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Billie love you and all your songs. But these review writing haters on her songs is getting out of hand. I am starting to report more and more people each day for hate comments and u guys are such jerks to her and so if u do any more hate comments I will call u out in my reviews then report u. Your hate reviews are making me sick🤢


I love this album one of my favorite singers

pretty boiii

haters you guys go get R.I.Ped or else I will come and do it for u


By: Lemmy and UMMM 122222 times! How many times does I have to tell ummm.. Ludwig said


I love you Billie but u can be a bit creepy but bury a friend bad guy and all the good girls are definitely the best songs on the album oh and you should see me in a crown


😇 You’re an angle! Keep it up!

pewdiepie big pp

She looks like she cuts herself in her spare time

Rio Kingsley

Bury a friend so new compared to the other latest songs.


I’m tired of her

sup broski ;)

I know you be scrolling through the reviews. Ayy wassup.

Xx Heart staber xX


Some Big Guy

Don’t understand the hype

jojo lover 29

This song is amazing it’s my favorite song on WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP WERE DO WE GO she is my idol.

Haljg ghu

I don’t get Billie Eilish her songs are not good and are barely songs. Her older brother does everything and she just sings it. It does not even sound like she is trying to sing well! And she is very negative. She always is saying negative stuff like “ I really really hate myself”. And she is a bad influence little kids are gonna go put spiders in their mouth and stapling their tongue.and she should be more grateful about how famous she is but no, she is junk people say do not t be mean because she is 18, but that is big. SHE NEVER SMILES!!! BE HAPPY ONCE IN A WHILE !


idk what you guys are talking about none of her stuff sounds the same. stop coming here to hate.

7[email protected]

Billie Eilish is a gooooood Singer


I genuinely love every one of her songs. Different doesn’t mean it’s bad😌🤩


Idk but Billie Eilish is off the hook go bille don’t ever stop making what makes you feel good 💯💯💯💯😍😍😍😍😍😄😄😄😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🥳🥳🥳🥳🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 I’m with u girl 👧👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻 all your fans love u 😘

i'm a bad guy fan

Bad guy is. The only I ever loved. And whenever Bad I sing that song in my head and Billie Eilish it’s my favorite singer ever in my music and that’s I rate this song five star⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟

Satifised Fan

I love her voice. It’s so calming and angelic.


Haters gonna hate and everyone has there own opinion but I think this is a great song along with all her others. She’s just an amazing singing and just a wonderful artist!!


This album was absolutely amazing, the tone of her voice and then the beats and keys to the songs, she KILT THIS ALBUM. ALSO ILOMILO is my favorite song so you should definitely check it out!

kaylee flower

Billie Eilish is different. She likes different stuff, but that doesn’t mean you have to judge. She has an amazing voice and when she’s different that’s what makes her amazing. This album was amazing and when she whispers it’s her song, you can’t judge. If you don’t like this song stop listening to it. Find a different song that suits you. -Kayla 🥰


Ohh, I don’t know, have any of you gone through depression? It’s NOT EASY. Some of you have to find a way to get it out and this amazing person found music. It’s what she loves to do, and if any of you have a MINDFUL HEART you would understand. I’m tired of reading these reviews where you say this music is trash. Her style is different, and that’s because EVERYONE is different. And if I was a singer I would NOT like all these crappy reviews, and I know you wouldn't like them either. I have spoken my peace. 🤚🏼


This is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re going to trash her, at least have a sensible reason. And please stop with all the “this is only for self diagnosed depressed teenage girls” stuff. I think her music could use a bit of work, but she is doing something very different in the music industry (at 17 mind you) and I love it. The voice throwing (is that what it’s called?) in “xanny”. The sound effects like the knife sharpening sound. The altering of her voice enough but too often. Every song has a unique quality. Though some do sound similar, which needs some work. And stop saying, “she just whispers! Even I can whisper! No talent at all!” The stuff she’s doing requires a lot of control in a voice and she delivers that perfectly. (I think it’s hauntingly beautiful)


Though Billie isn’t exactly my style of music, the fact that she is eighteen and has already achieved so much is extremely impressive! It’s cool to see a sound that is different from the usual mainstream music played on the radio, and though I haven’t listened to all of the album, some of my favorites are “You should see me in a crown” and “When The Party’s Over.”


i used to listen to her music here and there for the past few years and i decided to go to her concert in march and ever since then i’ve been addicted! it’s completely changed my view on all of her music and i listen to it like all the time!

Nott You :)

I love this song so much!!! And!!! I!!! Am!!! Singing!!! It!!! Every!!!day!!! Love it 😻 ❤️ 💗 💕 love it!!!!!!!!!! Luv it!! Ok m singing it right now Billie makes me 😆 happy!!!!

billie eilish fan lover

OMG i love Billie so much her songs are the best they have emotions and feeling to each one I would recommend this to anyone that likes this stuff or anyone because BILLIE THE BEST

Ahlijah B.


ariana grande fan 11



i love Billie snice 2018, i mean in 2018 i saw her music videos and u though they were cool. After that i start getting OBSESSED with her and in 2019 i’m officially a fan. And i’m happy i can say that. I love Billie so much, her music is soo retable and i just love how real her songs are. And i’m impressed how she isn’t scared to say whats in her mind. She just wrote a song about it and keep it movin. I just love her so so so much!🌏🖤

Minecraft lover 2,000☮️

IM the badddd guyyyyy...DUH (I’m literally the bad guy DUH)


I love Billie Eilish si freaking much I think she is amazing (cuz she is amazing) I love it it moves u so much I love her please if ur reading this listen to her and get this album it is totally worth it her voice is groundbreaking

I'm Not Sarcastic

Duh. It’s a great album


I can’t explain how refreshing it is to hear an album about real emotions and experiences, one that waves off the idea that the only lyrics that sell are cheap lines about drugs, sex, money and fancy cars. Her voice is phenomenal as well and there are songs for chilling to and cranking up in the car, best of all worlds.


This girl is weird


Billie Eilish and her brother put a lot of work I love her so much 💚🖤💚🖤 she is the one of the best teenager that has gotten this far two albums and that are both are amazing 😉

Audrey.L! be happy dont be sad

I just want to boost billies ratings

Lost car

She helps me through depression and heavy anxiety. I’ve lost a lot of friends recently. She makes me feel like I’m not the only one going through this. I love her music, so if you think she isn’t amazing and creative then..... that is your opinion. I’m not going to judge. But she is awesome.... that is my opinion. LOVE HER ❤️ 😍 😊 ❤️ SHE IS GREAT


You call this music? I call it... very psychedelic.

Amber K.W

I really love how different and weird Billie is. Her style of singing and dark themes are interesting and intense. People who don’t get it need to understand that there are other genres aside from that god awful dubstep. You’re doing great Billie!


I’ve never liked someone’s music as much as I love Billie’s! It never gets old and there isn’t one song by her I don’t like. Listen to this album just about everyday, even a year later 💚


That’s all I can think of when I listen to this... Not as a fan but as a mom.

Gracie Woolens

I think she's good yes she does look dead but she's a real person and her voice is good im alomost a teenager and her songs and some other people's songs are appropriate finnially someone who doesn't guess

bothing but love

Love all the music amazing


I can’t believe music has become so lame, boring and lifeless. This should not pass as good music

Bob Ross👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

Wow, amazing! I was introduced to this album last summer and I’ve loved it ever since. Now I’m a huge Billie fan! My favorites are: i love you, when the party’s over, you should see me in a crown, and my strange addiction.

Random Person 😒

Billie Eillish is basically the definition of overrated. All she does is whisper into the microphone and yet people find that interesting. Most songs on this album are sampled or just made carelessly.