Mickey Guyton - Bridges - EP

A Capitol Records Nashville Release; ℗ 2020 UMG Recordings, Inc.

Bridges - EP Tracklist:


Mickey is an incredible artist! This album came out on my 25th birthday. Heaven Down Hear, Black Like Me, and Bridges are my favorite songs on the album. Those three I can connect with. Great job Mickey! I am forever a fan of your music.

Brd crazy

There may only be 6 songs but they are so timely and beautifully sung.

Heather B Slayer

What I love about music is it gives an artist an opportunity to share their perspective and stories through song. We all our living a human experience and one can not judge one over another. Thank you for using this platform to boldly share yours with us. We are bonded by our shared experiences and admire & respect each other for our differences. Well done! Beautiful voice & artist. Go country music!



U of pitt

Her voice and sound are both solid for a modern country artist but the pessimistic view of America she presents is not the message that country music fans are used to and love


Beautiful voice with a beautiful message. She’s put in years of work and deserves all this success! Love all the songs. You can tell she’s put a lot of thought, emotion and hope into piece of this ep.


Mickey is one of the most underrated and unappreciated artists in country music right now, and this EP proves that. All politics aside, she is one of the most talented songwriters and vocalists in the business and so incredibly nice to her fans in and outside of a show setting. She deserves nothing but the best💞

Victoria Mailk

Such a beautiful voice. She’s definitely making history.


What a breath of fresh air! This entire EP has an interesting and different perspective. Way to go Mickey!


These are all so beautiful and you and your daughters can relate! Don’t let the racist win.


This EP is powerful, moving, relevant, and authentic! The vocals, lyrics, and music are beautiful! I've loved Mickey Guyton since "Better Then You Left Me". So glad she's finally getting the recognition she deserves. We were missing voices like her's in country music. #BlackFemaleCountry


Amazing talent and amazing message!


Love all her music!!!


Better than anything male country artists are doing these days. Black country artists are paving the way!


A bright star on the rise in country music with music that’s honest and true


Mickey is a talented country artist and one of my favorite artist.


Every single song is perfect and Mickey is so talented.


i love this girl so much! been a fan since 2015 and she definitely did not disappoint with this EP. rosé is my FAV. 🙌🏻


I’m not big on songs about God, but Heaven Down Here is very beautiful. Bridges is so well done, considering she did all of the voices in the choir! So much talent in one song. What Are You Gonna Tell Her really makes you think and hits home for me, because I’m raising 3 daughters. Rosé was fun and a good song to break up all the feels from the previous tracks. Salt is a good reminder that what you see isn’t always what you get. And Finally, Black Like Me is a great reminder that things are still not equal! Awesome EP all together! There’s only one thing wrong, it’s too short!


Love every single song on the ep. She’s exactly what makes country music so good. We love you Mickey! #blm


This is an amazing EP! We need these songs in our society!


As a 25-year veteran of the music business, I’ve seen a lot of great artists come and go. Thank goodness Mickey has come and stayed. Maybe it’s because she isn’t just good, she’s outstanding. Since I first heard self-titled debut, she seems to get better - her voice, even richer and her songs even more thoughtful, clever and compelling. She has raised the bar on herself with BRIDGES. She gives popular themes fun twists and delivers important messages with heart and tenderness. Her voice intoxicating, the production is infectious and the songs have a country sensibility with crossover potential. If timing is everything, then this is her time.


I love this EP and Mickey’s voice is angelic.


I’ve been a fan of Mickey Guyton since like 2013 She can really sing and I really like this EP. I love the lyrics and her voice. Bridges for the win!


I've been a fan of Mickey's for years and I'm so happy to see an EP from her that is a little fun and also isn't afraid to take on important, big topics. 3 chords and the truth, that's what country is supposed to be. Thanks for speaking your truth, Mickey, and doing it so beautifully!


I love Mickey Guyton and all of the songs on this EP! Every song has a great message!


I’m so in love with this album! I hope she gets the chance she deserves in country music particularly on the radio! Her vocals are breathtaking.


Excellent bunch of songs by an even better human being. Great work, Mickey- keep it coming!

Cheyenne Hart

Mickey Guyton is the future of country music. Her stage presence, vocals, ability to tell her truth in a story is a breath of fresh air. Country music is going to be different because of all the hard work, years, and dedication put in. Country music is beyond lucky to have her. We can all learn from like Mickey and continue to make this world a more equal place. Thank you for fearlessly sharing your story and teaching us. Open your hearts and ears to this EP, and you will feel growth within yourself. I cannot wait for her to release a full length album.


This whole ep is amazing and Mickey Guyton is one of the nicest artists that you will ever meet ! There is not one bad song on this ep at All !!! If you like country music i would defiently recoomand u buying this !!!

Dead Whale Queen

Amazing voice, great lyrics. She’s the whole package. Rose is cute and WAYGTH made me cry


More of THIS in country music please!!


Can you haters get over yourselves? You know, it’s really sad how Mickey is the first black female artist to ever perform on the ACM’s. Her singing her own original songs. Not being a backup singer for someone. I am a white chick and I see how hard it is for black people to make it in the country music world. It’s time to start giving people like Mickey, Jimmie Allen, and any other black country artist a chance. Anyways.... Mickey tells a story through songs like Heaven Down Here, Black Like Me, and What Are You Gonna Tell Her? This is what country music should be. Country music should be about stories. It used to be back in the day. Mickey has a strong and phenomenal voice. She can actually sing. Great voice and beautiful songs. I love every song on this EP. I can’t wait to hear more music from her.


This album is so good! Mickey has a beautiful voice and it delivers the message in each song perfectly.


Beautiful collection of songs by a powerhouse vocalist. She should become a mainstay in country music.


She’s the next big thing, and deservedly so.


She’s a power house and I can’t wait for new songs from her! HDH and BLM are great messages during these times. WAYGTH is very relatable!


The vocal range, lyrics and speaking your truth make this album a 10 out of 10 for me! Continue spreading your light and shine as bright as you can! We are so proud of you


I love Mickey!! ❤️ so proud of her


Love her voice and love the stories she continues to share. So inspirations to have someone like Mickey in the country music scene!


Obsessed with this whole thing. Every song = perfection😍


Mickey has been paying her dues for too long.She has THE BEST voice in Nashville & is an AMAZING songwriter! This EP is perfection & should be a Grammy contender. Mickeys voice is like a combination of Whitney Houston & Leann Rimes yet unique to herself ! You will not be disappointed in this stellar album. A+ rating !! The world needs to be exposed to thus great music!!!


Mickey has huge star power and amazing talent. This EP is incredibly well done. Looking forward to hearing from Mickey for years to come— she’s changing country music for the better.


I had no idea she’s been around so long and this is the first I’m hearing if her. I really like this EP - I like that it flows from the weighty to the more fun, giving me what I feel is a glimpse into the artists life. I love music that conveys the singer as a 3 dimensional person, ups and downs alike (Carly Rae Jepsen, Taylor Swift’s last two). This does the same and endears me to Mickey all the more. Plus she has really thoughtful things to say. Only complaint is I wish it was longer!


Awesome artist and songs!!


Another artist trying to use victim status to sell music, this is so tired


Love all the songs! What a beautiful voice!

J. Martin

More pop country garbage! :(


I love the lyrics! Sounds like a feel good album. Nothing racists about her music. People who say that are too arrogant and sheltered to step out of their shoes and into another person who is different from them. Yes, everyone can have a hard life. .But imagine that hard life PLUS a skin color that you cannot change that comes with its own problems. People seem to not understand anything outside of themselves and are extremely shortsighted and selfish these days. But back to the artist and her music- great music overall


So glad to see another EP from Mickey finally! She’s is a great artist and deserves a long career in country music 😍