Bon Jovi - 2020 (Deluxe)

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2020 (Deluxe) Tracklist:


This is a fantastic album. It's thoughtful, thought provoking, and meaningful. Listen to the words.. some of the songs on here give me chills. No, it's not Bon Jovi of 30 years ago. And we should all be ok with that. It's relevant, it's good song-writing. It takes a couple of listens, but it will stick with you after that. Get the Deluxe version.


Wow, this is not good at all. Been a fan since Runaway and this is not what I expected. I even loved the country album, but this is sad.. turn the political crap off and the rock back on please .


This is a good album. Looking forward to the pandemic ending and hearing some of these songs live. All these people out here talking about how it's "too political" or "too PC" are pretty pathetic. It's too political to say there's too much suffering and death in the world today and maybe we should try and be better instead of worse? It's a shame people can't deal with an artist expressing some empathy and reflecting on how things are in this moment.


This is the album this year needed


The album is not as bad as some of the reviews which are most likely from men. Jon needs to go back to his roots and rick it


We need more mainstream musicians discussing these important social issues with such honesty.


Appreciate Jon's honest storytelling as usual, but outside of Limitless, much of this is background music for all the mainstream coverage of current events. He took the mainstream narrative as gospel and made it seem like he cowrote these songs with elected officials. Does a song's bridge need to mention vaccination and PPE? "Shine" is a jewel and "Blood in the Water" is great longform. Every day without Sambora is painful, but until they truly squash things this is the Bon Jovi we have. Phil X is great, but Sambora is a living legend.

rocksr69 not rock. Glad I didn't waste any money on this one like I did the last one that sucked too. If this is all you can create you might want to stop making new music.

Darth Fart



Well, technically it is Bon Jovi, but really it is not. It is so disappointing to listen to these half chewed songs (it is almost insulting that they think the fans would be happy with this!). I bought the album, as I am a long time fan, but I think this is it. No more Bon Jovi of today, I’d stick with Bon Jovi of the past.


The lyricks on this entire album are beautiful. Love this album. Bon Jovi still got it!! Favorites are Luv Can and Story of Love!


Yeah, this is country music, not Bon Jovi


I’m sick and tired of the negative reviews of people who talk just to be negative open your eyes to the real world issues and realIze Jon has adapted over the years. Also guess what Richie does not want to be in the band otherwise he would be here. It’s really that simple Jon and the rest shouldn’t be forced to stop writing songs because Richie Chose to leave. Wake up you idiotic losers who have no clue about music. Spoiled asshomes are what I’m going to start calling some of you whiny people. Jon Bon Jovi is the epitome of what music should be and though I may not agree with his politics. He writes from an honest place which most people do not realize these days. That is what we need. His these days album was political as well and it was his best album. So stop the whining and complaining because Bon Jovi is one of the few real bands left.


Wow. Just painful.


Great album!!

Newbold's iTunes

I like his first song that was on the radio Do what you can it is very meaningful to those impacted by corona mentally and physically. Even if you don't agree or have someone who a frontline worker or is dealing with the illness you know what I mean. You must love those close to you…you never know when you get to see them again because one minute they could be healthy the next they could have the disease and be in critical condition.


Completely unlistenable. Dreck. Liked him once, but became a snowflake. Get lost.

kris < 3

whole album sounds like overdone trash, nothing like he used to be.


It doesn’t matter what any of us think. Keep going!

Trish Miner

Love the new album!


Get rid of the politics.


Nothing much to say about this album other than it’s hot trash.


Bad news

gigi's current toy

FYI. Good thing I don’t normally read the reviews. Because you guys are heartless, I for one have been a long time fam and will always be loyal to the band. . Don’t forget long it take to get these albums out to us all . Brother. Heartless all of you . Btw. Country artists. Come out with two albums a year. And they are out performing almost the whole year. So that was a good review


I am trying REAL hard to respect the band, the legacy etc etc, but this is crap. JBJ have lost the deepness and fullness of the sound they had. Maybe its Richie not being there, maybe its not, but this is terrible. It just sounds hollow. I am less converned with the political message than others but even if it is timely I dont think it adds anything. Save your dollars.

PR Maestro

JBJ - you have money, fame and prior success. Go out a winner and stop making mediocre music just because you can. It tarnishes your great star. Please!

chop dml

Just how bad?? I wonder if he listened to this himself, just maybe he would have killed it.


The two songs that where supposed to be on the album are the best right next to Blood in the water. I’d say a total of five songs are good the rest is very ok. Sambora needs to be back.


I love this album Jon is letting his feelings out on this one. More power to him


Fantastic new album


Richie you need to come back, no balls left in the music anymore. Jon's hair for years has lost it's balls. Dude you have a women’s hair cut, but back to the music. On howard you were interesting and it was a good interview but when you started talking about the Mick and Keith's and Steven and Joes' being necessary all I could think was that Richie is necessary for you too. No Bon Jovi without his edge, as you have lost yours.


It’s tragic that yet another once great artist has embraced the far left political agenda in their music. Like sports, I don’t watch to know their politics, keep that to yourself and remember where your check comes from. That being said, this album lacks anything of quality.. apparently once the tank is empty it cannot be refilled. Sort of like the wall the Eagles (more leftists) hit after Hotel California... nothing left.


Jon’s recent attempts at becoming his generations Bob Dylan (producing songs about social issues) are failing miserably. If this is the best Bon Jovi can do musically, they need to hang it up and call it a day. The songs on this album are total garbage.


Did the writers of the movie Walk Hard produce this effort. Dewey Cox are you in there? The music is flat and boring. It is over produced and sleepy; single dimensional. Is it country, soft rock, or a poorly written hollow 1960s protest bit? Is media and art dying? Is this work its death rattle? Now that music is not pressed on vinyl, tape, or cd it is so much easier to produce lame content and charge money for it. My ears aren’t bleeding from this dumpster fire but they went out for a pack of smokes and never came back-due to the boredom.

Mikey luny26

(This is my opinion so don’t get too offended) First off, the album isn’t ground breaking or anything. The instrumental and the vocals aren’t anything special and, at times, are just forgettable. The lyrics can be very surface level, but songs like lower the flag draw attention to very important and tragic moments and feel very impactful (in my opinion). That being said, music is a form of expression and artists have the right to talk about whatever they feel like. That includes politics. Just because you don’t agree with the politics or that the album is very influenced by current events doesn’t make the album automatically bad. Look at the band Rage Against The Machine, a very politically charged band and yet thousands of people love the music they put out because they don’t have to focus just solely on the political aspect. They can love the vocals, production, sound, etc. without having to think of the politics in the music. However, that’s not to say this album is by any means good. The lyrics can be very bland and boring with the occasional intrigue. Same for the instrumental, bland and can be easily looked over. This album may not age very well but some times that can be an okay thing, albums can just be a way of an artist venting or spreading a message about current events. So, stop complaining about politics being in music, politics have always been in music and if you don’t like the politics that the artist includes then just don’t listen to it. It’s that simple. (Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a good day)


It’s just Jon dumping his garbage political views onto an album & slapping the band’s name on it, during a time where every celebrity finds the need to do so


What the Heck is this garbage?

Jerry Braden

Really happy with this album & the direction it’s in. My favorites are Shine, Let it Rain, & Brothers In Arms! Love that Jon is writing songs that have heavy subject matter & are socially conscience. 2020 has been a dark year, but the new album, 2020, is the light at the end of the tunnel. Can’t wait to hear and see these songs live, one day. As always, I support the band through each album & am so happy in the direction they’re going. The greatest band in the world continuing to make incredible music for over 37 years.


Hasn’t been relevant in decades and this non sense isn’t any different. It’s time to go live in Miami and stop fooling yourself. You’re music is trash.


Why is this album listed under the rock tab? It's clearly a country album. Terrible terrible terrible!!!

JC Colorado

Not as bad as Springsteen's Western Stars, but these old NJ guys just don't have anything left in the tank. Sorry, loved them both in their prime.


Go back to 80s


Complete garbage John continues to taint bon jovi’s legacy with his PC trash


Complete trash


Jon and the boys are back. So good and so great!


Starting to think that Jon could care less about writing good music, rather writing quick little toe tapping country tunes just to sell a few albums. Just another album to skip. Let me know when Richie is back and co writing. Then we will have a BJ album worth buying.

Roth Baby!

Worst album of his career.. need to ROCK for the real fans for old times sake

Luv Addict

Wow, Bon Jovi use to put out great music. Such a void with out Richie and this set sounds extremely watered down.


Hasn’t made anything decent since the 80’s


There’s some good music here, but not a fan of the politics.

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