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Love the song first man!! ❤️ Anyway, the review by Chill Please was really good and ya’ll should listen to her. So just calm the heck down.


No apology can cover what you knew was racist and wrong when you did it. Fans come in all sizes, shapes, colors, religions, sexual preferences, ethnic backgrounds, etc. Being caught made her apologize. Prior to that she was living as though it never happened. I hate that because I liked her initial music even though it seemed shady to see how she left her group. I guess past behaviors are predictors of future actions. We see you Camila.


This woman has gone through so much ❤️ I’m forever grateful for her music and her message


I’ve been a fan since the beginning and this is just beyond amazing. You won’t regret giving this album a listen, she sounds incredible live.

My Name Is Dita

Looking through all the reviews I must say I was surprised by all the negative. I thought I was alone in disliking Cabello. I didn’t know she recently has been the target of “racist” bull crap and hypocritical views from two faced double standard loving snowflakes. The fact that Cabello wasted her time issuing an “apology” for something she did or said at 15 makes my dislike for her even deeper. Not only is she overrated now she’s overrated and has no backbone. She OWES NOT ONE PERSON AN APOLOGY. Even though I’m not a fan I still feel bad for her. It’s bull crap that she’s taking heat and being made to feel bad by people who five minutes earlier would’ve called her “sister” because she’s not white which apparently makes you special and a “POC” ... to all the haters moaning and cry racism how about you let the public at large rummage around through your past and dirty laundry ... I guarantee that not one single fragile little black person would come out the other side without us finding out that they’re JUST AS GUILTY OF RACISM AS THE REST. Being black doesn’t make you special nor a victim

Swiftie Swiftie Swiftie

She is a racist. Low education with distorted values and weird identity. Also shade Taylor, Nicki, Rihanna, Bruno and Normani. It’s cannot be tolerant as I am a fan of these great artist.

Adriana M. Hillstrom

Just a way to get more unneeded money. Plus she is a racist now. I don’t support you anymore Karla!


She is the best.

--/Barles Charkley/--

Y’all need to get over somethin that happened a long time ago. Y’all just a buncha ❄️’s.


I love her so much the album is soo good! And if you don't like her do that give her attention cause all its doing is making you look bad because she apologized for what she did.

Nik thinks

Its horapillllll


I was at this show and she was amazing!!! 🔥 🙌🏾🙌🏾🔥One of the few pop stars that sound better live than on the track.... (it’s partly bc L Bell, Frank & Co put too much tune on her track vocal but that’s not the point! Lol) Can’t wait for the Romance Tour!!


Can’t go around supporting a racist.




ok let me explain when she was in 5th harmony i had no idea who she was to be honest but when she came out with bad things with machine gun kelly i didnt mind her then havana i never liked it it sounds horrible! and also never be the same and liar are not in her range. she sings to high and BAD that it sounds squeeky and autotuneish. i went to a taylor swift concert in 2018 and she opened and she LIP SANG. it was hoooorrrrrrriiiibbbbbllllleeeeee i will never like her just stop singing it’s that simple and take your boy shawn with you too jk i love shawn


i love her album “Romance” because it’s amazing. but... i was thinking abt getting tickets to her concert in Nashville because i love her. after hearing this EP and what she sounds like live i am NOT. omg this was bad.




Havana was okay. It got annoying after the first few times. But this is just annoying. Camila had her one huge hit then thought she could do it again but failed. Racist as well


Her live performances are always amazing, this album is no exception. Simply beautiful.


She’s older and more mature now..y’all need to get over it. The past is the past and she’s apologized and moved on


She absolutely kills it every time!!!


Shes not for black people so im not for her


Absolutely love these live version. The way she can make Havana sound different every single time and better than the other. Never Be The Same arrangement is amazing. Her live vocals never disappoints and I always love the way she is able to convey emotion.


*that one dora meme vid* “i can not stand this poo tah!” girlie can not sing to save her life and she steals all her music and concepts from other artists. especially smaller artists who aren’t as famous as her. and as we all know she’s racist and gave a poopoo apology which wasn’t even an apology bc she just made excuses for herself. anyways, flop, stan loona i guess.

Abraham carranza Jr

Havena trash


Y’all act like you’ve never said, or laughed at a racist joke before. What do y’all consider yourselves?..... Jesus? Haha NOT!


Sorry not sorry


Camila's voice is amazing live!


I love her music, I knew she would be the one to make it big out of Fifth Harmony when I watched them on the X Factor. She sounds amazing live and I can't wait to see what else she has in store for us!


She can’t sing and she’s not talented. Oh and she’s racist.

Stan the man!!!

Tramp & 💩


No way


She was young and dumb don’t mean she racist now lol


Camilla is awesome!!!! Love her music and a great performer!!! On another note I like who all you blacks and Asians that are saying she is a racist are acting like you all haven’t said racist remarks against another race please shut up and sit down somewhere JUDGING HER DOESNT MAKE YOU A BETTER HUMAN BEING IT JUST PROVE HOW SHALLOW YOU ARE!! LEAVE CAMILIA ALONE!!!


Studio invention


the intimacy she had with her fans was incredible. she was so into her music and that’s what matters! she sang wonderfully and really gave a heartfelt performance ❤️ she’s amazing.


Dang, the fan base has completely changed from back when Havana came out. Back then people actually respected her and except for the people who didn’t like her different voice, it was all positive from everyone. Couple years later and the fans are all quite obviously teenage fangirls, whereas all the sensible fans, who liked her for who she was, have left because #1 the music isn’t good #2 her racist posts from the past have been revealed. Conclusion: Although Camilla had good songs back in the day, this is not the same artist, music, or fan base that it once was, and it’s a shame because her style was something unique. But to be honest, once the teenage fangirls show up, there’s no hope of anything being enjoyable anymore, and the fan base really ruined it for me.


Burn hell you racist piece of trash🤮🤮


Don’t support her at all and has horrible music


It’s good. Love her.


Surrounded in pure racism

Decent Not Hot Album...iTunes is Too Expensive Now

She doesn’t do live albums dwell. Skip it.


I love this love album! She is indeed a talented superstar ❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕


Amazing. All the one star reviews are spam from bots and haters. They haven’t even listened to her music or given her a chance. She’s proven herself to be inclusive and loving and so accepting time after time. I know the real you Camila and I love you and your music so much ❤️ don’t listen or pay attention to the haters because you’ve got a large fan base that loves and supports you!


I love this album and love the songs. My favourite album, and the best of all time!!




Camila always impresses but she shines brightest when singing live.


I’m black and I met her at some meet and greets, and she is incredible. She’s not racist obviously🤣🤣


She’s not racist, we’ve all made dumb tweets. Y’all were more than happy to forgive Ari for what she did.


it’s incredible how she can make these live renditions of her songs sound even better then the original! I can’t wait to see her live.