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Great album!


Yes, I said it, this is my favorite A7X album. There is something about this album that I really love. I'll rate each song. Critical Acclaim: I love the lyrics of this song and the message it has. I was also really happy that Rev sang the chorus. 9.5/10. Almost Easy: One of the most exciting songs on this album. It's awesome! 9/10. Scream: The vocals are great in this song. To me, this song is a little slow. But awesome nonetheless. 9/10. Afterlife: My first A7X song. This song is amazing! The instrumental is epic and the lyrics and vocals are great! 9.5/10. Gunslinger: Pretty much the same reasons I loved Afterlife. 9.5/10 Unbound: Really epic instrumental. The feel of the song is cool, as well. 9/10 Brompton Cocktail: Some of the best lyrics on this album. It sounds awesome! 9/10 Lost: The instrumental reminds me of the earlier songs on this album. Really epic as well. 9/10 A Little Piece of Heaven: This song is AMAZING! The orchestra is great and the vocals are the best on this album! 10/10. Dear God: Amazing lyrics and vocals. It may be a little too slow, but it's great nonetheless. 9/10. Overall this is my favorite A7X album. I recommend it.


Just awsome

Jesse .G

I think it falled with a little piece of heaven but I think critical acclaim is one of the best clean lyrics as well as nightmare on itunes.

Christian Metalhead\m/

Wait guys, in a minute he'll be back and he will be the knife master.

AS abreviation of band

Song is good because of scream and almost easy

A7X is sam's favorite band

its amazing but shadows sounds like a country singer sometimes (i would recomend buying)

Zach Farrell

Dear God is my favorite A7X song. Ever, ever, ever! Just sayin...

Zoola :P

Best song is Afterlife. :)


Love the songs except didn't know this was the clean version.. Wish there something that said that...


One of the only albums where I like all the songs! (The rev did not die... God just needed drum lessons)

COD:BOZ Player

Ya know how I said "Almost Easy" was my fav a7x song on this album.... Yeaaahhh... this is my new fav a7x song EVER!!!! (awww yeah, Amended Version!!)


I love listening to Avx. This is the album of Avx that I heard for first time. I admitted that I was not keen on such music and it was not my taste. But listening it more & more, I eventually like it. Then the band becomes my favorite. Actually they are the best for me. And I started collecting their albums (Sounding the seventh trumpet, Waking the fallen, City of evil and Nightmare). They are so GREAT. Because of them I begin to listen Bullet for my valentine, Breaking Benjamin, Slipknot, Korn, SOAD, Metallica and many hardcore rocks!!! Thanks!!!


A7x is always going to be my favorite band!


All the Avenged Sevenfold Albums are Great especially This One!! A Little Piece Of Heaven is my Jam All the Time!!

Monster bulldog

Avenged sevenfold is beast!


Download the whole album! This band is just the best ever!!!!!!!! The "Nightmare" album is also fantastic!!!!!!

Matt my name iz

love this album and even my mom loves it little piece of heaven is my favorite foREVer <3

Bryce baker

All of u guys do know this is the clean version right?

Grand Admiral Chewie

Not as heavy as the earlier stuff, but still pretty good. Some of the tracks are bland and uninspired, but this cd still has some great songs. Critical Acclaim, Almost Easy, Afterlife, and Gunslinger are all worth buying.


Avenged Sevenfold is my favorite band. Every song rules.

Z masta

I think this is an amazing album! Especially Afterlife.

Step it up fan1

In my opinion this was their best album. Perfect balance of solos, screams, and vocals.Love it


I listen to a lot of avenged sevenfold, even StST, but i wouldn't call myself a fan because at least half of the a7x song that I like are on this album. It's just that awesome. It's got a very groove metal sound that reminds me of bands like Pantera and Lamb of God. Dear God has one of the awesomest guitar outros known to man and the solo to Afterlife is simply insane. This is definitely a guitar album and syn really shines on it. my only complaint is that the clean version of Critical Acclaim cuts out half the lyrics.


no comment GREAT


This album is probably one of my favorite collaborations of music, due to the variety. The fan favorite song "Afterlife" is never the less, an amazing song. My personal favorite song has to be "Dear god" because of its amazing acoustics and country-like style. This album is a 10/10, and I can bet most of you agree.


I like "almost easy" the most.!rest in peace "REV",rest in peace.

Jamaica is Coming

Whoever the hell said to erase A Little Piece of Heaven is an idiot. It's an eight minute masterpiece written by The Rev (R.I.P.) and simply makes an excellent album even better. I personally don't understand why people say this is one of A7X's weaker albums. Songs like Scream, Almost Easy, Afterlife, Lost, and A Little Piece of Heaven deserve more recognition.


This band is crap.


definately not their best. its a shame when you listen to Waking The Fallen (their best album) and see how they have really given up on the kind of music that the band was started on in the first place. hopefuly nightmare returns to that and gives all these pop-listeners nightmares


Best ablum

the almight ratman

has anybody noticed how a7x has a logo thats preety much the same as over kill's?


Can anyone tell me in the amended version of a little piece of heaven If they just blank out the bad words or replace them with something less bad? if you can tell me in a different reveiw that would be great. Ty R.I.P the rev... will miss you

metallica maniac55

Critical Acclaim: 8/10... Pretty good, gets boring listening to after a while and the talking part definetely gets annoying Almost Easy: 10/10... Great song. If ur looking for just a few songs by A7x, get this, Afterlife, and Beast and the Harlot. Scream: 10/10... Ooooh!! U know I make you wanna SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Afterlife: 9/10... nothin much to say except great song Gunslinger: 8/10... Good song. Pretty sad, too. Unbound (the wild ride): 7/10... don't really now what to say. The vocals pretty much hold it together. Brompton Cocktail: 7/10... It's okay. Like Critical Acclaim, it gets a little old. Kinda borin. Lost: 8/10... REALLY good song. I like the meaning too. A Little Piece of Heaven: 10/10... Cause I'm stuck up in a piece of heaven while you burn in hell no piece forever..... self explanatory. Dear God: 10/10: It gets old after a while but it's get a great meaning and vocals. Great album. It's worth ten bucks or however much they charge for it.


Awesome track, Gunslinger was amazing after getting used to it, and Afterlife, and Brompton cocktail are great as well. All the other songs were solid.


Wow, i just started litening and this is great. I heard a few of there more metal songs an even though this is a little less metal than other alboms i think it is definentley think it is the same great avenged sevenfold sound. If you cant find any other music get avenged sevenfold,man!


This band is the best i've heard of in a long time, at first i heard of almost easy, it was on rockband 2, and i was like, huh? i wonder what this band could really accomplish. then i heard afterlife...BEST FREAKING RIDIONCULOUS SONG I'VE HEARD IN MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE! i love this song, i listen to it every day aamof! and it's like my day to day song, i luvvvvv it


id have to say that this is not there very best album but it still has two of my favorite songs in it. by the way R.I.P Rev. 1. Beast and the Harlot 2. Almost Easy 3. Bat Country


Let me start with saying: lost is the best song ever! The best song by the best band! But its not all phenominal. A Little Piece of Heaven! If you buy this album erase this song! They may be the best band but that was the worst song i've ever heared. I would also recommend any other avenged sevenfold album except sounding the seventh trumpet. Streets is an exception. And let me end with "The REV" their drummer recently past away. We'll all miss you Jimmy. The band will never be the same.


I didn't like, or even know who A7X was until a few weeks ago, but this is one of the greatst albums of all time! Here is the rundown of the songs I've listened to. Critical Acclaim: 4/5 good song, haven't heard it too much yet. Almost Easy: 3/5 good at the beginning, but gets sort of boring. Scream: 4.5/5 great song, but not my fav. Great choice to get though. Afterlife: 5/5 greatest song on the album. Pure greatness. Gunslinger: 3/5 good but not the best. Unbound: 3/5 same as gunslinger.


I liked City of Evil more though. But still, these guys are trying different things. Stop beings critics. They arent emo. Besides, have some respect. Their drummer died. R.I.P Jimmy.

tesla fan

i feel this album is their best i got it when it first came out and i still never get tired of it the songs on this album are rlly good and have good insturmental and m.shadows rlly has a good voice on afterlife which is my fav song on the album! R.I.P the rev

James Pappa P.

Like all of their other albums, a great work of art..but this is for something more. I would like to tell rev, rest in peace. He did good,and nobody can replace his drumming


RIP Rev. Avenged Sevenfold will never be the same.

ZZ Bottom 13

his druming ability is heavenly and his vocals are something to nod ur head at. Such a sad day for A7X fans everywhere.

Knott Head

these are all some of my favorite songs.lost afterlife critical acclaim.anyone and everyone can find something they will like in this album.this is how it's done!


i love avenged sevenfold, and i am saddly broken to hear that the the drummer has past away at age 28.. such a young age to pass. but hopefully it wasnt a painful death. and may he rest in peace.


I love a little piece of heaven, and i think the music video for it is just awesome, BTW, i this like a clean version of everything? idk, but i LOVE it!!!!!!!!!


This is like, the most coolest A7X cd ever! it has good music with a dark sense of humor (Check Little Piece Of Heaven)

led zepplin rocks

almost easy is the best