Daryl Hall & John Oates - Change of Season

℗ 1990 Arista Records

Change of Season Tracklist:


I always felt like this album was overlooked. There were 3 hits, but play the songs that weren’t hits. This is a great album with the smooth harmonies you always expect from these guys.

Mike Dreitzler

I was surprised to read mediocre "official" reviews of this cd, so I decided to submit my own from a music lover's standpoint. These songs are gorgeous. "So Close" was the first single and not one of my favorite H&O songs. However, the "unplugged" version which closes the cd is absolutely stunning. The other amazing standouts and singles are "Don't Hold Back Your Love," "Sometimes a Mind Changes," the beautiful "Change of Season," and the brilliant and soulful "Starting All Over Again." These are not the dance-pop Hall & Oates (which I equally love), but they are the sweet & soulful side of the duo. Also check out their later cd's from the 2000's, "Do It For Love" and "Our Kind of Soul," which are also pretty incredible. A classic group who are consistently great!


Great album from 1990 that saw the best duo in rock and roll history going back to what they do best. Classic harmonies and great songs . One of my favorite albums by Daryl and John. Brings back some great memories for me.

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