Britney Spears - Womanizer (Director's Cut)

Circus (Deluxe Version) Tracklist:


Wish I could give it zero stars, do not wish she is naked in all her videos, that just makes them worse


She should have all of her music be like toxic or this music video. In toxic she makes out with a man! That's sexy! She should be naked in all of her videos! I wink her šŸ˜‰

FFEX man

I think I am going to go bleach my eyes and steam clean my brain the was supper weird please make it stop make it stop let me listen to the police or Aerosmith or red hot chili peppers or anything else!!!! Hrrrnnnerrrgg

crazy Nightcore-chan

A-M-Azing! but serisoisly stop saying EWW! this is gross! or stop hating it,this is awesome! ok? pepole like what they like and that's it.if you like it great,but if you don't ,say nothing or at least don't complain so much,i mean what if Britney was reading them?she'd proboly be very sad.

Matt D. L.

This one is giving me some throwback visuals of Brit's previous videos, in a way. Oh yeah, and the guy is hot. šŸ˜‰

Buzz Fans

Britney has so much talent it's sad that she has to degrade herself to such a low levelā€¦If she had any respect for herself she wouldn't make such provocative videosā€¦It's a catchy song but she's presenting herself like a piece of meatā€¦pathetic if you ask me


This video is disgustingšŸ˜· and totally inappropriatešŸ˜ . I'm shocked that Britney would broadcast her naked body to millions of viewers and, even children that may look up this trash. Only a pervert would waste money on this garbagešŸ˜’.


The content is great - don't expect this to be HD however. It's incredibly pixelated even on my 15" MBP

Hired arson

I want to have sex with her again!


OMG!! this video was the best


Do her kids even know about the kind of music she is making?


This is one of her hottest song and music video ever! This is also one of the best songs of the decade!


why did she have to be so crazy

Hulk is a 49er fan

Sexiest video ever!! Britney in this perfect body sexy from head to toe. When she made this she was in the perfect shape only women to be even with her are Haley Berry, Jessica Alba, and Jessica Biel and oh let's not forget Megan Fox. But again when Britney made this video sexiest woman alive (& Jessica Alba into the blue)


Britney brought her A game to the CIRCUS era and it shows!


This was Britney's Comeback!!


Brit's slutty vids r 2 b expected so stop bashing them or jus don't watch em


I guess I'm going to heck. But I'm naked! And the only thing gross is your face!

Patato Yamato

People who get naked go to heck!!:(


this is a pretty good video. i would still buy it. i wonder if she lets her kids warch this?


Yeah, we love NAKED people on screen. šŸ˜’ good voice though, wait. Are you lip syncing?


Ok I get what you ppl are saying but the song is called womanizer not respectful women she needs to be naked because that's what all guys think about so leave Britney alone and she has an Awesome voice you all probably can't sing or dance thanks for reading !

Hate band perry!

Get some clothes on!!!!! Love the song


please tell me that there are some decent MEN who hate this video :( I used to really like her but now she's doing this crap??!?!?!?!?! dissapointing

From Istanbul

Best Brit video ever i luv it

ilovw CATS!

i dont like the song but the video is okay


First of all she has a terrible voice Second of all she was NAKED which was disturbing


shes trying to be innapropreate i get that the nerd idea is cute & funny but why in the shower?????

Velvet Sky

Here's 1 thing Girl-cow is gay she said she needs to be naked in more of her videos ew!


i hate how brit is always trying to bear skin when she just looks like a pathetic girl who wants a boy. why doesn't she just go on ponography and leave i tunes plus if i ever have kids i am only 14 but when i do i do not want my kids listening to this crud thanks 4 reading click if you agree! ;)


the coriography was really good! but the fact she was naked at a piont was just disgusting

Alivia Keatts

it takes allot to make me stop on half the previw


This is awesome just that. But u can think what u want. I just so happen to think it's awesome. But some people think it's bad.(girls) but from a guy's point of view it should have been from the front.


.....Something disturbing in a video. Lose the part where she has no clothes (even though it doesn't show anything bad) and it would be a good video.

Tax ā€œThe Blast"

Personally I think this is her best video :)

[email protected]

Wait if Britney does something like this then it's wrong. But when she does something that is cleaner people wanna see more. No matter wat she does it's still not good enough for u people so make up your freaking mind


Gosh, is she THAT pathetic AND gross? If THIS is how she is going to do stuff, then she should just STOP doing music vids and just GROW UP and RAISE HER KIDS!!!! Gosh, and all this coming from a 13 year old! This is VERY INAPPROPRIATE for ANY age, if you ask me.... 'cause I think people who actually LIKE this are immature creeps!!


She is so ugly and no no no don't be naked it ruins every thing jeez

My Town

She is a naked hobo

Mandi R.

Hottttt!!!! Everyone is entitled to their own opionion. Everyone is also entitled to live their life however they choose. I do not believe it would be very responsible to make this video accessible to anyone under a level of reasonable maturity.


This is a very good tune Britney but why be naked? Its just stupid. I love her music but I just don't think that it's right you have two kids I just don't get it

stop hating on Britney Spears

this is such a great music video! i love the dancing and the different people that britney are in the video! :D Britney is changing her style of singing and i love it! such a great videoo brit! good job!


iTunes needs to mark this video explicit, if they had I wouldn't have bought.


I LOVE Britney


OK, people, seriously, STOP HATING ON BRITNEY!!!! U act like its no big deal when anyone else in the music industry shows some skin, nooo thats totally fine, but if its britney, its like the biggest deal in the world!!! Shes not Miley Cyrus, shes almost 29 years old, she can do what she wants!!! If ur with me then press yes!!! Keep rockin, Brit!!!

Gxyvhzrarxh ih

She just lost a fan I thought her stuff was clean


Okay look, this video is good, but everyone whose been saying oh no Britney is naked in a video and she has kids and she needs to change her style need to shut up coz Britney's only doing what she does best, making music videos, singing, & dancing. And you don't like it, don't watch it, find a more family-friendly music video, and f*%# off


I think she is pretty but like this is to much. This is over the hook of stupidness. Wonder if she has her husband with her still and her kids when she made this video.


The worst music video I've ever seen


This video is so cool. How she changes her style. LOVE YOU BRITNEY

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