Eric Church - Bad Mother Trucker

An EMI Records Nashville Release; ℗ 2020 BigEC Records LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

Bad Mother Trucker - Single Tracklist:


He’s trying too hard to be original. This song is horrible. I love Eric church but I cant bring myself to enjoy this song.


Yes!!! Hail the chief!!!


Take me to church baby! This keeps getting better and better


Ever since Eric Church admitted his NRA hate and Trump derangement syndrome, his music has been absolute trash. Thank you for doing that interview, you gave us all forewarning to stop listening because your music would be absolute s#*% going forward from that time on.


Enjoyed it!! Love the Chief!!


I wouldn’t turn it off if it came on but this isn’t Eric’s best by far. It is a little different from his usual stuff so I’ll give credit for trying it but it’s not great.

Gunnifer Jenning

Great beat, fun and unique to have lyrics about a female in a male dominated industry with R E S P E C T. Chief, JoAnna Cotton and band have given us another original. Love it!

Clout Anus Rats

Buy and stream move ya hips 🦄


Take Church’s name off the song & literally nobody listens to it..

David Chalikian

um Chile anyways


This guy used to be one of my favorite singers for years, the last album was a major disappointment. Now we get "Stick that in your country song" and "Bad Mother Trucker". Hate to say it but I am officially no longer a fan at ALL!

just some guy on iTunes

Who can release this trash and feel original... sounds like every other crap country cringe


Love it!

Country Guy4587

New album is going to be epic


MASSIVE CRINGE 😬 Singing in a southern accent about driving trucks does not make it country music.


That a way EC!


Can’t wait for the album! #EFC


I will have more of this. Thank you.