

The cute mouse

Exellent! Led zep never fails to amaze


Nice plays