Panic! At the Disco - C'Mon (with Fun.)

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C'Mon (with Fun.) - Single Tracklist:

Squak Squak

How could anyone hate this??????!?! THIS IS ART!!


Chill out it’s just one song that sounds different 🧡🧡



Serenity Singer

My jam, yeah this one too I love collab’s and this song. As a songwriter I still have to grow a little-lot so being in kahoots with music gods such as you would be a dream (I am a lifelong fan of booth bands) It is my goal to do at least one collaboration with either band. And release a few albums of course I just need to find a good studio in Colorado 😖 Love y’all, R-M S T

The caulin8er

Overrated band. Terrible music.

Ky kras



This is a great song, I couldn't stop listening to it when I first got it. Definitely buy it!


Amazing. Fun. and P!ATD together.....<3

Basketball 12 spirit

I love Panic! Now it's just next level because Nate and Brendon just are awesome in the song! ❤️


The two artists really come together and they don't clash Amazing


It's great! It totally fits the style of Fun. And for those people that say it doesn't really fit Panic!'s style or say they miss the old Panic! just think about this: do they even have a style? The answer is no. Their style of music is alt for a reason. Because they alternate their style from album to album. Just think about that for a while.


This song literally HAS to be in an Alice in Wonderland soundtrack!! Plz don't tell me I'm the only one that thinks this. This song gives me chills it's so magical.


It's 2016 and I still love this song, it's amazing!


One of the best songs ever!! I can listen to this song on repeat over and over again!!


It gets better the more times you hear it. Just learned of Panic! and so far liking the newest album...


I was expecting a little more from my little babies ;-; Maybe I should stick to listening to the separately


This song is a total *gasp* for me, but if anyone's in the mood for fangirling Viria has this awesome video where she drew PJO characters with these lyrics on it. It's awesome.


they should have call this Painc! at the FUN Disco.


I haven't listened to this song in so long! I forgot how much I loved it. Another great hit from Panic!


I never call a song perfect, because a song just has to be that good for me to say it's perfect. But this song... my goodness. It is exactly that. Perfect. Just beautiful. Love it. Every second. Normally if I put a song on repeat I get tired of it after it repeating twice, but I've been listening to this song for almost an hour. I love it so much. Seriously, just buy it.


I was watching Percy Jackson videos and stumbled across this song in one of them. It. Is. AMAZING! I bought it instantly and it's my favorite song! Thank you P!ATD and Fun.!


Love love love love love! Get this it's literally perfect! AHG love this!


Love Fun. but not a big fan of Panic! At the Disco, but I thought they worked beautifully together in this song!


Definitely my favorite song by both bands. This song got me into p!atd and they're my favorite band by far. Great colab I hope we get to see more like this!!


❤Love this song!💙


I live for Fun.! And I'm starting to lovee Panic! At the Disco! I love this song it's the best I wish they would make more songs together! Brendan and Nate have the best voices EVER!


I wish I had heard this sooner, it's great! What a good pairing, I hope they do another song together in the future

Xanny Tanner

With Nate Ruess's penchant for 80's indie pop/rock hooks and Brendon Urie's unique style of Baroque Pop/Rock this makes for one great, interesting, bombastic, unique song. A great collaboration all-around.

Cool Peyton

Love this


A great song with a deep meaning and great artists!


I loved this song SO MUCH !!! no words can describe how much I love this song I wish they did more songs together though :( their voices blended so well together :)


This song is amazing, i would say its more of a fun. Style song than panic! At the disco, there voices blend amazingly together.


2 awesome bands. 2 awesome names. AMAZING Love the music, lyrics, and vocals! Definetly a great buy!!

Vonnie 5000

It was okay... Honestly I think it needed more Panic! and less fun., but that's just me.

{sweet jam}

1. This song is absolutely beautiful and amazing! It is mellifluous, an amazing partnership!! 2. I am loving the Alice in Wonderland allusion in this song, favorite two bands plus favorite story = WIN!! 3. This song has inspired me on my next typography artwork I am in love with this song, I am always listening to it and I never get tired of it. Thank You for such a magnificent, extraordinary song! :) <3

Tom McCabe

I have not heard a really good song in a while and this song is amazing I've loved panic! at the disco for a while and I love fun so I thinks a good collaboration


P!ATD was gone for a while, and this comeback was well worth the wait! fun. has a way of making you wanna have fun, (no pun intended). So when these supergiants come together, it pure perfection! Can't wait to hear more from both!


I absolutely Love love love love this song


Not a huge panic fan but love fun. This song is really catchy. Reminds me a little of my chemical romance. Definitely a win.


I love both bands... but I'm just not feeling it. I wish. I got so excited when I saw that they did a song together. Brendon's voice still ... is just incredible. It just is. There is no denying that but... I haven't liked any of Panic's music in a while. I miss how much I used to like it, but maybe someday I will again!


You can't go wrong with Fun and Panic!. This song is just amazing. Incredible voices, great tune, lovely lyrics. Buy it, you won't regret it.

Too Paid

Why do i have every panic! Song on my phone?


so i've listened to this over 100 times and it's still not getting old love it!


Am I the only one that's noticed that both bands have some type of punctuation in their names?! That's so awesome! I am a big fan of each of these bands separately but when they come together to make this wonderful behemoth of a song it's like a unicorn puked in my ear. In other words pure unbridled GENIUS!


For real. It's the best I've ever heard, I almost puked, or peed myself when I saw I could add another P!ATD song to my iPod. And with Fun. mixed in there? Amazing. I can't get enough of this.


I love P!ATD & fun. they're awesome...a co-lab between them might seem odd, but it's totally worth it...this song is AMAZING!!!


Nate and Brendon's voices blend perfectly together. I'm in love with this song.


Two of my favourite bands together in one song simply amazing. So calming and energetic at the same time. Two srtong male vocals coming together is fantastic.


I could listen to this song forever and not get tired of it. Just get it now.


i LOVE panic at the disco and everything they do and i just heard about the band fun and fell in love with them this is a masterpiece ! :)