Chris Janson - Real Friends

℗ 2019 Warner Music Nashville LLC

Real Friends Tracklist:


Can’t stop singing! Way to go Chris!

happy blue monkey7

Another irresponsible idiot who has no respect for his fans, I guess his thinking he can write a song about his fans getting Covid Boycott him and his music

Yo 262784

Whenever I watch videos of him performing live, he is capable of being very good. I specifically remember a duet with Jamey Johnson that was really good, but on his records he lets Nashville control what he can do and it is not good. I know he can do better. Hawaii on me is a great song though, and a fresh idea. Never heard that in a country song before


Best album yet! Good job Chris

Wes and ellie

There’s not a single song that I don’t love. This album non-stop party music for a pool party. I’m so happy I purchased it. So worth the money spent.

B H Smith

I’m not sure why there’s so many negative reviews because I really don’t think that this album is that bad!!! Chris Janson is actually a great singer with good songs.


Country rap


Chris used to always have fairly bland lyrics but always had good country sound and was catchy, this album is worse lyrics with awful pop country sound. Such cookie cutter lyrics and terrible tunes


awesome possum

Believer 100

I was a fan the moment I saw and heard Chris Janson on stage at Stagecoach, he was electrifying!! I’ve been waiting for him to be a BIG star and I think he will!! I felt the same thing about Toby Keith when he was starting out and look at him now!! Love “Good Vibes”and I’m listening to his new Album and I love what I’m hearing


Sooo repetitious. Only gave it a one star because “zero” isn’t an option! Hate this. Won’t buy or listen to this crap.


Excellent! On par with last album.

medic 101

Come on, this is bad man. Almost sounds like a rushed album.

LJ Squatchy

The bad reviews on this are ridiculous. Great country music.


Wow! I love this album! I was shocked to see the bad reviews! I wish Chris Janson could be my real friend! Real Friends, Going through something, Good vibes, you can tell these tracks were written from heart & soul, real life truth, which is what most of us relate to. I found this album to be uplifting & refreshing! Love it! Def what I wanna roll my windows down & jam to!


Excellent! I hear several hits on this! Those negative reviews are absolutely ridiculous! Janson is the best hands down the best new country artist and this ~ his third LP is 5 stars all the way! This is NOT pop country! Janson's material has real substance! GET IT!


Chris Janson is very talented, but have to go "thumbs down" on this album. Maybe 3-4 decent songs, at the most.


It hurt listening to this!...cmon Chris you can do waaaay better than this go back to your roots. Nothing really sticks out on this album


Not so good there 👎


why is that clown on here


Really looking forward to this album. There is a lack of country music aspects from the songs Janson released so only 4 stars.