Bethel Music & Amanda Lindsey Cook - You Make Me Brave (Studio Version)

You Make Me Brave (Studio Version) - Single Tracklist:


I love your music it makes me want to stand up and praise the lord for the things that he has done for me and you if you are not plugged into a church (and this is for everyone) then find one you love and go to church there 🎧👍❤️😇


Amazing. God is so good!

Sky man 20

I can't wait for the live stereo track performance without vocals in it maybe background vocals mixed in with the live audio sound like in the listening 😜 please work on that Bethel music would be a great sell🎉


Like the different version. :)


Love this song and am ready to hear more from Bethel music they have a crazy passion for God and are showing it to the world


I love the song and love Bethel's love and passion for God can't wait to hear more:)


Gave it 4 stars only because the live version gets a 5.

Music lover2014

This song was golden from day one, but studio sounds even better! How is this song not on the radio?!