Sharon Van Etten - Because I Was In Love

℗ 2009 Language Of Stone

Because I Was In Love Tracklist:


Sharon did the impossible, filling the hole of true loss and missing their love. A contemporary therapeutic poet in music if I've ever heard one. FoRilla


i remember listening to this album for the first time and being completely blown away. i've always liked subtle folky singer/songwriter music, but this is of an entirely different category. the honesty and vulnerability inherent in her voice is truly timeless, and the album is striking from start to finish. though i highly recommend 'much more than that' - its one of the most beautiful songs i've ever heard.


There is something about sharon's music that caught my ear.Call it hypnotic,soulful or honest.Save yourself kind of threw me because of sharon's voice.She seems to have channeled the voice of a country/folk singer from another time.Not flawless or homogenized like most artists today,but that's what makes her interesting.. And she's cute.

Maria Deiger

As an artist, midst a slow period, this album made me grateful for any sense of creativity at all. This album is honest, not rushed, and pays homage to a philosophy of awareness. Many questions are presented here, though in Sharon's sound, there is a texture that blankets these mysteries, and thus, calms us. Her voice is the kind you want to have coffee with in the morning. You crave it- and how we wake each day- is that not the most important?

clo E

i cried. this album is so beautiful and has helped me through the worst of times. thank you.

Tabloid Sores

relax and take a seat.