Prince - Chaos and Disorder

℗ 1996 NPG Records, Inc. Manufactured and Distributed by Legacy Recordings

Chaos and Disorder Tracklist:


My favorite songs are: 1: The Same December, 2: Dinner With Delores, 3: I Rock, Therefore I Am, and 4: Had U. NOW, I like I rock, therefore I am better. Great tune, great meaning, and Jay-Z is amazing in the rapping part too! THAT song is more worth the money than the rest. I HIGHLY recommend That song.l (And pretty much the entire album too). Prince is very talented. This album still hasn’t received any ratings or reviews yet. I give this album 4 stars. Good album.

Drew Lucas

This was his revenge album about Warner Bros and great album


As a fan, I’m glad the album is available. It has some good moments, but on the whole it’s not a particularly good album. This is one of his releases that was more about getting out of his contract with Warner’s than about making a great album. I have it because I’m a big fan.

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