Bruno Mars - Unorthodox Jukebox

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Unorthodox Jukebox Tracklist:


Overrated crap

Trust and Us


Your Man 23

Outstanding album from start to finish!




I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!




Purchase again please!


This album is soo good!! it’s been 7 years and it’s still gold

Princess Gee02

I this album

Joey Mclune

Why all the swear words Bruno!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!! Get rid of them. They are unnecessary!

anonynous person

This is a awesome song, where I can relate to so many things that have happened in my life, especially when I was your man. This is awesome. Keep it up Bruno


I love all of his songs on this album, for anyone reading this you have to listen to SHOW ME. ♥️it is a song you will have on repeat trust.


Bruno never disappoints 😊👍👍

Cool Taylor pop

Love his music a lot this album is probably going to be my favorite Bruno mars album yet .his songs are so catchy and good!!!!!!! Love you bro. !!!!!!!


Truly amazing!


I stand in awe of this

Nathan Clouse13

Young Girls (9.5/10) Locked Out Of Heaven (10/10) Gorilla (10/10) Treasure (10/10) Moonshine (10/10) When I Was Your Man (10/10) Natalie (10/10) Show Me (8.5/10) Money Make Her Smile (8/10) If I Knew (10/10) Average (24/25)


A modern masterpiece. And if you don’t think so, listen to when I was your man, and try not to cry.


It all came together on this album - a significant contributor to 2013 being one of the best-ever years in popular music. The tour was fantastic too, kicking off in D.C. The loss of his mother shortly before going on tour was a catalyst for his emotional intensity on stage. Considering the short creative span of popular music artists (7 years max), this represents his zenith.


Legendary album made by the king of music ❤️😍👑💜😘


I am in love with his songs and I think he is like MJ a little bit so I if you don't like him well ...BOO YOU

Eliza |-/

I still love this song so much. This is possibly the best love ballad I've ever heard. Bruno's vocals are absolutely amazing and his lyrics are very meaningful and special. I miss this era of Bruno Mars. I'm not loving the 24k Magic Bruno Mars.


I can't find the words capable to describe this album. I mean... AMAZING sums it up I guess....


Favorite album😍


I don't like this album

Excellent song by Bruce

I like this song for a long time the best song I like. Treasure


This is one of my favorite albums of his!! Love his music! ❤️❤️


it's unfathomable to think this album came out over four years ago, and it makes me so proud to be a fan. yeah, locked out of heaven and when i was your man are fantastic, but you dig deeper into songs like if i knew and natalie, and you'll find an artist whose got it all. live love bruno mars


i can honestly say that this is the first album that i have purchased that i love every song on it. i don't have to skip over one to get to another. i love how each of his songs are different(unique); has its own style. you can feel what he is singing. bruno's voice is just a pure sound that i have come to love that is unmistakable and undeniably beautiful.


Great album!


Best Album yet




Bruno is my favorite! This album proves that Bruno Mars can write/sing amazingly.


I love it and Bruno!!!


The song Natalie is amazing Bruno Mars Mason RAMBARAKH


Bruno did amazing with this album if I could I would buy it in a heartbeat #brunomarslove4eva


It sounds so good please make more music your my favorite male singer


He is always making a good music that I love the most



Brunooooo marssss

When I was your man is genius!😍👏


And still a monster!

Cheese jim

THIS IS THE FREAKING BEST ALBUM OUT THERE!!! ITS FREAKING 2015 AND IT STILL TOPS MY CHARTS!!! I COULD LISTEN TO THIS OVER AND OVER AGIAN AND NOT GET SICK OF IT!!!! You can feel all types of emotions through this album; sadness, happiness, joy, and anger!!😍😍 I CANT WAIT TILL ALBUM #3


Anybody who doesn't like this album there is something really wrong with you. Bruno if you're reading this LOVE YOU💘



Pete Frushell

U know how Bruno do tho

Estefany Boyer

I think that this is one of the best soundtrack and songs. Bruno Mars is very talented😊


Bruno Mars wrote what is possibly the most diverse pop album I have ever heard. It is much tougher than "Doo Wops and Hooligans", which I appreciate because I mainly listen to rock. The album samples many other styles, such as rock, reggae, and disco. "Locked Out of Heaven" sounds as if Mars teamed up with The Police to record it, "When I Was Your Man" is a perfectly executed example of a piano ballad, "Show Me" has incredibly snazzy reggae grooves, and last but not least "If I Knew" is an awesome, well-written track with slow, bluesy guitar riffs and beautiful vocal harmony. "Unorthodox Jukebox" is definitely worth the money, and is a great example of what pop music SHOULD BE.


I will always be madly in love with your music ❤️😭



:) :P :( ;)

None of these songs are bad