Avenged Sevenfold - Black Reign - EP

℗ 2018 Warner Records Inc.

Black Reign - EP Tracklist:

Jayy vines

Heck Yeah!

Zero J

Very good

Capitalism and Freedom

This is one of my personal favorite Avenged Sevenfold extended play albums. This album has a great flow, track after track. Also, this album has great vocals, great drum solos, great piano solos, and great guitar solos as well. Finally, the instruments wrap around the vocals like no other, and intertwine perfectly. Definitely looking forward to the next limited play album, and extended play album.


I’m sure he loves call of duty black ops


Love these all released on one album

Nanker Phelger

This band used to be fire and now they appear to be on their way out. Not happy about it, I love the music but after the Rev, with the exception of Mike Portnoy...they've faded fast. Really is too bad.


I like how they packaged their CoD Zombies music together although it is underwhelming when the tracks were already released years ago. It's a good package for new fans to pick up but old fans will be more critical. Glad you can buy individual tracks, though


I really love avenged sevenfold I first heard them when they had produced not ready to die for call of the dead and from then to I listen to them every day


Love it


The band told everyone for two weeks what this EP was going to be on social media and in interviews. If you didn’t read and it attention, that’s on YOU, not the band. Tons of fans have been asking for these songs to be in one place for years. Great collection and Mad Hatter is fantastic. Maybe some fans will stop feeling so entitled and pay more attention to future releases.


I've had the last three songs for quite a few years now. Man, what a let down...

M1911 Master

First, it’s worth noting that a lot of these reviewers simply trash the EP because two of the songs are re-releases. Not sure what the circumstances are of the creation of the EP since Warner Bros is the label. Also, this is NOT a new album. This is a collection of songs the band has written exclusively for the triple A game series, “Call Of Duty: Black Ops”. There is one new song on this titled “Mad Hatter”, a track that will be used in CoD: BO4 zombies mode. The song channels Avenged’s usual sound, but is more relaxed and groove oriented, sending a dark alternative vibe to the track. A nice change of pace from their usual work, and adds a good bit of variety in the EP. “Jade Helm” is a series of riffs and sound bytes that were recorded for Black Ops 3’s multiplayer mode. There are some awkward pauses in the track, but that’s because each riff was created for a certain in-game purpose (spawn theme, winning/losing theme, etc.). Very cool bits from this one. “Not Ready to Die” and “Carry On” are also featured, but were previously released. These tracks are simply amazing, but are old, and add little value to those who Overall, the EP is a very good representation of the band, but fails to deliver much that hasn’t been seen before. However, the content itself is more than good, and a first time listener will no doubt be blown away by these four tracks.


I am sorry I can’t feel this new song. It sounds too safe and cliche. It’s not original. The new drummer has too much influence on them and they are working around him. I like him the most as a person and he’s good but taking band in wrong direction. He is very respectful and professional. I like his qualities. Glad shadows lost his voice. God way of saying be home with your wife and kids. Everything happens for a reason. I also want to add. This band as continuously said F you if you don’t like what we are putting out, we are doing what makes us happy. Well that S doesn’t work they way. For example, M I know you like games. Blizzards Destiny 2 had a game outer shell of good but insides was garbage. Fans outlashed online. It took Bungie to admit their faults and said we want to make the game a hobby again and give us a chance to fix it. A year later we have Destiny Forsaken and all fans rejoiced. All videos we see of you guys drinking so much. So much talent and you guys say screw them we will do what we want. That’s not how a business works. I have been a fan since the beginning. Please do what the fans want and not what you want. Isn’t life about others. Do the stuff that you want on your own time. Everything on warner bros was good and once you left. I have to say has been not up to my expectations. So no not screw warner bros. We must forgive everyone always is what god says. No spite. Quit drinking.


Love the art too!


Why would they release the same songs years later but play it off like a new album. Huge bummer.


I already have all of these songs, but thanks to iTunes you’re able to buy individual songs from any album so I only got the one that hasn’t been released, Jade Helm 🤘

Collin's Conscience

This ep shouldn't exist. All these songs are already out and most likely already bought by most people here and what if there are more call of duty games that you make a song for? Are you gonna re release this ep two years down the line with only two more songs added? The songs are fine but this was a bad move.


Up next we have Avenged sevenfold with “Songs you’ve already paid for”. Very bummed that this is a thing. No stars, if I could.


Good stuff. 4 great songs

Dennis Furio

Pretty sure a7x had to release this as an ep to help fulfill their contract with WB that way they can move on from them. I was surprised to see this released through them, so it seems like the only explanation! Plus it’s cool to have all of the Call of Duty songs released on one album! True avenged fans will understand and support!! Mad Hatter is amazing! Just wish the vocals were louder like in the music video


Stoked for next years album. They release a new album every 3 years. The Stage was released in late 2016 so the next album should come out late 2019


I was thrilled to hear Mad Hatter and then was more thrilled to find out we were getting an EP. Now I see it’s just songs we already had before. I only gave it 3 stars because of that. Mad Hatter is a great song though.


Way to resell a bunch of songs, guys