Idina Menzel - Christmas: A Season of Love

A Decca Records US release; ℗ 2019 SRV LabelCo, LLC

Christmas: A Season of Love Tracklist:


Terrible 😴 sorry


Being a lifelong professional musician myself, Menzel's album is well done. I'm utterly stunned by the know-nothings here giving it one star. Wow. Too bad the internet entertains every ignorant opinion imaginable.


Amazing!!!! Queen Elsa is on fire and love the variety of new and old songs. At this Table and Ocho Kandelikas my personal faves.


This album always makes me happy to listen to this year. This is an album to listen every Christmas! My favorite song is O Holy Night/ Ave Maria. This song has made me love it so much I practice singing it learning the words to Ave Maria. Wonderful job Josh Gad and Ariana Grande! Thank you Idina Menzel.


Idina Menzel does a beautiful job with her Christmas music. Her voice as Elsa from Frozen definitely carries over into this album


Idina vocals and band, kills another album. She’s a legend, and know how to really feel music, and you can tell she cares about what she’s creating!!!!! Love her♥️❄️♥️❄️


Really great Christmas album! Fun versions of classic songs and some new songs !!!!


I cant enough of this!


I could listen to her sing all day


Great album! Idina sounds fantastic, as always. Seasons of Love & I Got My Love to Keep Me Warm we’re standouts for me.

Fried Pickle

I would rather be in jail for Christmas tham listen this rubbish again ! Where is Elvis when you need him the most.

Ruben & Jenni

Great album. Love her voice.


I just happened to come across this album by chance and thank God I did. I knew Idina Mendel had a Christmas album coming out and planned on listening to it soon. I didn’t know what to expect but she did an EXCEPTIONAL job. I’m looking forward to listening to this holiday album this holiday season and holiday seasons to come. Great job!

Fallonista 200

Excellent work ... vocal. Job is on point!!!!!! 🥰🥰🥰🎉🎉🎉 love it


Queen Elsa makes a Christmas album.

Guenevere C

Idina has a soulful voice that captures the spirit and joy of christmas in all her songs throughout this album. It will get you nostalgic and feeling excited for the holiday season. Definitely worth the listen & purchase!


ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Idina is a powerhouse and it is illustrated in this release! Tracks sound jazzy and big band-ish which explains the cover. Thank you Idina for another winner!!! ADDENDUM: THIS IS NOW MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY RECORDING!!!!


Could listen to this woman’s voice all day long. I can’t wait until Christmas season is here so I can put this album on in the background every day!


Christmas album released right before Halloween? Why?

Never Dissapoints

Just the addition I needed for my Christmas Album collection!


Another AMAZING album by an incredible artist!!!


Omg I can’t wait to hear y’all vocals together 😱


love her so much

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