Taylor Swift - Beautiful Ghosts (From the Motion Picture

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Beautiful Ghosts (From the Motion Picture "Cats") - Single Tracklist:

Dead pool is off the hook

6 months later and this song is still so breathtaking, captivating, and everything in between. The lyrics, piano, and last but certainly not least at all her voice. I love Taylor Swift ✨

Dude. no

Katypurry333 Wow. Mean. You need to stop being mean. This is the most beautiful song I have heard in quite a while. Please no hate. This song legit made me cry. It is beautiful. I have never really been a Taylor Swift fan but this just got me. So I diss the words of the haters. Haters gonna hate. I’m gonna listen to Taylor Swift all day and this beautiful heart wrenching moment in history over and over again. Goodbye.

Swift ❤️❤️

Every song she’s ever put out is amazing

the album lover is amazing

You can hear how much effort Taylor puts into her music. I love her music because it’s unique and she sounds like an angel 😇😊


When will the soundtrack be available. I want to listen to it before I see the movie!


Don’t deserve anything. What a horrible song


Her voice and songwriting abilities are beyond comparison. This song touches the soul. Everyone's taken a chance on a friend or a group of friends because they didn't have anyone else to rely on at that moment. Lovely work by Taylor once again.

Cassie Rose Johnson

Love anything Taylor does. And Cats, even better!!


When I first heard this... who. Loved it. So glad she put it up for download and can’t wait for cats!!!


I was hesitant the first time listening to this but now I’ve been singing it to myself for weeks. So I finally got it. So hauntingly beautiful and feels like it’s from the original production.


I love Taylor Swift. She is my favorite singer. I have heard all of her songs and they are all amazing. I have downloaded all of her albums. I love Taylor Swift. I am your biggest fan. And I am only 10 years old


Love how she can write a song that perfectly narrates a story for a character and in a musical theater style nonetheless


I got chills!! Taylor is incredible... what an angelic sounding voice... breathtaking!!


No words for such a masterpiece. Oscar Oscar Oscar!


This straight up slayed me


Another amazing song from Taylor Swift. ❤️


Taylor Swift!!!❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯


If I could’ve given it no stars I would’ve. Nothing beautiful about this autotune. Wish her daddy never purchased portion of her old record label. I wouldn’t have to have heard her basic, off key self if he let it alone

😛Carter Richardson😛

Absolutely amazing voice/vocal technique and lyrics!!!


This song is so beautiful it actually gives me chills. Taylor’s vocals are incredible on this track, especially the ending of the song. The lyrics are meaningful. I feel like we can all relate to it even if it’s about a kitten who wants to be wanted and have a place where she belongs. We all want that at some point in our lives! Also, I STAND WITH TAYLOR!


I adore your music

katy purry333

Taylor swift is the worst singer of all time.


Can’t wait to see the movie! This song just shows that animals have feelings!


Perfection. Nothing more and nothing less


She’s done it again.

Spencer 🙃


Person who uses google sheets

This song is amazing! The lyrics, the vocals 👌🏽 113%


Sounds and feels like a perfect original song for Cats.


i live for all of her music and this song is so beautiful especially the lyrics and just the overall sound is amazing.


Beautiful and vulnerable song


I love this song. Taylor’s vocals are so enchanting. She always paints a picture with her lyrics and I can’t wait to see the film now. “All that I wanted was to be wanted,” hit me so hard. We all want to be loved or wanted, whether it’s by a lover, friend, family member, or even a pet. Taylor Swift and Andrew Lloyd-Webber created a masterpiece. Much love. 🙌🏻👏🏻😻👻♥️🎶


This is amazing

RP Toast

As expected....meowgical!


This is so beautiful and powerful. Just like Taylor.


I’m not feeling it

Anna TS 4 ever

I am never disappointed with Taylor. This song is so beautiful and emotional and I am an pleased to say bravo!!


Great lyrics that fit in perfectly with Andrew Lloyd Webber’s classic work. And because it’s Taylor, the song and film will introduce a whole new audience to this legendary theatre geek favorite.

taylor is perfect

this legend right here


the greatest song of all time


The lyrics are insanely beautiful and haunting, melody is amazing. I would expect nothing less from Queen Taylor❤️🤩


I love it!!




Literally a masterpiece that deserves an Oscar . Makes me so very excited for the movie . Keep up the great work Taylor. I have it on repeat 💗👏🏻


Taylor Swift can write a song from the standpoint of any decade.. this song encapsulates the era of the writing of the film.. and those who cannot see that should just go home or better yet, calm down! I love you Taylor!! ❤️❤️❤️


she came and delivered for us.

Cher in NYC

This is a wonderful new song and Swift sings it just right. Brava. Love that they snuck in nods to Phantom and Memory. Very well done, much much better than I expected.


Haunting and mesmerizing. Taylor’s vocals give me chills and the lyrics are so eloquently sang.

Ts star

Using scooters name for some sales and streams 💀 tragic.

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