Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day (Live At O2 Arena, London)

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Celebration Day (Live At O2 Arena, London) Tracklist:


And the mity zeppelin strikes again 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍. And do not forget about Greatavanfleet!!!!!!!!


Pros: -Led Zeppelin -No clipping -No distortion due to clipping -Did I mention?: The sound is very clear and doesn't clip Nothing else needs to be said.

Tony game man

How the west was won sounds better than this.

Blanco Pantalones

this album is so, so good...I would have liked to hear them play Carouselambra live, as they had intended to when they originally wrote it...A lost gem. Thanks for the music guys.


One of the greatest rock bands of all time reunited just for one last time!!!


Back together with the kid in all the past glory! Another keeper for the Zep collection.

Andretti Maley

This was there last contribution without John Bottom it was Jason Bottom playing the backdrop on the drums are he did absolutely well filling that gap and that spot for his father his would be proud of his son because as much as work as Jason played the drums it took it's toll in '07 at the arena would Jason be able too play the drums Robert Plant said Jason was ready no question about it he wanted too go out there and do his thing and he did just by starting that first song on this album he was ready for more jamming on those drums


This is probably the best live performance they've ever done


You need to release a live version of Kashmir from 1975.


Seriously awesome!


I just streamed the album and this is bad. Die hard fan - this is bad.

Dry socks

The mighty led Zeppelin, who can top them know one, not today & not in the future. This legacy will live on forever as the most powerful band ever. They showed their form in 2007, young band mates take notice how it's done. We will never see this again they have gone over the hills and far away.


Never reviewed an LP on iTunes but had to for this one. If you love Zeppelin, add this to your collection. This is raw Zep but produced so well it's as if you're in the front row. Highly recommended


Sorry folks,I don,t understand the love for this. I have listen to this once and that was enough, not real good.


There are moments of spectacular brilliance during this concert. It is clear that they play with such admiration and respect for their own music and with such adult execution its simply stunning!

Douglas Mathison

In the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and late at night. Of course it doesn't sound just like the studio versions as is shouldn't because it was recorded live. But still music to my ears. I love my ears when I hear Led Zeppelin.


Plant has no business singing most of these songs he can't come close to even bad Zep tribute band singers

Axle James

The best part was when Jimmy Page soloed on that double necked guitar of his in Stairway To Heaven. Man, what I wouldn't give to have seen them live in 2007, I envy those how have!


WOW...need I say more. Robert's voice is increadable . JPJ on No Quarter just sent me back to the "good ole days" And Jimmy....wow, nuff said. And i tell ya what...Bonzo JR....Ya did Daddy PROUD....almost couldn't tell. Thank You guys for the pleasure. Hope to see it live.


Jack Black had it right…. Best Band Ever… I’m 57 and still feel 16 every time I hear them.

Islander Pauly

I never review things online- in this case I simply MUST. This show is incredible!

Move it Mick J

Powerful!! The song "Nobody's Fault but mine" is an example how a great band can make songs so powerful when performing them live!! It is amazing how they came out and sounded as great as they did. What can I say, they revealed why they're one the legendary greatest bands ever!! Thank you!!


I may be biased since Led Zeppelin is my favorite band of all time, but this album is what I was waiting for for 30 years (since I couldn't get tickets to the actual show). Any serious fan has to own this album.


I stumbled, literally, over this today. I can’t believe this has been out so long and I didn’t have a clue. I am listening to this for the second time and writing this review. I saw The Song Remains The Same a looooong time ago and it was my only chance to see Led β€œlive” so to speak. While i enjoyed it, I wasn’t overly impressed with the live performance. This however has me kicking my old leg up and playing air guitar around the house as I listen. Jason Bonham shines, as do the rest of the guys. Plant is on target with the vocals. I have cranked my stereo up to Sonic Levels and the neighbors are getting a good blast of old school Rock & Roll……..

Graphite Blimp

The band members are around sixty years old and they still rock anyone in their prime. It's a great deal at $9.99, and this may be their last performance ever, you will own a piece of history.


These guys are pretty good ,but they'll never make it big.


Just them doing their thing!


There will never be another Zep. They are still the masters.

Scott O'D

This concert was awesome. While some may say it was not Zep at their best you have to take into account what this concert means and the maturity of the rockers. Although the rockers are 20+ years older then when they last played together, they maintain a very palpable sense of soul that Led Zeppelin fans will find as the core of this album. They maintain the virility young and old fans will instantly gind attractive. Interwstingly, it appeara most readily on Good Times, Bad Times, Black Dog, In My Time of Dying, and For Your Life. For Your Life was not played previously. If you are looking for bloated rock only, then this album may not be for you, as some songs such as Heartbreaker, Moby Dick, and usually zep II tracks are off but Dazed and Confused still offers memories of the 70s with their 11 min track. All in all Zep nails this and quite frankly it feels as though Jason Bonham was the energy of this concert that brought out the souls of the three remaining members to play music as though their prime never ended. Lightning in a box for all true Zep, blues inspired, sentimental fans!


with 2 live releases out, I thought I could skip this one...glad I didnt after listening, the sound is very high quality and the band sounds very tight (which they don't during Song Remains the Same)...well done..not to be missed

Uncle Elijah

It may not have a good sound quality, but this may be the last preformance! Its really just a sign that Led Zeppelin may not be done just yet... They need to atleast keep touring for Bonzo, he would want the band to continue!


This is freaking amazing. Love it to death. Wow. Just wow. I am a huge Zeppelin fan now. These guys are epic. Rock on!!!


Only one thing to say My Time Of Dying has one of the nastiest sounding Gibson Es-350, just burns out of this world tone gotta buy it if only one song !!!


Great live album by the greatest live rock n roll band ever. These guys are in their mid 60's and will still blow away any of today's music. This is real music by real musicians.


Lay back in a comfortable chair in a room with a high fidelity audio system and play Celebration Day (Live At O2 Arena, London). The performance and quality of the audio recording will put you in the O2. Even in my car, this recording sounds like you are at the O2, even though I have not been there. The performance by Robert, Jimmy, John and Jason is quintessential and timeless Led Zeppelin. That combined with the quality of the recording make this one of the best ever albums, live or studio. I've listened to this many times and will listen to it many times again.


just listen to how epic kashmir is. its better than the studio version


All I have to say is, "Wow".


Some might ponder, what would i sound/play like after 40yrs ? You should also then reply, not half as good as the Mighty Zep ! Lest we forget...This band changed everything folks ! .


This is probably without a doubt the greatest live album ever released. Even though this is the first Led Zeppelin reunion in almost 20 years, this show makes it seem like this band hasn't gone anywhere. They've still got it! This album is great not just for Zeppelin fans, or rock fans, but just music fans in general!

Full CD

It's Great to see all the boys back [Jimmy, Robert and finally after all the incarnations of faux Zeppelin John Paul Jones] along with Jason on the drums. It's too bad that we may never see this again, but at least, it was videoed and recorded for the rest of us...who were unable to see the actual performance.


I thought this would be another horrible reunion of a classic band with tons of extra musicians brought in to pull it off.....like the stones and the who. not the case here! They sound unbelievable in this show. The blu ray concert is also a must. leave it to Led Zep to show everyone how its done when you are a band of aging musicians.....with balls and doing it they same way they did it in their prime. They are still the best band on the planet!

The boss5353

Very disappointed Love these guys but not worth buying . Listen to it before you buy no voice left out of key sad.


It's pretty good, glad to see they can still rock it, and that there is still some musical talent left on this earth. Only 4 stars though because it still isn't quite as good as back in the day.


do i really need to explain the value of this release? it is the ONE and ONLY, LED ZEPPELIN and they're in rare form here. if you have never been a fan then this is a good a time as any for you to discover or rediscover them for those of us that already know how valuable these guys are together and as solo artists. buy the Album as it will not disappoint you or anyone.


After seeing the preview I bought the download. It is by far the best I've heard and seen of Led Zeppelin. The quality of sound and video is tremendous. There is great value in this. It brings me back to my teens. I have watched and listed to this countless times. I would recommend this for any fan. This is a must have.


Please, please, pppppppleeeeeease play a North American Tour!!!!!


El mejor grupo de Rock, una leyenda viva…


the sound quality is horrible. did anyone else hear the high pitched hiss throughout the two cd's? I would not spend my hard earned money on this recording! Outside of a few unexpected song choices the setlist here is very predictable and boring.


I can't imagine anyone who purchases this concert would be disappointed. The quality of the video is superb! I've watched it once at home and once on my ipad. sound and picture was perfect. I can't help but wonder what music act today will bring this much excitement as a reunion show to my kids when they're in there mid 40's.