Cage the Elephant - Unpeeled

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Unpeeled Tracklist:


This may still be live, but CTE just has very high quality music. Probably only unplugged performance as good as this is Nirvana’s MTV unplugged in ‘94!

Matt @LocalHlover

OMG! THIS ALBUM IS AWESOMELY GREAT! I wish I was at that concert.

Kristie F

Can’t stop listening to entire album. Fantastic. Love CTE


I decided to purchase this album after watching the "Unpeeled" sessions on Cage the Elephants YouTube. Absolutely love the songs in this setting, the cover songs are amazing, this album is absolutely one of a kind and is without a doubt my favorite album/compilation ever. The only negatives is there are a few songs I would have preferred over the cover songs maybe but I'm blown away regardless.


My title says it all..... (:


Solid Effort.


All repeat songs, but they're good! I'm not a band kinda guy but I can honestly say that CTE always amazes me! Been listening to them since I could remember! Love these new sounds to their previous tracks. Still would love a new album soon though!


Love the remakes on some of the songs, really gives off a good feel


I think it's easy to go in a bit close minded because I was looking forward to new Cage songs in their next album. I was definitely wrong! Unpeeled brought a wave of nostalgia with returning songs like Aberdeen and Ain't no Rest, but kept the arrangements new. I definitely cried while listening to Rubber Ball and Telescope, and I hope Cage doesn't stop rocking out any time soon. Love you guys :))

Gear gambler

Redrrrr Re


eric goulden barfs everytime someone asks him about this version of whole wide world...

Intro puke passion e

What a great introduction to this band I love it! I'm hooked now working my way back through the catalog

Miggyz smallz

Road trip music for sure!!!

Ben Kleschinsky

Instruments stand out like never before, you get to hear them perform in their raw glory. What an album unlike I've heard from CTE before, five stars!


I love the fact that they reimagined the songs and added strings. Very cool. I however do not like the fact that they are live recordings. Matts voice in my opinion is better in studio recordings. Could have been better but still very cool!


I didn't like the concept of this album at first, but just listen to the arrangements of the songs and you'll change your mind on this album.


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i mean cage the elephant is the best alternative band of this generation so before i even heard it i knew it was going to be AMAZING. and I WAS RIGHT it's beautiful and tragic and wonderful.

Hairy monkey ear 26874729

I am an insanely huge fan of Cage The Elephant and they never fail to impress with their music. All these songs are reimagined perfectly and are so, so beautiful. The string choir and vocals from the crowd in these songs are absolutely gorgeous and I can't get enough. I wish I could give it more than 5 stars because this album and this band deserve so much more. 💕

i <3 cage the elephant

To everyone whos confused, this is a live album. Im a huge Cage the elephant fan and theyre last tour "unpeeled" i went to and they recorded it so thats whats in the album, acoustic live recordings. This is a master piece, they remastered the songs with an orchestra.


I love CTE, and this collection of reimagined songs from their catalog is pretty rad. The cover song "Whole Wide World" is a standout, but the rest of the album is so impressive to me. They were able to scale songs back, recompose them, and not lose the original energy! This band is such a standout in these rockless times, and I'm so happy to see them pushing the envelope on every album. This one is a great celebration of their songwriting up to this point, and proves that they're only moving forward. Love the orchestra and beautiful instrumentation. Long live Cage the Elephant!

big boi sam

great album, Cage the Elephant is awesome


For those asking why songs from older albums are on here it's because these are songs recorded off of their recent tour. They brought an orchestra and played new arrangements of old songs.

Sam Richardson2

isnt this the same as another song. oh its the same title it's a song frpom the album Tell me I'm pretty!! im so confused why its also on this album


Why are they releasing such slow bad songs

Jack fish 1

half the songs on here are from the past album. i'm so confused🤦🏼‍♂️


Whole wide world has got me pumped


I grew up in the era when Wreckless Eric's original version of this song was a "hit." I expected this version to be average at best, but I am pleasantly surprised. Cage The Elephant does a very good job here. Great version!!


I have to admit the original Wreckless Eric song "whole wide world" is much more compelling. this just sounds like a rushed watered down take. that being said I did not expect this band to cover that song. nice homage.

Lost Tropical Coconut

Keep it rolling boys


Hopefully the rest is better


It's cage the elephant I mean, it's gonna be great.