Beach Bunny - Honeymoon

℗ 2019 Mom+Pop

Honeymoon Tracklist:

Dane, Bidwell's BIGGEST fan.

A shame there aren't more reviews for this. A truly underrated group. Great tunes, this album is in line with the other EPs they've put out. Support this band!! I want more more more in the future.


Amazing band live and recorded. My son loves Lillie and now so do I.


I find myself very out of depth when my friends show me their 100 song playlists and countless favorited songs on Spotify. However, whenever I find a song that I love, it becomes the only thing I want to listen to for a month or so. Beach Bunny released four singles through October and February, creating one song after another to listen to addictively, and I started to think the best songs on the album would have already be heard. I'm cynical like that. Despite thinking it too good to be true that so many amazing guitar solos, brilliant rhymes and motifs, and emotionally-charged singing crescendos could be in one album, I was proven wrong. Beach Bunny is the most underrated band I know of. This is the only album I bothered reviewing because 8 reviews at release seemed criminal for something this well-made.


Randomly found her music and it’s such a breath of fresh air!!💖💖💟💟


Heard Beach Bunny’s stuff for the first time on the alternative radio station in my city. I’m in love! Can’t wait to see what they put out next.