Taylor Swift - Christmas Tree Farm

℗ 2019 Taylor Swift

Christmas Tree Farm - Single Tracklist:


I love this song! Stuck in my head in July.

y. k. fong



I don’t know what all y’all saying this is so good and Taylor Swift is awesome

Caffie colp

A great tune to listen to around the holidays.

Garrus Vakarian12

It's a great song. I even play it outside of Christmas season.

Miku 02

It’s hard to beat classics and this song definitely didn’t beat any. However, it has a Christmas vibe so I’ll give it that much. Three stars because most Christmas songs are kind of cheesy and full of cliche rhymes, this one isn’t any different and it isn’t horrible.


I love that she wrote about her childhood and how sacred that time is to her


If you don’t like Taylor, don’t comment. Have some common sense. It’s not that hard to use it

Kansas Jean

I think she did amazing I always love new Christmas music

Stone Man wins

This is worse than Both Beatle Christmas songs


stream christmas and chill


All ariolators i see are pressed😂😂😂 this song is MASTERPIECE


Taylor knocking it out of the park again! Beyond meaningful & so beautiful! Love that she created a unique holiday song!!!! Keep rockin it babes!


New favorite Christmas song!!!


Since 1989 has she really put anything good out ???


No doubt about it for the 2010s artist. Been a long time coming.

werewolf 92

Ok not the best


This is exactly what I wanted to listen to for the holiday season. Thank you Taylor.


This song is really good! A lot of people out there are hating. They don’t understand that musicians change up their style sometimes. I think this song is really good. Taylor Swift is a really good singer and her songs have a lot of meaning behind them. Some people out there just might not be mature enough to understand that.


This song is super good and amazing.


Way to copy “all I want for Christmas” by Mariah Carey.


I love you Taylor ❤️😘 Happy Birthday Eve 🌹✨🎂🧁🍰 Best Christmas video and song my heart is moved each time I watch, this is my favorite song now THANKS 🙏


Great song! Sounds like the old Taylor I remember from years ago singing about her own childhood.

reputation 222

This song is a bop ! This is a self-written song so haters gonna hate,hate, hate baby because this song is so good 😍


This song is a very wonderful and cozy type of song, that you just want to sit next to the fire place and drink a hot cup of chocolate!


Hey guys you will be 40 and she will still sound like she’s a ten year old. Man up or woman up and listen to a real woman or a real man. She will always be a child.

Roth Baby!

Worst Christmas song ever made

Cutie's Mama Scrapping Away

I can’t get this song out of my head in the very best way!! It makes me smile and think of my siblings when we were younger, and of my own family when my daughter was younger and every winter growing up. I love a song that can make me smile and transport me in time so quickly to so many sweet memories every time I hear it. That’s powerful whether it was written in a day or a few months, the imagery and sentiment and melody all do it for me. Thanks for a great Christmas song!


I like the old taylor swift when she released U belong with me or Love story


A Christmas classic






I’m surprised seeing this one get so many negative reviews, as I love it. It’s a perfect modern Christmas song. I’ll admit it may not be the most original sounding and it’s not exactly a song that really makes you want to keep listening and go back for more, but I could see this as the lead to a holiday EP. if that’s the case then, like with her albums, the lead isn’t anything to go by. Like another reviewer noted, the song’s intro is homage to older renditions and recordings of classic holiday songs while the rest of the song plays out as a fun cheery and warm modern Christmas pop song. And it’s a solid one if I do say so myself.

JJ Nolis

Oh kids. Please stop fighting ...... to all you... Swiffers..... Taylor is gold..... to all those anti / holiday people..... don’t jealous of Taylor... u will never write as good as her.... so to you all. ... Happy Holidays.... no matter what u believe. 🎄🎅🎄


This song isn't as bad as the ★☆☆☆☆ reviews, but it's not as good as the ★★★★★ reviews either. This is what it deserves. It's not some brillant classic but it's not completely terrible. Just your average pop song and wannabe classic Christmas carol. Who knows maybe people will still listen to this 25 years later ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

phantom Puppet a.k.a. Roguen

This is terrible deserves 0.000000000 stars




tired of celebrities


Monotone boring and can’t compete with Mariah and Katy

Box Car Al

A catchy new Christmas time just in time for the Holidays! I love it, Taylor! What a beautiful memory you’ve made into a song! ❤️


This is exactly what was needed this holiday season 😍🎄🎅🏼😍


Love this catchy little tune that brings a smile to your face.

Antwoner Tony

Wow this sounds like her other songs so boring

Person who uses google sheets

This is gonna be a classic! 🙌🏽⭐️🎄


LOVE !! Got me into the Christmas spirit!!


This is who they call a legend? She’s so basic!


This song is not Christmasy as all....


🎄 🎄 🎄

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