NF - Chasing_(Demo) [feat. Mikayla Sippel]

℗ 2020 NF Real Music, LLC

Chasing_(Demo) [feat. Mikayla Sippel] - Single Tracklist:

Sr. Winston Agustus C.

This is an amazingly truthful song about his life.....this song connects with real peoples feelings. I love this song and it’s creator in general. Nf is an amazing artist, his music makes me breath a bit easier. You should listen to it! You will see what I mean.

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But I think he’s better at rapping fast


Just wanted to say to u ThatOneProducer that u left a review saying NF can pull on out heart strings, well that goes out to the ones that have heart strings left :/


Come on he running out of ideas!!! This is not new. So Let me get this right?! You like hearing a guy sing about how bad his life is? So you like complaining rapping. Literally all he does is complain. He just a big baby. Making Christians look bad!


All the emotions here.


I love that he included a fan in his song. It just shows that he loves and appreciates his fans. I have never seen another artist do this. It also shows his love for the art of music and is willing to create art with anyone that loves it as much as he does, whether their famous or not.

hunter d 3

Wow Mikayla did Great and I love the song all together really good job Nate i will be a fan for life


Try to rap not to do pop


Love NF


They are both really talented 💖💖


NF never disappoints!!


Thx Nate. Im lovin it.


Love NF as an artist and love that he reached out to a fan to help with this song! Truly a talented artist and doesn’t get nearly enough recognition!


i love nf and this is excellent thank you this is one of the good parts of 2020 thank you for your wonderful music this helps me so much i needed this desperately

Sidney pie

This is a very emotional song. I was expecting something similar to PAID MY DUES, but this is a straight up masterpiece. Good to hear your voice again Nathan! And Makayla is a great touch. You can really feel this song in a different kind of way than his others. Keep it up, man!


This is a good song

Samuel Simpson BOY

God is good my people, such hard crazy times we live in. How can we see good in a world that is literally on fire? These are not the end times, this is how it will feel and look like though when jesus finally comes though. Stop crying in that corner and get up. Pray to god for strength and for a helping hand. I am great full for this year. When all this is done in a year or 2 from now, we can look back and count our blessings, I for one am already doing so. I’m sorry for any loved ones you may have lost this year, just remember though if he or she knew and loved god and died that means that person is luckier than you are. Loved this song, and I pray that NF will stay blessed.


Song has great lyrics don’t really like the girls voice. Could’ve been better with the right beat and better female voice.


I can’t wait for the full song. Dope!


OMG I am in love. You didn’t disappoint.🔥😍🥰🔥 You just can’t hate this guy.


This song made me think really hard. I started crying at the end. Such a beautiful song Nate. Keep it up bro. :)


I can’t figure out which is better: the story of the song or the song itself. This is a work of art, Nate, and deserves even more recognition than it’s getting. God has gifted you, man, and it shows. Thank you for using that gift in a way that’s impactful for the rest of us as well.


Song done with a fan. Real music.


Just beautiful and amazing This demo could be a song already so I’m hyped for when NF releases the full thing!!!


I don’t need to say anything else.

lets go NF

Nf is my ALL TIME FAVORITE RAPPER and I was soooooo happy when he dropped this. Keep it up man. Love and support👍🔥


This is so good and I love how NF made a song with a fan! 5/5 stars, definitely should buy it!


this song is very depressing but what do you except from NF. i became a fan of him in 2018 and love how he doesn’t change his music he is just never running out of ideas he’s just great #realmusic 🎈🎵🎤🔥


Wow 🤩


NF- this drop man is AWESOME. Bringing a fan in and letting them inspire you to inspire us. Awesome, as always.


Love this song! NF can’t make a bad song !!!


Love song Nf u my favorite rapper I own all your songs

Car freak 92

This song is pretty good. But it is different compared to most of his other stuff! Still 🔥🔥🔥


I love it Nathan❤️


I’m not being sarcastic, I love NF music


The story behind how this song came to be is amazing. It shows how Nate really is 💯 Real. Amazing congrats to both of you, the song is amazing.

REAL1 98

Hope the full song comes out 🔥instead of this demo but it will do for now


Nate just doesn’t miss


Loved it. Love the pairing of NF and the girl from Instagram. Truly a haunting song with such beauty

A. Robbie



I’m so excited for the album and I love this single. 🔥🔥🔥


10/10 song


Such a beautiful sound. NF can really pull on your heartstrings. 'Like' this if you have been waiting for this song (and the lyrics) to come out. 🛒🎈


How this song happened is awesome. The chorus is done by a fan. Read up on how this song happened. Such a cool story


It’s not hip hop, and personally that’s my favorite music from him, but I this is a good song, don’t know who that feature is but she pretty good.


I know this is a demo, but I love how NF is so willing to work with his fans and give them what they like. So awesome that he gave a fan a feature also. Such an amazing dude! Real Music


The fact he found a fan cover the little snippet than went out of his way to ask her to be apart of this song is just one reason why Nate is a wonderful human and this song is so beautiful. The lyrics and music really just make you FEEL