Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother

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Wow, what a fantastic album to own! Very diverse and creative!!!


This is one of the best Pink Floyd albums. Too bad it’s not talked about enough.

Crazy mix up

This album is totally underrated, this is defently one of there many great albums!!


When I first heard this, I discovered a new side of Pink Floyd. I had always known the 70' progressive rock Pink Floyd. But then I found the psychedelic side. David Gilmour's solo in 'Fat Old Sun' is one of his greatest solos yet. Wish this album was not so overlooked. Buy the whole thing! Trust me, it's worth it.


Although I gave the 3 non-instrumental tracks on the album (If, Summer '68, and Fat Old Sun) 5 stars and the title track 3 stars (and Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast 4 stars, even though the eating parts are gross), all of the songs are very well done and a great example of a band still developing it's sound. Even my dad liked it after really listening to it a lot (and he doesn't normally like the band's earlier music) However, if you're looking for something like "Dark Side Of The Moon", this is definitely NOT it.

Hbk jr

This album tends to get lost in Pink Floyd's AMAZING catalog! not many people are familiar with this one. totally missing out on this gen!


Not like any other Pink Floyd. Very musical, long songs that develop like a classical piece but still recognizable as rock music. My entry point was Summer '68, heard twenty years ago, but I'm really glad I decided to finally buy the whole album. If you don't buy the album just get Summer '68 anyway. It's like nothing else. In a good way.


Animals’ less predictable big sister who always gets shoved to the back of the family photos. This is my favorite Pink Floyd album, but it probably isn’t for everyone.

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