Idina Menzel - Brave

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Brave - Single Tracklist:

brown eyed girl 19

Idina Menzel i absoulty amasing all of her songs really have meaning, and make you really think about your future and your past!!! love it


Fantastic talent....... I can't stop listening to this awesome voice singing a phenomenal song!!!!! A must for any music lover's collection.


i think that idina has a beautiful voice, it just doesnt fit in with the pop crowd. she should find a song that better complements her voice.


Idina you are my idol!!! You were phenomenal as Maureen in RENT and even better as Elphaba in Wicked! You have the best voice EVER! You rock so much and all of your songs have the most sweetest and uplifting messages! This single is tied for your best (other candidate, Defying Gravity single)! Idina, please keep these kind of albums comeing!! You are so amazing and I can't live without your voice!! ~No Good Deed Goes Unpunished~~

Broadway Lollipop

Idina Menzel is, without question, my favorite singer in the world. Her voice always goes above and beyond, and she is simply fantastic. "Brave" proves that, and it also proves that Broadway isn't all she can do. Idina can sing anything that is thrown in front of her, and "Brave" is a simply beautiful ballad written from the heart. You can tell by the beautifully meaningful lyrics and the emotion she pours into the song, so much that it overflows in a simply gorgeous way. It doesn't matter if you love Idina in Rent and Wicked; if you're a true Fanzel like me, you would accept the fact that her talents stretch so much farther and buy this song. This woman's voice simply has no limitations.

(:music luva gal:)

Idina was amazing in wicked, and now she's done it again! This song shows of the talent and voice we all fell in love with. She dosn't do anything strange with her voice and she sings with her heart.


This is a great song! How can I get the video on my ipod? The music video is awesome and Idina should SO put it on itunes!

Don't Even Point

What a great single from Idina Menzel.


WOO-HOO! I love you Idina!!!! It's so awsome that she's not like other superficial celebrites and she writes her own music. And it has actual depth and meaning! Idina Menzel is my role model, and is awsome!!!


Idina Menzel has been a kettle gently, but steadily whistling on Broadway's burner long enough........ It's time for her to EXPLODE into the Pop Music Scene!!!!! This album CANNOT come out soon enough for me!!!!!!! Elphaba Eternal............Idina INFINITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rock on girl!!!!!


My 8-year-old is a bit obsessed with Idina & is standing at my shoulder, telling me to write how AWESOME she (Idina/Elphaba/Nancy...yes, she recognized her in Enchanted) is. What a great song, her voice is amazing, the lyrics are's probably the 8-year-old's newest anthem. Thank you, Idina, I'm so tired of Aly/AJ, Hannah/Miley...8 probably isn't the demographic you're shooting for, but the 30-something moms are so grateful for your beautiful new song.


I definately love this song. I love Idina as well. She is amazing but this song is brilliant.


OMG!!! i love idina and i loved rent and wicked and she also was in inchanted,they were all great!!!i am so happy she is making another cd i love this song and i am def getting the CD!!!


she should stick to show tunes!


This is so good!! I love that she's branching out from her normal Broadway sound.


I think this song is amazing. It's a really inspiring song. Even though I loved her in Rent and Wicked i just really like her own music because it shows a side of her.

:) <3

i care what anyone says this song is amazing!!! and Idina is amazing!!!!! she did a beautiful job on Broadway with Wicked, Rent and The Wild Party, it doesnt mean she cant branch out and sing!! she has an AMAZING voice that deserves to be heard!!!! so Idina SING!!!!!! sing loud for everyone to hear!!!!!


INCREDIBLE! I have always been a huge fan of Ms. Menzal! You cant deny she has a voice that makes you believe in whatever she sings. You go Girl!




Thank you for this. I really think it is a wonderful song, so different from her Broadway stuff but all in all it is her and that is great!


Really inspiring lyrics.Showcases Idina's vocals. Her material never disappoints


Idina Menzel is the best singer who ever lived and the best actress I've ever seen, those people who believe she cannot do pop and only broadway are crazy. You guys really do not understand the meaning of Wicked, you can do anything you set your mind to, Idina Menzel's future in unlimited. She amazing and I cannot wait to hear her full album.


I really enjoy this because it really is Idina's personal work. But also, die-hard Wicked fans who can't/won't let go can pretty easily imagine our Elphie singing a song like this. It has that female power, beating the odds, rising above thing happening. In my opinion, it's a combination of Defying Gravity, No Good Deed, and For Good. The only thing missing is a full-blown orchestra. :)


This single is fabulous! I can not wait until the Album is released on Jan. 29th, 2008! The clips I have heard of other songs on the album are absolutely amazing! If you are just looking for some comfort or maybe a little inspiration, listen to this song. It will offer a warmth that no one other than Idina can deliver. Her strong voice, her passion for music, and her honesty when writing can speak to anyone's soul.

Chip Whitehouse

I honestly LOVE Idina Menzel. I'm obsessed with every song she's in in Wicked and RENT. LOVE HER! She's gorgeous and has an amazing voice. So when I saw this single I was REALLY excited! At first I was like... eh... her voice is SO Broadway you know what I mean? Like I don't see this ever being able to go mainstream cause it is so Broadway. BUT if you get past that fact... the song is amazing. I've actually been listening to it non-stop recently. It's on repeat. So if you're an Idina Menzel fan... DEFINATELY buy this song. It's INCREDIBLE!


Idina is my hero, my idol, and my role model. She is the most talented woman on this planet! Idina, you are my inspiration when I act and sing! Your beautiful voice has graced many stages and movies! This totally deserves 5 stars! Keep up the fantastic work!


i love wicked, and was introduced to idina through it. i have Still I Can't Be Still and listen to it all the time. i usually listen to rock and musicals but i love this pop. i can really tell it's adult pop, the lyrics and beats are so mature, but as a teenager i can appriciate it. i love the lyrics and her vocals touch my soul as cheesy as that sounds, but truly her voice is so warm it's inviting you to really listen to her words and rhythms. i love this music and i can't wait for I Stand!!!!


seriously. idina was amazing in wicked... and she's amazing here, too! her voice sounds just like it did as elphaba, and the song is so pretty. great job idina!!! :) i've been listening to this song nonstop for a while now... :))


when I first listened to this song it gave me shivers up and down my back and that doesn't happen very often


I disagree with everyone who said this is not good, or she should only sing showtunes becaue that is not true. She has a gorgeous voice who can sing basically anything well. I mean like look at her song "Minuet" that was such a good song. Also, it came straight form the heart just like Brave. I cannot wait for the rest of her album, her tour, and I LOVE IDINA!! shes amazing!


I'm glad this artist moved on from the vexing Defying Gravity remake to Brave. I Stand is sure to be a great album, a must buy. Brave is about moving on when others hold you back, and Idina is sure being brave to move from a Broadway best-selling musical to her own album.


Idina Menzel is so amazing. She is definately not like any of the Hollywood stars today and that is so inspiring to me! This song is very good and i am looking forward to hearing her whole album.(which i will be buying from iTunes). Idina rocked in Wicked and RENT, but I am glad that she decided to do something that was her own!! GO IDINA IDINAFAN4LIFE!!

RENT Head 27

Personally, i find this to be a wonderful single. Many of the reviews that are "upset" by her finding herself as a pop singer might want to consider why she was doing broadway shows. Sure she enjoyed doing them, but they helped her to find herself as an independent singer, which is where she's always wanted to end up. So yeah, she was amazing on broadway... but i'm sure her new stuff, the stuff she's passionate about, is gonna be just as good.


This is one of the best songs I've heard her do. Must Have!


I had goosebumps - immediately! This song is so world class and is so amazing! 5 Stars!! I really hope she has a long and successful career! Idina deserves it and more!!!

Idina Menzel fan

Idina Menzel is awesome in this song and I can't wait until she releases an album because I think people will stop and think she is not only "Elphaba" in Wicked she is an upcoming artist on the verge of a break through, so watch out for Idina Menzel. I completely reccomend this song and be a fan of this great singer because she is going to have a number one hit some day.


she has an amazing voice! she deserves better work though i would like to see one of her her costars sing this because she is way too good for it... it still rocks the house! IF U HAVE HEARD HER SING "NO GOOD DEED" THEN U KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!!!

Miss Elphaba<3

Idina Menzel is definitely one of the most talented singers I've ever heard, and I love both her work on Broadway and in the pop world. She is really using the wonderful gift she has in this song. BUY IT NOW!! I can't stop listening =] =]


When I heard this song i swear i thought a banshee was trying to claw out my ears.


Wow. Idina is not only a good singer, but she's absolutely gorgeous! No wonder Mark and Joanne tango-fighted over her! And no wonder Fiyero gave up Glinda for her! Idina is a marvelous singer and I fully recommend any of her music to any skeptic person!


Ok, well, Idina Menzel has a great voice, obviously. like, I wish I could sing like her. A lot. But I can't. At all. But come on people, on all her albums, people write reviews that critizice people who liked her better at Broadway. So STOP WRITING THOSE REVIEWS and acting like we can't "appreiciate her musical talent" if maybe we like Wicked better than her pop songs. I personally prefer her on Broadway, but that didn't stop me for buying "Brave." Anyway, it is an AMAZING SONG for Broadway and pop fans alike.


Absolutely amazing!!! She's so talented...I can't wait for the full album!!!

Ricardo Altmark

AMAZING single !!! Can't wait to hear more from Idina...


i think she should STICK TO BROADWAY....i LOVE her on broadway buh pop is not her thing....and i prefer her live! go back to broadway!!!!


this song is one of Idina's best orginal material. she is an amazing singer. i have been a fan for a long time, i own all her solo albums, plus various soundtracks she is featured in. im a huge fan, i hope idina makes it. she deserves so much more attention then she gets. all the people that gave this ong less then 4 stars, don't know what music sounds like.


I am so exited to see the new material. Espesialy since it is hers! But, the Defying Gravity single was really good though. :)


Idina's voice soars as she dives into the emotion of her new single. I'm excited for the entire album come January.


Although I was a huge fan of Idina Menzel's stage career, I must admit that I never really found her solo music to be anything amazing. However, I have certainly been proven wrong with "Brave". This single is just a preview of her upcoming album (for which I am now desperately awaiting the release), and it is mind-blowing. The song is powerful and will communicate to listeners on many different levels. Yes friends, Idina Menzel can, and will, still be successful even when she's not belting her brains out in green makeup and a cape.

Miss Broadway

After the terrible mishap with turning the defying gravity remix, into a piece of danceable crap, You've come out strong with an amazing single. Your debt has been paid ten times over, and, now, intstead of dreading the release of a new, full album, I am looking forward to it. I don't think this should be put into "Pop", but it's still awesome. Keep up the Good Work, ~Miss Broadway

All You Need Is Luv

She is amazing as Elphaba in Wicked, Maureen in Rent, Kate in The Wild Party, multiple roles in See What I Wanna See, Amneris in Aida...need I go on with the many musicals she has been in? She has proven to me, again & again, just how beautiful her voice is. This single is great (it's been on repeat for a while now, along with her song "A Hero Comes Home" from the Beowulf soundtrack) and makes me want her CD right now. Do I really have to wait until January?

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