Avenged Sevenfold - Diamonds in the Rough

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Diamonds in the Rough Tracklist:


I was reading over some of the reviews and had to shake my head. Artists rerelease their music all the time. I, for one, appreciate A7X all the way around! New songs, old songs, doesn’t matter. I just love being able to turn up the volume and enjoy great music! Music is life!


I was reading over some of the reviews and had to shake my head. Artists rerelease their music all the time. I, for one, appreciate A7X all the way around! New songs, old songs, doesn’t matter. I just love being able to turn up the volume and enjoy great music! Music is life!

foREVer 244

This album has been one of my favorites for a while and it’s finally released!!! Avenged Sevenfold never disappoints!

Kayli Squirrel

The more A7X, the better! Super happy they released all of this for us. Love the songs, perfection as usual. Got chills hearing the Rev.


Great filled their album with some old songs...😒


But this digital release is not. Repeated releases aside, this is a cool mix of several songs over the years of their amazing career spanning three drummers. Listening to The Rev vocals and overspeed drumming on "Crossroads" is a gem. It's nostalgic, raw, and unafraid. I mean, come on, who dares to take on Iron Maiden and Pantera if you don't have the chops to pull it off?


Black Sabbath "Paranoid," really? What kind of crap is this album? is this B-side, or effect of LSD? Unbelievable! Everything is garbage. Come on guys, we know you can do better...


Flash of the Blade with the Rev on backing vocals earns it a 5 star rating alone!


A bunch of solid songs to enjoy listening!


This is basically just a compilation of old songs for those who don’t know. It’s nice to have and I’m listening to a lot of these songs for the first time, and they’re great.


Beautiful album. I’ve been blasting it in my car almost everyday. One con I would say almost half of the album are repeated songs from the early 2009. Other than that I love it.


They use to be a metal band but couldn’t cut it. Even with a solid fan base they decided to sell out and go on the radio. Now there’re rich so who cares right? Real metal bands don’t care about being rich, they love to play. Avenged is just another boy band!


Keep it up!!!! The people who complain about the re-released music don't know how to write a review. The reviews are about the music itself.


I preordered this album and was excited to have it on my phone, but it just lists the songs as "purchased" and won't let me play or download them


It's discount Metallica

Like the title

Awesome! Just Awesome!!


Love this album


Obligatory 5 star for covering iron maiden

Highlord Stig

I see some people whining that this is a rereleased album. Waa waa waa. Don’t like it? Don’t pay for it. I’m always happy to have more from them, and as this is the only album I didn’t have yet I’m glad I have it now. The fact that it’s also from a time period of my favorite songs/albums is also a bonus. Great stuff, can’t wait for the next new material.

V8 Thrasher

I have this album, but the one that came with the DVD, so the songs were censored. I had no idea how to get the explicit versions minus pirating/Youtube. So when this was released I was so happy. Listening to these songs takes me down memory road, back to a time when A7X had balls. These may be covers/unreleased/b-sides, but they have more balls than the current A7X has.


Umm, notice to all people, but all of this music was released many years ago. I have owned all of these songs except for the new one and the “remakes.” This is NOT new music. This came out in 2008. Studios do this now where they just put a bunch of random songs together, add a couple of new ones then resell it.


Love it


I previously bought Diamonds in the Rough on CD and loved it just as much as any other album from A7X. Always wanted it digitally, and now it’s here! Don’t listen to the haters, I recommend the following tunes Demons Girl I Know Flash of the Blade Dancing Dead Set Me Free Honestly the whole album is amazing, but those ones are classics in my eyes Check this one out!


I don’t see how you can rate this bad? It’s clearly a b-side album and it’s amazing.


I can’t wait any longer!!


Have been waiting for this for years I’m so excited and set me free wow they killed it #die hard fan!


What an amazing song.

eli how

This single sounds absouloutly amazing a admire a7x for not being the Same in reality they are not a metal band so shut up they are a band with many genera


To anyone saying this is new music, please go pick up Diamonds In The Rough/Live In the LBC. You get this CR plus a DVD. Long story short, I love these songs.

c-freddy prince jr.

This isn't a review on diamonds in the rough . I'm just so pumped that theyre releasing it on iTunes!! I own the CD/DVD and love it and I'm so glad that more people have the chance to experience it! This just makes me miss the REV even more. I can't help but think of the possibilities if he were still with us today....Love Avenged Sevenfold still though. Ready for Matts voice to heal and see them on tour again!


Good thing I never bought the deluxe editions of their albums, I didn’t have these songs. Still waiting for a new album.

Ariana does it again!!!!

I’m so glad they are back!


i cant wait to hear this album. everything they release is truly amazing!


These guys have always been amazing so I don’t mind if they re-released this.

meet the monster

Awful just plain awful

At ky

Can’t wait to hear the rest!

Nyte Walker

I’m a little confused because I’ve owned a physical copy of this album for years. Why is it just now on iTunes? It’s still good though… obviously.




Haven’t toured in three years? Check. Haven’t been in the studio in five years? Check. Let’s push this album most didn’t hear about from over ten years ago with a single we didn’t feel was good enough to make it into Nightmare. A7X is running a serious risk of losing a BIG piece of their fan base. Love em. But am over the hiatus.


This album is ok. Their Iron Maiden cover is terrible though. Shadows should never attempt to sing a maiden song again after listening to that crap. Re releasing this album is dumb too. Released it on iTunes just because they recorded a few new tracks and people who listen to five finger death punch will buy it!!! Won’t waste my $ on this. Crossroads, demons and, girl I know are the only songs worth listening to on this record.

Jayy vines

I Remember This Record👍Nice Yeah


Diamonds in the Rough showed that Avenged B-sides even shine despite not making major albums. Set Me Free, the new single which was cut from Hail to the King, outshines many songs on the original HTTK release.


Well it’s about God [email protected]#n time! Why this wasn’t available on iTunes long ago🤷🏻‍♀️is the question🤔and straight up negligence on someone’s part. Phenomenal album!!!


Great musicians but all ASF songs sound the same.


This is an OLD released with the Live in Long Beach DVD + the same album they're trying to sell you now!!!

Name in progress

Remember how Warner Bros. tried to cough up one more album out of A7X before they left? An album to which the band themselves have said not to support? Well look who owns this record...Warner Bros. Don’t fall for this trap again. They are trying to squeeze every last penny out of nostalgic fans.


People are on here talking trash saying they need to go back to who they were... this album is literally from 2008🤦🏼‍♂️ they just never released it to streaming services. You’re obviously not a real fan and need to check your facts, go back to your boy bands and let the real fans enjoy this long awaited release.




One of my favorite *albums* of theirs, so underrated and glad they’re giving Diamonds standalone release/re-release, definitely needed it imo - along with Live in LBC! Wish they’d give them physical releases though.