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This is really good oh and these people can shut up about programmed drums even if it is it’s still good Danny does sound like a smoker but he is still a good sister so all y’all people SHUT UP!


I bought this album and now I can’t listen to it... it’s saying it’s unavailable in my region or country shouldn’t I get my money back for an album that won’t work

Stormy Sevens

Haven’t been able to stop listening to it since it dropped ✨


I personally enjoy music that I can understand the lyrics when being played and am not a fan of whole albums/songs being nothing but growling and screaming. Into the Fire and Rise Up fit the bill for me. AA keeps making songs like this, am a fan for life!

brady r creasy

Lots of the songs are amazing most of the reviews are by close minded people but I’ve had an open mind on this album songs like alone in a room and into the fire are the kickass style music and then you got songs like hopelessly hopeful which is really good the only song I really didn’t like was vultures but that’s just me anyways that’s my honest opinion on this record


Great !


I miss their old albums like Stand Up And Scream and reckless and relentless but still good kind of like the new sound but needs less electronic


I wish I could this album negative stars. Metal bands always use the excuse of “evolution” as a way to move on from metalcore but we all know hey just “evolve” for the money. I didn’t know evolution meant being uncreative. This is a total generic album meant to get on the radio. It isn’t asking Alexandria anymore. If I were to listen to this album without anyone being told who it was, I would think it was another band. This album is a disgrace. Absolute garbage.


Love the album


I literally love every song on this album 🖤My favorite is Under Denver!!


nothing negative to say. I love this album. that is all




Not like their older stuff but that’s definitely not a bad thing! This has to be my favorite album AA has released yet.


After hearing each song, I really liked all the songs that have 2 and up popularity for this album on iTunes. Knowing Danny re-join was a big morale boost to AA. But I don’t really care for the songs with only +1 in popularity. I’m in the minority speaking here because I really loved The Black. Just raw emotion, noticeable pain and very powerful, it was beautiful. I prefer that album over hearing this easily. But with Danny as the singer, this is their best album out of the 4 (stand up, reckless & from death/destiny). I know everyone’s opinions will vary, My favorite was The Black with Denis, but this is my 2nd fav AA Album... but that’s just how I feel. #WelcomeBackDanny :D


I love this album and every song is amazing.

Buz wuz

They used to be metalcore now they’re rock with a pop sound. Plus they also sound terrible live now.


Only reason I gave it two stars is because it’s Asking Alexandria. I miss the stand up and scream era. And unfortunately they lost it. It saddens me to say it but they are just an average rock band now. Bring the old stuff back! Stand up and scream was literally, in my opinion, the greatest hardcore album of that time.


This is the epitome of what's wrong with music today - copy and pasted computer music with no soul.


Step down Danny. I won’t be buying this album


But I dig this sound change to no end!!!


I absolutely love this album. Danny is back and better than ever. Love love love it!!!


I own the complete collection prior to this album. Im not having it...


Best album they have done so far


Stand Up and Scream and Reckless and Relentless were two albums I play over and over for months and they never got old. I still listen to those albums here and there and love them the same. From Death to Destiny had me concerned as to the direction of sound they were going. With The Black and a new vocalist, it had some new elements but a lot of the songs still had the edge to them that made the first two albums had, so I listened to the album a lot despite mixed responses from fans. When Danny came back, I thought cool - but this could either be a good thing or a bad one. Unfortunately, it turned out to be the last. (Reminds me of what happened to BMTH) I purchased the album and listened to it a few times then put it away thinking 'I'm all set." I'm a pretty forgiving fan though, so maybe next time???


Just another pop rock radio band now...


oh, I love this album so much. Finally getting to see them in September for the first time ever; I may be crying in the pit. 😂

Nothing more 00

Theory of a Deadman already exists. This band has become Pop Rock with each album that passes. The Destinys child chorus is awful. Lame.


So, you guys have the new Asking Alexandria album under recent releases, I mean, I’m not complaining, because it’s a great album, but still it’s not new my friends, but all the same it kids fantastic!


I’m going to be honest. This is not a good record by AA standards. It feels like they hardly tried. As disappointing as a flat soda. It suffices for some, and is music by its own warrant, but is a letdown for many of the long-term, committed fans. What made AA the band it was is no longer present. Danny’s musical identity crisis and the rest of the band’s lack of passion both bled through to this record. They’ve gradually gotten worse since their debut.


I heard them on sxm Octane and they also broadcasted their set from Carolina Rebellion and I am a new fan!! 🤘🏻🎶


I had high expectations for this album. I mean, with Danny back why wouldn’t they make a killer album. But I’m saddened to say I am not impressed. Don’t get me wrong I do like “Alone in a room” and “Eve” sounds like it could have been a killer song. “Empire” is a joke 👎🏻. I guess i’ll just stick to their older stuff.


This isn’t Alexandria


Welcome Danny. Great album and a step out of their shell I love it!


Glad to have Danny back


AA has a been a monolith in the metalcore scene. Huge from the start amassing fans to sellout concerts even from there early days pioneering the quintessential sound of the subgenre. Sure, it was good, but I believe this album is a step above the rest. Danny's voice has lost its youthfulness but has been replaced by a gruff tone that utters truthful lyrics in subtle beauty. The screams of his past have faded but are replaced by the rough yells of a man who has learned a few things. This album is magnificent, and is there best work personally. Maturity at its finest...


Last singer was 10x. Danny can’t hold a note. Struggles to get through a song.

i KNoW iTZ ReaL

Striving for mediocrity


Asking Alexandria has matured so much since their first album. Every song they come out with is just absolutely perfect, and this album is so exception.


At first I was disappointed, not what I expected at all. After a few listens through the album, I’m loving it. Also, just saw them in concert last night, the new album is even better live. They still got it and are still my favorite band.


FFTD amazing than this Danny I understand you want to change your style but come on. This is soft core rock Nickelback plays heavier. I’m glad people that just know about them like it because old school fans hate this trash.


Love this album!


I was trying to listen to Asking Alexandria, but all I got was an album of crybaby homosexual vegans trying to be heard. Weird.


This is their best album yet. Their new style of rock will continue their careers successfully and bring in more fans. The scream era they had in my opinion showed their age. Their new style shows more quality in writing and playing. If people are upset this is no longer AA then they need to grow up themselves. The band did. Why can’t you?!

Stan 9987654762

I was told that if you bought the actual album there was a bonus hidden track, Explicit, on the album. I bought the album and the only hidden track was Into the Fire (radio edit). Pretty disappointed.


First go around I was so/so on this album. Saw them live and play some of the new music and was blown away. This has grown on my and is now one of my favorite albums. Diverse album and loving it!

H A R R Y 245

Not there best work but i enjoy it and i do with shey would do more heavy stuff but im glad Danny is back all and all not a bad album.


Honestly one of the greatest albums of the year it’s different yes I’ve followed them since day one and it’s great to see them grow and change from being teenagers to adults with kids can’t wait for the new music videos!


I’m sorry but if you were a fan of AA in the beginning there is almost no way you can like this. The lyrics are bland, composure of the songs are very generic and vocals are nowhere near what they used to be. I’m not talking about screams and only screams neither it’s the clean vocals that are immensely different than that they produced before. I had hope when the black came out because it was different yet still having pieces of their roots showing. This is just music to make money, which good for them let them be successful but I won’t be purchasing this album.

All of Pittsburgh

It’s different. But it has meaning and it has heart.