Camila Cabello - Camila

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Camila Tracklist:


🥺🥺🥺Love this album


This is a masterpiece

egg head 123

Best. Song. Ever. I love this song because they music is great an her voice is so awesome. This song has an edge to it that sounds so great but isn’t inappropriate. I completely love it and think it is amazing. Totally get this song!


Y’all always think that bullying is fun. Why do y’all bully Camila.


I really like this album

pretty boiii

Listen i love this song.... And dont ruin it....


I will never be the same after listening to this album. Definitely was the album of 2018!

ts8 is coming


Princess Meem 💖👑

Havana and Consequences are my favorites. Pretty good start for Camila! 💖

poop doctor!

You’re amazing camila

Official Kevin Rosa

‘Camila’ the album is a masterpiece! Her second album ‘Romance’ made me love her, so I decided to take a listen to her old album and it’s amazing! The vocals, the melodies, the hits, it’s amazing❤️Favorite songs on this album are: “Never Be The Same”, “Into It”, “In The Dark”, “Something’s Gotta Give”, “Havana”, And finally “She Loves Control”! Worth giving a listen🤷‍♂️🥳 I do prefer ‘Romance’ over this one, but this album is still fire🔥 Congrats Camila👌


She is so good and better and I know all her song and lyrics she has been inspiring to me because I’m in chorus and I really want to meet her


The first song has a voice crack omg it hurts at headphones


I love Camila She shouldn’t feel down because haters even if she sounds a bit squeaky the content is amazing!!


I love this music!😍🤩


You is cute u is fine but the cutest couple of Shawn and camila or shamila shamila for sure❤️💙💜😘🤘🏽💚🧡💛💓💞🖤💗💝🥰🤩❣️💕😍


Love this album ❤️❤️❤️❤️


You are so sexy I want to marry you can I see a picture of your boobs.And can you tell me what your name is please thanks🤟🏼💎👾

bothing but love

You go girl I mean it anit bad it’s ok I like Havana but that’s me keep up the good work


for a debut it was excellence


I love this album

mason eb

I am inspired by Camila Cabello for writing my music, I am not considered a singer yet because I never bring any of my music out to the world to hear, anyways this album is AMAZING and I can’t wait for her Romance album.

L&L dance

If you ever see this Camila, I am a HUGE fan I love all your songs you have never disappointed me. Haters gotta hate but they are sure making a mistake. Your music is up beat, it’s relatable and it’s just GOOD. I mean for all you haters, go out there in front of the WORLD and sing your heart out and write your own songs. Unless you can do better, which you can’t, you’ve got to stop. I love all her songs this is worth your money. I’m a huge fan and haters chose the wrong singer to hate on.


I love Camila! Can't wait for romance to come out!


It’s a fire!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

alex 😊🧡

This album has a special place in my heart ❤️❤️every song is so different yet so good ✨ if you want to get loud and crazy there’s songs for it , if you want to get in your feelings.. you got it ! I love this versatile album so much !! Can’t wait for the next


One of my favorite albums


I honestly tried to give her a chance. I loved when she collabed with Shawn but even then it sounded like she was whining. She tries WAY. TOO. HARD. i hope her new album will be better. But this whole thing of her auto tuned, like stop. Be yourself. practice what you preach. You wanna be an example for your sistser esp being in this industry? Do it. Forget auto tune and all that fake stuff. Stop being fake and be real. Including being a real singer.


Ur songs are amazing $


Yiiiiyyy, she did it once again Camila is soooo talented even wit Shawn Mendes!!! And ppl dat say mean stuff stop get some help cuz if ur just here to say mean things to artists then u better stop commenting mean, hurtful words u aren’t the one singing 🎤 it puts more pressure than it should if u guys put mean comments so stop 🛑 ur a frigging red flag 🚩 to whoever ur dating or living wit and don’t forget ur friends wat if ur being rude to them and hitting them everyday and u don’t even notice it. Camila is a talented lady she has not things to worry about then ur selfishness!

Elizabeth D89

I absolutely loved this album. It’s the first album I bought in years💕

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Literally my favorite song


Loved this album so much 😊❤️!! I suffer with Anxiety and depression, and this album has allowed me to feel all my emotions in a way that is safe for me 😊❤️, Thank you for that Camila😊❤️! I love you so much more than you will ever know ❤️!!!!




Her raspy voice makes every song sounds sexy.


Trash can


I love this album :)


camila has such a unique and beautiful voice and the people saying she’s “basic” or “is trying too hard” should shut up because she’s SO TALENTED!!🤩

baptiste main 84

Poifect just wow I would give this a 100/100 So good


The best my love❤️😍


I love her and her music she puts her emotions into her songs and it captures me, if you left a bad review then why are you even here, should’ve never got it if you didn’t like her in the first place, and if u wanted to just hear it, it’s out on YouTube so no need to spend money then complain 🤗


I hope the CC2 should be amazing girl I love so much ❤️❤️ you are the best singer ❤️👑


Literally just discovered this album but was not expecting this


I love this havana

Gavin Cortez 333-2299

This song is the best song ever because it’s called Havana I love this song and it gets a five star review.


This album is absolutely amazing. The songs are so relatable, strong-willed, and give me goose bumps (especially In The Dark) and this is one of my favorite collections of songs. Camila is actually such a great songwriter and puts her own spin on everything so you always know it’s her. Love this so much.


Personally I love the song it’s amazing. I just like that it hits you hard with emotion and I’ve gone through this and it just hits me hard. I also love her vocals but I do think she did better with real friends and Havana. But still I love this song and the album can’t wait for the new one!❤️



khloe u