Avenged Sevenfold - Carry On (Call of Duty: Black Ops II Version)

℗ 2012 Warner Records Inc.

Carry On (Call of Duty: Black Ops II Version) - Single Tracklist:

A7x fan 3751

I remember this song when it advertised on a zombies trailer for black ops 2. Man those were some good times

Jayy vines

Yeah cool definitely cool


Awsome Song and Quality

113456789 qwyt

Amazing!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Will Mesker

Best song ever ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Avenged sevenfold never seems to fail

Afforded chef

It's amazing just never stop playing😌💀👈sorry there was a zombie


I'm a huge A7X fan to begin with, this made my day!

Fab chalk

Best song of 2012


I remember this song in the cut scene when you complete the campaign. This song is epic!


I love the song, I love the game. What I thought was an awesome touch, was the music video at the end of the game with this song. One of the greatest songs I've ever heard.


I was disappointed this was not the same song in game but this one is still absolutely amazing


Awesome song, needs a new album cover


Never have been disappointed!


I love this song, worth the money it's up for definitely!

Lol clash of clans player

Great song but where is it in call of duty black ops 2

Poopoo dude

Needs a music video!

Update /

This is one of the best songs i ever heard I never expected to see Woods to stand up in COD Black Ops 2 and most importantly rocks the drums#ORAHinspiration


I really love this song and I loved black ops 2 so I got it but it didn't have the album cover and also wouldn't play unless there was a wi-fi connection. Has this happened to anyone else?

jiggle jiggle buter applesauce

It's a great song


C.O.D. BO2 + Avenged Sevenfold = MIND BLOWING

Brandon nodnarB



i can't listening to this song while playing the game


Buy it. BO2+A7X=awesomeness


That was a good song I aught to buy it and its way better than listening to a video game


get this song now


Definitely worth the $1.29!


They never disappoint!! One of their best songs ever!


Hope Treyarch keeps putting their songs in call of duty games their songs are amazing and fits the game so well


Nothing new for them, but still pretty good.


They were only in two not 3 Elina siegman was in world at war


I will play this song whenever I play cod I love all there songs but this is my fav


The Theme makes me think that each of the moods it gets in represents the characters David Mason, Alex Mason, Frank Woods, and Victor Reznov (Tricky Vik). For example, the guitar part being Frank Woods. The Exiting part being Alex Mason, the sad part being Victor Reznov, and the quiet part being David Mason. Just beautiful.

My time is now!

New favorite song I got it after completing the campaign it was a AWESOME CONCERT!! those guys are epic love the song call of duty is BEST IN THE WWWWOOOORRRRLLLDDDD!


wen i saw it on bo2 i loved and it was also funny with the president


I love the song but when i downloaded it it dident work its in my music but i cant click on it.


I could listen to this all day!

Alan 1133

It is also from the zombies trailer


Love this song and A7x


I really enjoy listening to this song. I mainly downloaded it because I heard it on Call of Duty, when you finish the Campaign mode. It is really worth the money.


I updated my iPhone and all my purchases are gone how do I go about and fixing this problem I kno apple don't care cause they have my money already but I there away to get my purchase back?


This song is great the new drummer is great but Jimmy was better, either way this is yet another great Avenged Sevenfold and they will always have my support. Avenged Sevenfold's Carry on is one of the best new metal song out there, as they are working on a new album we deathbats know what to expect. Nightmare was a great song and great album, even though carry on may or may not be on the upcoming record it will give Us deathbats a taste of the new Avenged Sevenfold and i will always love Avenged Sevenfold, as i await the new album and listen to this song carry on it gets me pumped to hear what is going to be on the upcoming album. great song great band Avenged Sevenfold keep on rocking, Rest in peace Jimmy you are missed.

White W0nder

This isn't a 5 star song. Great guitar, sounds a lot like Iron Maiden to me.


This song is epic and the video in BO2 is awesome too. That is all.


Nothing less than awesome from these guys...love them..


I dont think this song is just specified for the game. It could also mean just war in general


I've never EVER even heard of this band until after I had beat the black ops 2 campaign, now I am starting to listen to avenged sevenfold and I like them, and tbh I don't listen to rock that much... Some of you people who are disappointed should not be, it was only for a game anyway


This is a pretty awesome song. I notice some are dissappointed, but you know they were just making it for a video game. I mean, what else do you expect than its going to be a little less awesome than you hoped? Oh well, what can ya do?


But that's ok.