Green Day - Bullet In a Bible ( Version) [Live]

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Bullet In a Bible (Video Version) [Live] Tracklist:




Thanks Guys! 2005 was our big years


This is probably one of the best live performaces i have ever seen. Get it it is worth it.


First off, the title came from a WW2 soldier who kept a bible with him all the time. One fateful day in combat, he had been shot, but instead of it hitting him, it hit the bible in his shirt pocket. The man stated it was he above who saved him. They are making a statement on the war. How God would be ashamed. Those who hate the title stating "we are only trying to save you" are wrong and aren't saving us from anything bad, they are paying homage to a story that touched them about the war. All that aside, this wasn't a great live album. They basically tried to make The story behind American Idiot live and added songs they tried to keep with the story. Brain stew, a song from the only album that made me believe they were punk, sounded awful and so did Good Riddance. Not great live.


All of this music is so awesome live. I will never listen to the studio version of Brainstew again. Past the point of deleriiiiuuuum...


So cool


Who doesn't love seeing Green Day rock out the way they were born to do? And it's a huge plus also seeing all of the interviews and behind the scenes stuff too. Green Day is the best band in the world! GrEeN DaY rOcKs!!!!

Very Great Show!

I'M SUPER PISSED!! I just found out about this today and realized something... "I wasted so much money buying the individual music videos ever since November 2010 when now I can buy an album of all the videos plus a digital booklet?!?!?!? SOAB!!


Does anyone know if the download off of iTunes for the Live Video version comes with Cd music version as well. I bought the iTunes Live Video version for $14.99 but it only comes up as live video on my computer and iPod. I would like to play only the music sometimes as the video version takes up some memory and it freezes once in a while. So I would like to listen to it on my PC without video but I do not know if this is possible. Thank You to anyone that can help me. Signed, iTunes Illiterate


this is a lot better than awesome as fu*k. the awesome as fu*k didnt give me american idiot live so buy this. its frickin awesome

♥Paramore's Biggest Fan 4ever♥

I would've loved to have been there. Green Day is such a great band.


This catches Green Days Milton Keynes concert in England. This is funny, emotional, and has not just most of AI, but some other great songs like Minority and Longview. If you have enough money, buy this and the audio. But definetly buy this and go for audio second, this is a must buy!!! BTW, Boulevard of Broken Dreams sounds EPIC on here!!!!!!!!!! Fav Green Day song!


Love greenday I play alot of their songs on guitar but alot of my insperation is from Billy Joe keep rockin green day!!!!


This encouraged me to learn how to play their songs on guitar. Thx. Greenday. The thing that's bs is that they don't show songs like homecoming, she's a rebel, jaded, and nice guys finish last. These were all on the program that the camera guy took a shot of. But still, Sweet.


this is theyre best record for three reasons, 1.they sond better live 2.ya can here most of greendays best songs(not just americain idiot, but nimrod, dookie ect.) can really feel the energy of the crowd and the band

Krash Kola Jinxx

everytime i listen to this album, i jsut have to get up and dance. it makes me feel like im really their at a concert. i wave to the beat and pump my fists and sing along and crank up the music. you gotta love how billie keeps on saying ENGLAND!!! XD

Sahib Bhasin

OMG! I am probably one of a million Green Day fans! But this ALbum has got all The classic GOOD songs and every modern AMAZING song!!!! Nice one Green Day, Keep it up!


I have loved green day forever, and when this came out I was sooooo excited! The energy they have as on stage performers makes this album a thousand times better than any other live album. This is an ideal album for any Green Day fan, wherever you may be. :-) The best part of this is the documentaries after almost every performance. It lets you get to know the guys a little better which made me, personally, appreciate the band a thousand times more than I already had, if that was even possible. Anyway, all in all, every song on here is amazing, green day's great live, and this is the best band ever! If you have anything bad to say about them then it makes me wonder why you are looking them up on iTunes in the first place.

GD fan #1

I loved Holiday, and couldent get enough of Boulevard of Broken Dreams. I really want to go to one of their shows, but it's great to feel like your at the concert in the comfort of your home. Great album! Personally,I like them better live. Billie Joe, Mike Dirnt, and Tre Cool rocked the show! { On Are We the Waiting, you can see Billie Joe smile at 1:54. I guess he's really happy to see the crowd sing with him. I dont know why they wouldent, but the feeling must be exillirating.}


This is a really good album. It had a bunch of fantastic songs, and watching this, I'm thinking that these songs live are close to (or on the same level of awesomeness) the ones from it's original album. Buy it NOW!!!!! 




Best thing ever. You will regret not buying it-- so spend the $15 on it!!!!! Best $15 i ever spent!!!! Green Day=amazing!!!!!! I <3 BILLIE JOE, MIKE DIRNT, &TRE COOL!!! they make the best band!!!!!


if you love green day then this is a must get!!

i love green day

bullet in a bible is the best album green day has ever done. you feel like youre right with them in the concert and its unbelievable. they are AMAZING live and noone can deny that. i watch the concert every day and i never get tired of it.its really touching when billie crys at the end of wake me up when sept ends.also billie looks really really hot with his hair like that...i think he should cut it that way again


I love this album and if ur a green day fan u should totally buy this. I also are in love with Billie Joe Armstrong he's so hot!!!!


A MUSTHAVE for green day fans!

Rock n Roll Forever!

I saw them live, and it was the best thing I had ever seen! They are so energetic in concert that its scary. BUY THIS!!!!!! and you also need to see them live yourself


You havent heard Green Day if you havent heard them live, this has all my favorite songs by them and a video of them performing


green day fan? BUY IT NOW! american idiot fan? BUY IT NOW! good taste in music? BUY IT NOW! looking for a concert experience on your computer? BUY IT RIGHT NOW! seriously this is amazing. im a huge GD fan and this is amazing. great live performances. do youself a favor and buy this

Sonic Speed



I LOVE GREEN DAY! I'm so happy they have this concert CD out! But this isn't the whole concert, is it? I think its missing like a few songs, I wish Homecoming was on here. & why didn't the play When I come around???????? That was one of their #1 songs. i reccomend you at least buy St.Jimmy, Jesus of suburbia, brain stew, basket case, longview & wake me up when september ends.


This is an awesome show Green Day and it's a great price for a two-hour documentary/live concert! It's just crazy swearing from Billie Joe and that's about it. They always have cool documentaries you can count on yeah yeah yeah. But why does Billie have to moon the crowd in King for a Day? Oh yeah and the digital booklet is just some pictures. Just buy it!


this abum waz not even thought to be made untill they did it if u cant get the whole thing at leat get wake me up when september ends it has the most emotion and it just makes even the harest core ppl want to cry for wat he went though and wat all of us metal heads r going though


It's so good! i think they're one of the best, most infuencial punk bands of modern music. i really really like how they had the inbetween interviews and backstage stuff. I love how they connected with the audience throughout. i did blush my face off when they performed hitchin' a ride, watch it and find out... These guys are really funny too. i really really liked it. (sorry for the needless repitition)


I bought this and listened and watched it all night. Everytime I tried to sleep, I had to watch more. This is one of their best albums, next to American Idiot, and 21st Century Breakdown. Buy this album, I promise that you will not regret it.


The title of my review says it all.

Green Day is one of the best bands i've ever heard live and they're very entertaining too. His voice is a little different, but it still rocks. I highly reccomend this for anyone who likes Green Day or punk music.

Notaek Nnamssier

love it but the only problem i have is i wanna see the songs that were cut out. the songs She, Knowledge, Jaded, Homecoming, Maria, and We Are The Champions are all cut out they should release these.

Spartin 887

You have really good songs but there needs to be new songs! your newest was for the simpsons movie!


i've know these guys all my was at one of their live concerts that i actually was able to meet them. i am now good enough friends with billie to even have his phone number. i know you guys are all jelous!!!

patriots hater

i hate green day


you guys are such losers. Are you demented or something? It's Like Your following the devil's comands! bullet in the bible you guys need to geta life! Jesus was watching that concert and I bet you guys he looked in disgust. and a other thing stiking your middle finger up at the bible. Take the bullet out you losers! Sorry but I have to speak my mind because I love Jesus. P.S. I'm not trying to dis you I'm trying to save you guys!


i bought the actual dvd and cd and was sad that i couldnt rip it onto itunes. but this is SO AWESOME that i decided to buy it again so i could hav it on my ipod! GREEN DAY STILL ROCKS!!!!!


Holy S***! Green Day are my favorite band of all time, but I can't believe they can get this good. Buy this and you won't regret it. Just make sure that you hate Bush's F**king guts!!!!!

Chris the master

To all Green Day haters:Lets face it, Green day is arguably one of the best bands ever to tour and be around as long as they have. For everybody who still thinks green day are a group of posers think again. Heres some info on that. Green Day was basicly raised and born in the middle of were punk was reinvented in america. in the 70s, punk was like an underground movement not a fancy genre like modern rock is today. around the time of green day in the early 90s green day was one of the most respected bands in all of the 924 gillman street punk movement. They have way bigger of a history in punk than any other alternative mainstreem band today. they honestly cant compare to any of the other ones. and they should actually be as respected as a band like the ramones, the sex pistols, or the clash. reall posers are bands that say there punk but dont really even know the meaning, like good charlotte or boys like girls or the jonas brothers or that gay crap. I can almost guarentee that your favorite band could not rock the world for 16 years and come back with the success that Green Day has. To all Green Day fans: DO YOU HAVE THE TIME TO LISTEN TO ME WHINE?

The Other Extreme

From headbangers playing in small clubs to international alternative rock maestros, everything that was and is Green Day is here in its shining greatness. Whether you're a fan of the old or new Green Day, they're attitude towards the audience remains the same: exciting and powerful. This album has something for everyone and has everything for the passionate fan. 9.5/10!

Joe Robot

Awesome.Great.ts just the best concert I have ever seen in my life.And I hate reviewers like Shir Mathers,er whatever, because he said that ROCK polluted RAP. OTHER WAY AROUND, YA FREAK!ROCK WAS AROUND FIRST!click yes if you agree.


this is a great live performance collection. that said, i bought it to find that my ipod, the 5th generation nano, does not "support this type of video file." i cant believe i just wasted $15 on this and now i cant watch it.

Victims Of This System

Once again Green Day satisfys. A video album with some of there best songs like wake me up when september ends and calssics like brain stew. This is easyily one of the best albums at the iTunes store and at a great price how can you not buy this.