Post Malone - beerbongs & bentleys

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I like his music


I love post mlone songs especially rock star candy paint good byes die for me leve and meny others I have listened to every song bye Austin and love them 💜

queen of dopeville101

Why this song Rebecca black and all the other haters who gave one star I’m sorry if his music is “trash” let me go listen to your songs instead. Oh wait: you don’t have any cause you are all talentless whores 😂


This is good stuff man. I love the song Rockstar. I listen to it while I do push-ups in the morning

sudo cook

The way this album sounds and the way it flows is just one of a kind. A must have for Post fans and for trap rap fans.

corn repo



Ok, I’ve been a Post Malone fan for a lot of years. My favorite songs I suggest are Better Now, rockstar, Blame it on me, and Otherside. This is pretty much the only artist I listen to lol. Plus Post Malone is a great guy!! Download this album, if you want to listen to the greatest music on Earth!


Amazing and haunting. Love it, thank you and please take care of yourself. ❤️

Still Sills (channel)

Rockstar ball for me and better now are good

Oliver Reisenbichler

This is the first album I’ve ever listened to where I would literally buy every song. This guy is awesome.


la flame 😤🤟


it makes me :))))))))))))

Trust and Us



His music is amazing

Zoe ||-//

Love it. Nothing more to say.


Best song I have ever heard

Dork Diaries. 10 YOU SAY?????

this is the best album of all time



This album, Stoney, and Hollywood's Bleeding are masterpieces! Post Malone is great lyrically, vocally, and in his production. I can relate to his music.


Sveet boi 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

hot peper jaz

This album had me shook and I love all the songs and all of you haters saying that his music is trash maybe if you were not so judge mental then maybe you would like him and you shouldn’t judge by his face or skin color love you you helped me get through school and my boring 📚 homework 😍 love you


Really inappropriate lyrics for young kids buy the clean version of the song

ft. h gucg g

Really good songs


You are such a talented person keep going and don’t look back


I listen to this everyday and I love to listen to this is games at school and more I get bullied every day of my life and don’t have much friends this music helps me ignore that and helps me get over my school

Shadow 1530

Austin, man you are killing it. Man, your first album was lit and your second album is fire. Man, you are going to reach big and that’s what I like to see. You’re going on the right track, keep it that way. - Shadow 1530


rockstar is a classic! Nearly every track is pretty nice. My only complaint, a little bland in the sense of not much diversity for my personal ears. So nothing I’ll come back to frequent. But it’s still a nice piece of work, just overall kinda has a similar vibe and sound each song, you can tell post is kinda staying in his comfort zone.

jj Youth



you wanna hear some good music? go listen to Melanie martinez k-12 album 🥰


Why this trash


This needs an explicit sign

tou have to love songs

I like blame it on me


I love it!






Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥



Your average weirdo



Post Malone is an overrated loser!


Was pretty let down with this album, I can really only vibe with two songs on this album in which case are the songs “stay” and “blame it on me”. These in my opinion are the only two that are original and not aimed towards the main stream listeners, these actually feel real and created with the heart not the pocket. All in all pretty disappointing.


There is nothing of substance here. Zero artistic merit. Total garbage.

Kid Millenium

Should have bought this earlier ...






Post Malone I love all your albums especially this one and if you hatters said it was trash your dead to me


Hey I like your song rockstar. Your “voices” are good.


The title says it.

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Goodbyes (feat. Young Thug) - Single
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Jackie Chan (feat. Preme & Post Malone) [Remixes, Vol. 1] - EP
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You (feat. Post Malone) - Single
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Came Up (feat. Post Malone & Key!) [Remixes] - EP
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