Mickey Guyton - Black Like Me

A Capitol Records Nashville Release; ℗ 2020 UMG Recordings, Inc.

Black Like Me - Single Tracklist:


Powerful vocals and lyrics. This song was written last year, before George Floyd’s death brought popular attention to how black people are treated in the USA. What she’s doing is a patriotic duty. If you love somebody, you tell them when they’re on the wrong path, you don’t let them keep messing up. She’s speaking up so that the country we all love can grow into being the land of the free for everybody.🗽


This song is so beautiful, and so poignant. Simple, to the point, and incredibly moving. I’m so glad she is sharing her story. I can’t stop listening to it. Well done!


The truth is hard to hear sometimes, but it helps when you have a voice like Mickey’s.


Thank you


Unimpressed with your attempt to capitalize on what’s going on in this nation. Also not really a fan of your voice, but please, blame others for your lack of success.


People denying there is racism everywhere is our society is exactly the reason we still have racism. This song holds up a mirror to the deniers...and they don't like it. Well done, Ms Guyton.


If you do not know what she is talking about, and think it is BS, then you are lucky and should count your blessings.

whitesplaining isn't ok

Great song. Certainly makes a lot of likely white people uncomfortable, it should. White people like me have never lived as a black person for one second. So until you do quit pretending everything is okay for Blacks. You are the problem.


Well said Mickey! Never give up! We love you. ✊🏾♥️♥️♥️


This song is stupid .


This song is beautiful! I can’t imagine what it’s like, but thank you for doing this song! Do not listen to the racist haters. This song is phenomenal!!


If I can leave negative stars I will. I do NOT appreciate a song like this at all. Her voice is beautiful but the lyrics are distasteful and all that is wrong in the world today. This is stirring up controversy and is inappropriate.


I love Mickey Guyton's authenticity and her courage in addressing relevant issues. I just wish the ultimate message didn't boil down to "you can't understand because you're not like me". It's conflict resolution 101: use "I" statements instead of "you". We need more love and empathy and understanding, and to do that, not more division. The producers and songwriters on Songland say it all the time.


Please don’t let some people’s reviews stop you girl! It’s not racist but how you seen the world. Everyone see’s things different and they can’t see others views. We all need to stop and look through others eyes. It will bring us together and start caring more.


Can’t stand hearing this song. She’s just trying to make money off all the bs going on right now.


All these white ppl in these reviews ar whist being ignorant and don’t know how it feels to be judge and discriminated against bc of their skin tone.Amazing song


And I love it ❤️


Seriously? This is what is wrong with America right now. This is just adding fuel to the fire and separating people further. I turn the station every time this song is played. Shut up and sing. Leave your political BS at home.


This is total garbage 🙄


Remember Mickey from American Idol and man these reviews just prove how ignorant so many of these country music fans are. She is not divisive or racist for shedding light on an important issue in this country. As one of the only mainstream Black country artists, she’s using her spotlight to fight against injustice and rather than judging, understand her message. I’m proud of her for speaking out and making this song. Black Lives MATTER. ❤️

Miss watermelon

Lovely voice and message.


Everyone has had it hard and anyone who lives in America is privileged. We are all free to eat where we want, wear what we want and watch what we want. People in other countries aren’t so lucky. Also Mickey is rich and famous so she probably shouldn’t be whining about having such a hard life when she still has a job and can still pay her bills every month.


She’s singing facts


more garbage divisive music

The Best Doki Doki Song Ever!!

So only black people have it tough? Why can’t you talk about the common folk struggle. Also trying to make a quick buck by making a bad song about an actual struggle America is going through and instead of helping, you’re influencing the rioting by talking about how black people suffer. Honestly, quit music cause you obviously don’t understand how to be a good artist.


This song is what’s wrong with America right now. America is the land of the free and you have all the opportunities anybody else has. This is absolute garbage, and the fact that it’s playing on country radio is disheartening. This is not country music, the message is invalid, and has nothing to do with country music. I’ll go out of my way to change the radio station immediately. And no I’m not racist 🙄


Truth is you are talented and powerful beautiful voice. Please ignore the other reviews it said she was being delusional and other things it’s easy for people to hide behind a review I wonder if they’d say it in the light of day. Keep going Mickey. Great song.

Jocama mom

Im a white women who graduated from a HBCU in the early 80’s. I saw the racism my classmates faced everyday. It still exists today, folks are just sneakier about it.


It’s sad that in 2020, people still think everyone’s experience is the same. If you’re mad about this song, you’re missing the point. This song is beautiful and powerful. Mickey is amazing. Can’t wait to hear more from this powerful woman!


this song definitely came from the heart and you can feel her emotion through it. Doesn’t deserve the 1 star reviews from the typical demographic of country music just because they can’t relate lol keep doing you Mickey!!


Try living in a socialist country and then come back and smack talk the land of the free.


When Mickey first started, I listened to her a lot. Her voice is gorgeous (plus, she’s from Texas 🤙🏻). But saying “If you think we live in the land of the free, you should try being black like me”, is being wildly disingenuous, and simplifying an extremely complex issue.


No one should be judged by the color of their skin. That being said no one should use the color of their skin just to get sympathy on why they can’t make it as a singer. There are millions of people that want to make it as a professional singer but they don’t say the reason for their lack of success is their skin color. It could be a multitude of thing. Voice, song choice, timing, luck, etc. But for someone to try and capitalize on the division in our country and to make money from this is not right IMO.


In America everyone has a chance to make it. No matter the color of ur skin. This song is exactly what is wrong in America. people are always the victim,and they never look at themselves and say it’s my fault. We must rise up from these lies and bleeding heart liberal mindsets and keep America great!


Beautiful lyrics. Thank you Mickey for sharing this song during a time like this!

Ace of spades 316

Normally I’m not into country music cuz a lot of them sound the same and shallow. But this song brought tears to my eyes, and I’m not even black myself. It’s so deep, relatable, and exactly what we need during this time of fighting for racial justice. Thank you, Mickey Guyton. You are the truest artist in every sense of the word. You are now my most favorite country singer. And to all the negative reviews written here... y’all need to take a long look in the mirror and wonder who’s truly racist and divisive. If a black woman pouring her heart and soul into a song about her honest experiences of dealing with racism in her life is so offensive to you, then you have some serious issues of your own personal discrimination and racism you need to face before you come in here and accusing someone else of being racist.


She’s a gem. I don’t know how I found her, but being a Black girl from a small town, it’s was so amazing to see a Black Country singer. She’s young, cool and has an amazing voice.


Awesome song!


What a divisive dumb song... we are Americans and all lives matter. This is the reason there is so much division in our country because of idiots like this. Everybody has equal opportunity in the USA. It is called Choices. God bless the USA and God bless Law Enforcement!


If America was so racist the outrage would not be what it is today from both sides where 95% of America agrees the death of George Floyd was wrong this is complete BS and instead of blaming all your failures on other people and institutions look yourself in the mirror first and ask yourself what you can do better...P.S. white people can be poor to


That happens to both white and black this isn’t helping a thing it’s adding fuel to fire.