B.o.B - B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray (Deluxe Version)

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B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray (Deluxe Version) Tracklist:


Ayeeeee I LOVE airplanes, it's been my favorite song since FOREVERR it always made me so happy and carefree 😍😍😍


This Sounds Like Lupe Fiasco & Kid Cudi Combined he sounds great

Marik X

Airplanes pt. 2 is by far the best song on the album but I don't want to spend $12 for one song


What Brandnew Kid Cudi?


Has my boyfriend and I's song❤ lovelier than you❤


I want to buy airplanes|| separate!!! This is shot. 1/2 star


1.Dont let me fall 3/10 Weird. 2.nothin on you 7.2/10 Bruno mars is the one that makes the song. 3. Past my shades 0/10 What? 4. Airplanes 9.7/10 second best on album. 5.Bet I 1000/10 by far best on album. 6. Ghost in the machine 6.7/10 needs to have rapping and would be better with Trey Songz in it too. 7. The kids. -159/10 worst on album. First 7 songs overall 4.8/10.

B.o.B is awesome. K

Best young rapper he's only not as good as Em


It is awsum!!!


Hip hop was about to about to die, until B.o.B came in and saved it! Now the only thing they need to add is airplanes part II because eminem killed it.


I was surprized and dissapointed with this album, first of all i love songs like airplanes, because it sounds truthful, not fake. But i was dissapointed of some of the other songs, they were just crap.....and it's a shame that i cannot buy airplanes 2 without purchasing the whole album.... i reccomend you buy strange clouds and not this.


Bob has great beats, lyrics, titles, featured artists, in fact, it's probably esaier to say what things he's bad at! (It's 0 by the way) enjoy this, and strange clouds, and listen to some songs on here instead of just complainging that airplains part 2 is album only!


great album cant wait for strange clouds

Virtual DJ Pro

I agree with Jacob Cole. No one wants to buy the whole cd for one song. STUPID!


Who the hell is Paramore???? That girl is good. She brings together Airplanes. And Who is Rivers Cuomo???? Another good song though. I know bruno mars, and nothin on you is an awesome song.


Nothin' On You (feat. Bruno Mars) and Airplanes (feat. Hayley Williams of Paramore) are the best songs in this record. I don't care as much for the other songs.

Pooja V

How stupid is it to have to buy the entire album just to get airplanes par two???? NOT REASONABLE!!!! HELLO ITUNES!!!!

My Nickname77

Where's airplanes 2, it's the best song there!

Lindsay's jam

I would rate it 5 stars if he hadn't copied VAMPIRE WEEKEND!!!1!!!


this song could be a little better. but it wouldnt hurt to buy this song


they make you buy the whole album just to buy airplains pt. 2. i know im not gonna pay $10 for one song. please release the sone individualy

Typhoon 4000

You need to be able to buy airplanes pt 2 with eminem without having to buy the whole albulm


b.o.b is one of the gretest rappers ever.his songs are amazing. i highly suggest it


I have this CD and LOVE it!!!!!!!!!

Jack Montalbano

Awesome u rock


why is airplanes part 2 still album only! there were so many complaints and did u see how many likes it got. you guys would've gotten so much money off of it! album only is just reducing the amount of money you'd get and making people mad. getting rid of album only would help you and your costumers. Horrible decision

Zach Gazire

I've been waitin for weeks and weeks for itunes to make AIRPLANES PT 2 able to buy seprate. I really want the song and im starting to think about goin on da internet and looking for a free download. Also ITunes you guys are killing all off us. READ THE ****IN REVIEWS OF AIRPLANES PT 2. IF U READ AlL OF THESE REIEWS YOU SHOULD KNOW YOU WILL MAKE TONS OF CASH BY MAKIN THE SONG SEPARTE. I'm not tryin to be mean here but 1. this is a gimicate to make more money. 2 .why dont all of us go to the apple store and ask them or complain to them about it. Whos with me on that?


Itunes I'm not trying to be rude, but seriously if you're trying to get more money from making Airplanes II album only; that's not right! People aren't going to buy the album just for that! You'll make a lot more money if you make it separate, because eminem fans like me would buy it in a blink of an eye!


I wish you could buy Airplanes part 2 alone. Because who wnts to buy a whole album for 1 or 2 songs.


I want this song, but I'm not spending twelve dollars on it. It's kinda a given that making this song available for individual purchase would definitely get sales.


Love BOBBY RAY, but do you really have to make AIRPLANES PT2 album only! You're going to lose $1000s! No one is going to buy the entire album for one song, even if it is awesome. TO B.O.B. fans: DO NOT GIVE LOW RATING BECAUSE OF THIS!!! IT WILL RUIN B.O.B.s career and he won't be able to produce more albums/singles. PLEASE GIVE 5 STARS!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE MAKE A SINGLE!!!PLEASE!!!


Do I have to buy the whole album??? Talk about capitalizing on Eminem. Grrrr

Captain Fantastic Jr.

I like BOB, but is the interview good? That's the only reason I would buy the whole album. Also, is airplanes part 2 inappropriate at all for a fourteen year old?

The B()$$

Please set it for sale. I love the airplanes part two song. It is totally balla. Set it for sale please!!!! :)


I love the song I see ya. PLZ dont make me buy the entire album just for one song. B.o.B ROCKS!


I can tell that this song is going to be the next number 1. it is one of those songs that people will listen to over and over again.


get ready to see B.o.B everywhere

Sea monkey1994

I bought it in the summer and im still listenin to it


Good music, but I feel like I'm listening to a TobyMac album... he's a Christian artist for those of you that don't know... nothing really origianl here, but good nonetheless...


Everyone needs to quit whining about airplanes pt 2. If you want the song, buy the album. Simple. On the brighter side this was a great album with a variety of different song styles and genres. I recommend to all.

WW 1999

Airplanes part2 is the only good song on the album,but I won't pay for the whole album for 1 good song,TONS and TONS and TONS of people agree.Make it a single,and you'll be richer than ever before.(NOT kidding!!!!!!!!!!


you should be able to buy airplanes 2 seperate. it is dumb that it is only available with the album. the other songs aren't even that good. i just wanted that song.

Boone Docks

It's a new sound to hip hop. And not the kind of "new" that the Black Eyed Peas "introduced". It's really great that this guy has been recognized by all these great guest artists.

drum stick

What is wrong with you iTunes? Airplanes part 2 is the best song on this album and you make it album only? What the he*l is that about have you read all of these reviews we want airplanes 2 by itself!!!! You could make a killing. And you guys are sickos for not doing that already.

Talia Braun

Its okay I love Airplanes and the others are decent.




Okay, how stupid is it that you can buy the bonus track alone, but not Airplanes???


selling the 'airplanes' version with eminem as an album only cut will backfire, for people like me who are completely unimpressed with the album, the move will be to NOT BUY at all, whoever thought about this marketing scheme does not do BoB nor itunes any favors..... enough said!

La Musiqe

There is something for every style in here, which, of course, means there's something for me. For dancers (me), Bet I. For other mainstream rap fans, Magic. For real rap fans (me), Past My Shades. For reggae fans (I think), Letters From Vietnam. For punk fans, Airplanes and Airplanes PT. 2 (screw you, iTunes. Album only? You'd actually make more money selling it separately). Okay, not really, but Paramore's in it, so, ya know. I'm not sure what genre Ghost In the Machine is, but I think that there are many people that would like it. I admit, however, that I don't really care for Nothin' On You or Don't Let Me Fall. They both sound really lazy and bad. "'cause we don't wanna be a TV episode'? Really? Not only is that dumb, but it doesn't flow with the rest of the lyrics at all. But I'm still not buying the album, and I would buy Airplanes PT. 2 if I could. And I don't believe in illegally downloading.

Hollywood sq.

this is hip hop, all thesses people neeed to dstop complaining over airplaines smh its a great album i gives him props

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