Led Zeppelin - Coda (Deluxe Edition)

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Coda (Deluxe Edition) Tracklist:

Capitalism and Freedom

This is one of my personal favorite Led Zeppelin albums. This album has a great flow, track after track. Also, this album has great vocals, great drum solos, and great guitar solos as well. Finally, the instruments wrap around the vocals like no other, and intertwine perfectly. Definitely looking forward to the next limited play album, and extended play album from Led Zeppelin.


This one’s for you, bonham.

E.D. iiIi/

Need I say more. Absolutely amazing. Nothing like this anymore. Evah.

Train doctor

For me this is a real treat. Desire (The Wanton Song rough mix) illustrated clearly to me the importance of Jimmy Page's contribution as Producer. When compared to the album version of The Wanton Song it's clear to me the great extent to which Page was able to enrich the sound giving it the fullness and texture that makes the music compelling and so hard to ignore. St. Tristan's Sword kind of grooves along with several really cool runs and some changes in pace. Kind of reminds me a little of Carouselambra or Hots on for Nowhere. Listening to St. Tristan's Sword was bittersweet. I loved it, I just found my heart aching a little bit for what could have been. What is the story behind the song? Were there lyrics written for it? Why was it never finished? What would the finished product have sounded like? Ah well, I have a pretty good idea...it would have been one more piece of eargasm candy. I could have maybe done without the We're Gonna Groove Alternate Mix. In contradistinction, if only 30 seconds of the entire Led Zeppelin catalogue could be preserved for eternity; I would suggest it ought to be the "Bring It On Home (Rough Mix)" from 1:32 to the 2:02 mark. It's 2015 and you can feed your dog with your phone. Wouldn't it be amazing if you could click on a song and then click on a band member and hear that individual discuss that particular song? If that can't be worked out, I'll settle for zero calorie pizza!


It made me feel like a part of the process. Hearing the changes. Having the opportunity to see these excellent musicians mold their craft is absolutely worth it. It isn't for the people that want every song they hear on the radio to sound exactly the same everytime... may not be for the people that get irritated by change. I appreciate the album. =}

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Led Zeppelins Outtake Album Coda is a treat to listen to.. Tracks such as Traveling Riverside Blues are reminiscent of Elmore James classic Dust My Broom. While Poor Tom gives a softer side. Other tracks like the punk driven Wearing and Tearing is sure to please. Though Darlene is the Achilles heal on this album is it is very monotonous.

Ch0sen Juan

Been looking for this song legally (MP3) for a while. Amazing!


Yes "hey hey what can I do" I have had all the Zep albums remaster just waiting for this b side classic


You want to make more money off of Led Zeppelin albums? How about getting together and crafting a new one? We don't need to you put bells and whistles on old albums so you can re-sell albums you've already sold us.


Finally hey hey what can I do!!!!!!!!



Hike nut

Sounds like some Rolling Stone magazine writers have infiltrated this ratings and reviews. Wake up dummies…Jimmy remastered all the albums and upgraded the sound quality to todays standards. While I haven’t bought any, friends of mine have and the sound quality is way better. More detail, better separation. Of course the nay sayers probably listen to their music through AM radio..


I had a feeling this is the one I was waiting for in terms of unreleased material. Sugar Mama and Baby Come Home along with If It Keeps On Raining are the highlights for this Zep Head. The Rough Mixes like Desire and the instrumental St. Tristans Sword are especially entertaining. While Coda as it was did not get much play prior to this Reissue, it will now. This is not a collection of Zeps shining moments but it makes for good listening and is very interesting. The most entertaining of all the reissues. A welcome change from bootlegs and the standards.


...sounds better.....a bunch of almost chordless rants in the same tempo. the drum sound never varies......zzzzzzzzzzz. so i guess i should use this drek as the sleep inducer, and this same drek 8 hours later to wake me up by virtue of wondering what that noise is.....playing 'the lemon song' backward beats this aimless drivel.......my test - play this 25 times in a row and want to hear it 26 more times. this fails on first listening. zzzzzzzzzz Captain and Tennille sound pretty good after this...Bombay Sticks, or whatever it is.....?????? horrible.....ded zeppelin.

ListenUp (~)\(~)

Today 'We're Gonna Groove' with 'Poor Tom' who 'Can't Quit You Baby because of 'Walter's Walk' with 'Ozone Baby' while 'Darlene' is doing the 'Bonzo Montreux' as she's 'Wearing & Tearing' as 'we're Gonna Groove' as 'If It Keeps Raining' while we tell our 'Baby Come On Home' before we start doing the 'Traveling Riverside Blues.' & 'Sugar Mama' says 'Hey, Hey, What Can I Do.' Maybe the Four Hands (Four Sticks) with the Bombay Orchestra?' Gather 'round all you 'Friends' 'St. Tristan's Sword' will 'Desier' 'Everybody Makes It Through (In The Light) it's going to be a 'rough mix.' That's my creative way of saying the 'Hammer of The God's' newest Jimmy Re-Matered Re-Relased was released today! hey Hey! What a great day to get the Led Out before the summer's sun fades away.


They totally butchered Hey Hey What Can I Do. It sounds nothing like the original B-side. Won't be getting this.


Well it's the best out of the other albums Jimmy released. From alternate versions of songs on the Coda album to songs Jimmy forgot about. Main tracks that come to my head are "If It Keeps Raining (Rough Mix)," "Hey, Hey, What Can I Do," and "Bring It on Home (Rough Mix)." One thing that I don't understand is why put the Bombay Orchestra songs? Their could be more songs added.


This is rough to get through. The music is regurgitated crap.


Been waiting on this album for years, listened to "hey hey what can i do" everyday before work just to keep me in the zone!!


No we are not living in a free music era. I paid as soon as I read the comment that we are living in free music era. Get with the times things cost and this is well worth it!


This is what we've been waiting for! Finally, all the amazing tracks! And Soariation, you are very wrong in that "rock lives on through metal, alternative..." That isn't rock, sport. This is. That's all noise. This is music. Get with the times, champ.


This is what we've been waiting for! Finally, all the amazing tracks! And Soariation, you are very wrong in that "rock lives on through metal, alternative..." That isn't rock, sport. This is. That's all noise. This is music. Get with the times, champ.


Can't Wait! It's nice that they are putting "hey hey what can I do" on this. I wonder what that bring it on home rough mix will be.


Fellow Zep heads know what I mean-Give us the stuff we haven't heard. Isn't that what getting paid for an album we bought 30 yrs. ago...then the cd...then remaster, is all about? Feed probably theist loyal passionate music fans of all time. Especially when these bands are better than 99%of all the rest of the crap they put out today- sadly besides a couple of exceptions there really isn't much rock left ...


No way?!:D


Yes!! I've been waiting!

Omega 18

I've been waiting forever