Blondie - The Best of Blondie

This Compilation ℗ 1981 Capitol Records, LLC

The Best of Blondie Tracklist:

Geoff the Kiwi

I’ve bought and lost this album over and over throughout the years. Spectacular. Debbie Harry’s voice is hauntingly magnificent. I love this compilation album.


First time I listened to this record I fell in love with the band. Love all the songs this compilation has to offer. If you end up liking the band as well, I full heartedly reccommend getting Eat To the Beat.


I think this is the best 1980’s bad I’ve ever heard!


My dad always loved Blondie and I’d listen to it with him. Very good band! I will forever be reminded of my dad when I hear the songs especially Heart of Glass!

Furry buffalo

I like it


Haven’t heard a decant amount of the songs, but I like it.


As Always, great to listen to, like the Vinyl I still have! An awesome band that everyone in this part of the world got to hear and like me, probably recall the mixes at the dance clubs and straight tracks at the rock clubs playing it just the same. Peace!

Muffy Tepperman

Blondie has so many great songs that it's a shame these are known as "the classics."


This is an excellent collection, but there is a remastered version with more music. Get that version instead (I learned the hard way).


After several years... the original, the one, the only, Best Of Blondie is back!!!! Here is the actual track (song mix) listing: Heart of Glass (Special Mix) Dreaming The Tide Is High (LP Version) In the Flesh (Special Mix) Sunday Girl (Special Mix) Hanging on the Telephone Rapture (Special Mix Edit) One Way Or Another (LP Version) Presence Dear Call Me (Single Mix) Atomic (LP Version) Rip Her to Shreds Right before Blondie Greatest Hits Redux (2014 with Ghosts of Download) was released iTunes removed all original Blondie Best Of/Greatest Hits albums in order to give the forthcuming newly rerecorded album preferential treatment. Here is the original 1981 multi-platinum labum in all its Blondie goodness. Perfect tracks from a perfect Band.


Perfect collection of songs BUT there is so much background noise


Year is wrong, a perfect compilation.