Green Day - Awesome As F**k (Live) [Deluxe Edition]

℗ 2011 Reprise Records

Awesome As F**k (Live) [Deluxe Edition] Tracklist:


There's a few people saying people dont know what they used to play... The album is about 60% 90s catalog. If you expected every song to be a pre Dookie deep cut then just leave. That beings said, i still hate most of American Idiot, 21st Century Breakdown and the numbers trilogy. And while its not heavy on any of them, its not very light either. At least the performance is better than bullet in a bible surprisingly. While not a fantastic performance they do in fact give their all on these songs sometimes to Bon Jovi levels of grandiosity. If you infallibly love this band, you'll love the album.


Green day is soooo much better live! No joke! My fave band! This freakin awesome!


I'm 9 and I'm Green Days number one fan I'm going to a concert in April take that


They are so wound up in their stupid concept album. People norally want to hear the fan favorites, not some crap off their new album that misses the point even farther than american idiot did. I dont enjoy many of their songs, but the ones i do need to be there or be replaced on the setlist by songs that are just as good.


It's hard to find a band that sounds the same, maybe even better than they do in the album. The songs on here are great and any Green Day fan should buy this!!!!

Penguin Fire

I've noticed A LOT of the critical reviews are because they put a lot of their older stuff on this disc instead of over played newer tracks such as Jesus of Suburbia. Don't get me wrong, its a good song, but to dislike the album simply because Green Day enjoys playing their old music is short - sighted and downright insulting to the rest of teh Green Day fanbase. OTHERWISE........... This live album lives up to its very fitting name.


Definitely a great purchase!


My opinion: just read the album title. I'm a die-hard fan, and I can't wait for ¡UNO! to cone out on September 25th!!!!


Does anyone else think Billie sounds like he has something in his mouth?


I luv greenday!! Any song of there's is awesome! I am 12 and I am a die hard greenday fan!!!!


I. Love. Green. Day. Nuff said


This cd is amazing but it wasn't recorded in Japan. It clearly tells you on the cd where each song was played live... Just saying... Anyways I love Green Day with every fiber ofmy being and everything they do is perfect! ♥


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double digit

This cd is great. I'm not a huge Green Day fan but this cd is really good. I bought American Idiot first then I didn't buy anymore Green Day till this one so I gave Green Day a shot on this cd and they did really well even live. I bought Linkin Park live so I thought Green Day would be good too. So if you like Green Day you should buy it.

super monkey ball fan

I Bet The Movie Is Better


man y cant there be a 10 star button saying it AWSOME AS ****??


I love green day. I absolutly LOVE them. there music has been such an inspration and, unlike most songs, all their songs have a meaning. You don't find that very much these days. I hate how people are saying crap about how you shouldn't rate this album good because their old stuff is better, e.t.c. I believe that all their stuff is awesome, no matter when it was made or what the sound is or from any album. i LOVE it all. So pleae, shut up with all of that. I will love Green day and always will. I hope they go on tour this year so I can see them. People say that their live stuff is awesome, and i'm gonna take their word. ;) Anyways, this album is AWESOME (just like every other album of theirs,) and I can't wait to hear new stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It truly is awesome as ****. Cigarettes and Valentines is the albums best song. The album "Cigarettes and Valentines" was set to be released in 2003, but the master tracks went missing. Instead of re-recording, the recorded "American Idiot." There. Now u can walk away with a little GD history.


This album was worth every penny! Completely awesome! I have had the pleasure of seeing Green Day twice live and each time I listen to this album it gives me the joy of reliving those concerts! This is a must have for any real Green Day fan!!!


Anyone who thinks this album is less than at least a 3 star isnt a true green day fan.better than any other album. i recomend this to any green day fan... or anyone beside that who likes music.


I Love Green day the best punk rock!!!


I love this album. But there is a point on the table. you can find the songs on other albums. But why fork out 123 bucks when you can get this dingle album that let me say is also live! So buy it!


This album absolutely captures the magic of a live show. I myself went across the pond and was present for the first two songs on the album. As I was picking up my tickets at Wembley, a man in his late 50s turned to me and said "feels good, doesn't it." "Pardon?" I replied. "Having those tickets in your hand. The best 3 concerts I've been to in my life are Led Zepplin, The Who, and Green Day". Since I never made it to the first two, Green Day wins! And every song on this album reminds me of that. If you don't believe me, when they tour near your town I'll buy you a ticket. You can pay me back after you realize it was the most amazing thing you'll ever see in your life.


Well now I know for sure that I must go to a Green Day concert at least once in my life because it sounds like a **** load of fun.


The people who say its bad are stupid best cd made better than other live CDs


I have every album Green Day has ever released and its a good feeling to see the track list on here, and know the words to every song. I also have BIAB and AAF in video and still haven't seen them live in person. They are the only band I really listen too on a normal basis and I'm pumped for what they are going to create in the feature!!!


Green Day at their best! A must have for any fan! Rock on!


This album is pretty good. Bullet in a Bible is better though, especially the video :p iTunes, where is the video part???

Thirteen Chords

Leave tracks 19 & 20 off the regular edition? ;_; Solid release nonetheless!


Cigarettes and valentines is good but I think green day is overrated.


Finally! We get to hear the title track of the "lost record" that was supposed to be released back in 2004, before American Idiot. For those of us old school fans, we have waited for a long time to hear anything about this album. I so hope they release it just for us, the fans, to hear. On another note, this is another ridiculously amazing release from one of the best bands ever.


This is probably personally almost better than bullet in a bible, but nothing is better than Bullet in a bible :P that was just the craziest concert i have ever watched :D


Very high quality sound for a live album.I love it!:)


Best live band ever they are amazing the title says it all awesome as f**k


It has a lot of great songs but I already had them. I actually accidently bought the entire album and am very mad about it because I am not that big of a fan


Auto tuned?? Really? Maybe he can actually sing well


i saw a concert on this tour (in buffalo) it was my first rock concert and it will always be my favorite. green day is my favorite band of all time!!!!

John rocks 10000

Green day is a cool band


I love Green Day! They're awesome! And absoluteley NO auto tune! Come in guys. We've loved them so long why not a little longer? <3333


This is the best album. Green Day rocks!


get it its truly Awesome as **** Im Suprised billie joe still sounds great

T Crisp

this record sounds really good for a live record because BILLIE JOE'S VOICE IS HECKA AUTO-TUNED. i would think it nice that they're acknowledging their lengthy back-catalog but the auto-tuning on songs like "who wrote holden caulfield" is actually really bumming me out. thanks for ruining some of my favorite songs of all time, guys. don't buy this. buy the studio albums 1990-2000 instead.

no talent fools

This is horrible music. The singer doesn't sound unique. Instrumental all sounds the same and simply boring.

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Only idiots are rating this album below 5 stars. This is a live album not a new album, they didn't put all the "classics" on this because they were already on bullet in a bible and yeah the F word is in the title get over it. Great Album!


I been a green day fan since 1994 and its good to see a nice selection of live songs finally, This album was made for me i think but i doubt it cause thats exactly what i said when they came out with rock band. I saw them in concert last year in new jersey and they played an awesome show too bad i got arrested by the law for representing their name, i was having a green day and i always will BUY THIS ALBUM PLEASE youll love it trust me.

never a fan

Why would anyone waste there money on this Green Day album? All the songs are old just like them.




this is AWSOME! I thought it wouldnt be so good because its live, but i regret ever saying that. ♥ gotta love green day (:


Awesome as f**k


will never disappoint me.. always been there for me growing up and is such a throwback to listen to, soo great.