Ben Folds - Ben Folds Live

℗ 2002 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

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This album reminds me of the good times


I saw Ben Folds on this tour, playing these songs, in pretty much this order, with only a few small derivations. There and here, he is in fine form vocally, really digging the beauty of an engaged audience - who wouldn't totally love it that everybody in the crowd knows all the words to all your songs? He is on point, on key, nimble-fingered and about as warm as Ben Folds gets. It's 2015, so this was released 13 years ago. I think it holds up quite well!

Pete wow

At first I was all like nnnnnoooo!!!!!!I bought the wrong song I didn't want it live but when I listened to it that mistake was one of the best ones I've ever made


Ben is really kicking it live on this one. been a huge fan for years. He's almost up their with Billy Joel or Paul Marturano. Great piano, great tunes and great live show on this album. Add it to your collection.


this is such an awesome album every single song is already fantastic but live theyre even better. totally awesome when ben has the audience help him out with army! buy it! totally worth it!

Jacob Salamon

I've seen Ben Folds live in concert about four times now, and it's safe to say that his music is better live! This is a fantastic album, and it was quite literally my musical staple in high school. Whether you're new or old to Ben Folds, this is probably the best album of his I own. Fantastic!

yuffie 5000

Granted, I'm setimental about this album because I was at one of the shows during which it was recorded, but this album is worth getting if only for the opportunity to hear the piano more clearly. I love the studio recordings, but I think it was so wonderful to just strip the music down to the basics and let Ben Folds and his piano speak for themselves. "Silver Street" is definitely one of the best songs on this album, but the live versions of "Jane" and "Emaline" are two of my absolute favorite songs.


I'm in love with this album, I could do without some of the swearing.The song "Emaline" is one of the best even if it's not the most popular.


ben folds is beyond taleted. hes just proves it with this show. he is just over flowing with talent. a live show for only ten bucks. you wont be sorry. so get this. you will enjoy it.

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