Ashley McBryde - Jalopies & Expensive Guitars

℗ 2016 Road Life Records

Jalopies & Expensive Guitars Tracklist:


Hey Ashley! Just wanted to tell you that your music is amazing and so heartfelt! My Dad just passed away on New Years Eve from cancer. He was only 61. With being Dads baby girl & him being my hero, I am having such a hard time coping and understanding...I feel comfort, hurt and pain when I hear “a bible and a .44” thank you for singing this song. I find my Dad in almost every word that was written. ❤️🙏


This is probably the best album I’ve seen in a long time, I don’t even like country that much, but this..

filipina princess

She is sensational !! I seen her live and god her voice left me speechless


🤠 awesome music


My husband & I met Ashley last night in a social setting. I had no clue of her talents at the time.After visiting she told us that she is an artist so we downloaded some of her songs and checked out her YouTube and We are so impressed! Ashley you are a down home cool chick who's voice is now stuck in my soul! Thank you for being you! I can't wait to watch your future unfold! Hope you tour in Baton Rouge so we can see you perform! Cheers 🥃 Jamie & Nicolas


I predict she will win CMA's new country artist of the year in 2018! My fav song is "Bible & A 44".

Ashley McBryde Fan for sure!

What a breath of fresh air! Love this girl's music. Saw her live, she is so much fun, such an entertainer! She will go far!


Great sound. Love her music!! Song for our little love story, "lookin for a buzz." Hope she visits Dallas soon!

BW Design Works

I heard about Ashley through an Eric Church concert. Had to look her up and when I did I was blown away at how talented this girl is. She has that down home country feel and can tell a story with the best of them. Grab her stuff and a cold one, sit back and enjoy!


She sounds even better live! If you get the chance to see her play, GO!

lost in north west GA

More... give us more!!


Great music!


Had never heard of her until I saw her open for wynonna in hiawassee GA, I was instantly a fan!! This girl has such an amazing voice and stage presence!! I was so excited when I heard her on XM Radio. I can't wait for more!!

Junkyard Wonder

Raw and real. Simply fantastic.


What?! She writes her own songs?! She drinks real whiskey even if cameras aren't watching? She's spent 10 years driving all over the south in a pickup truck playing in bars?!?! Holy crap is this an actual real life country artist?!?! Yes. Yes it is. And you can tell.


Great Album and Great Live!!!


Excellent, bro/luv my truck country crap here. Nashville take notice! Just a few acts ever stand out. Ashley McBryde is the real deal. There's hope for country music with this girl.


Outstanding voice


Finally some country music that tells a story! She is even better live! I recommend keeping up with her schedule and see a show when she is close! She's about to be HUGE!!!!


Amazing singer and writer!! Great artist who never forgets where she came from. So proud and excited to hear your new music


Got the pleasure to watch her open for Chris Stapleton. Country music needs more female artists like her!

Devils Reject 9

Just saw her open for Willie Nelson in Salina, KS. She put on an AMAZING show. Great songs and stories behind the music.


This girl has it. The right amount of country and fire!


Great Singer Songwriter!


Jalopies and Expensive Guitars is already one of my all-time faves! If you love expertly-crafted lyrics, beautiful melodies and an amazing voice (um, who doesn’t), then you will LOVE this album. It takes me on a journey. 'What if We Don’t' makes me cry, 'Fat and Famous' makes me laugh, 'Better on the Water' makes me dance..."

Drew Toler

1,354 seconds of chill bumps!


Love this girl!! She has worked so hard to get here for so long and Bardstown people love her!! Now I'm hoping with this new album and track #6 being my favorite the rest of the world will also soon know!!


You rock woman! Love this record and all you do


For all of you who love music and are looking for something new and fresh- Please treat yourself and buy this album! Ashley's captivating voice, creative lyric content, and catchy melodies will have you playing this on repeat for days! (It did me!!!)


This album has been on repeat all day! Ashley's voice is amazing and her songwriting is fabulous!


Girl has the voice that sinner needs on Sunday morning!!!


Love love the new CD!!!! Keep up the good work!


Love this album!! It's the next best thing to seeing Ashley perform live! Her voice and the lyrics blend perfectly and make you want to sing along, on the water and anywhere else!!

Zou zou bee

I love my Aunt Ashley's music!❤️


I don't like country! I guess I can't say that anymore, cause I love her and this album!


Ashley is one hell of a storyteller. Every track on this EP is magic. Her songs make you FEEL and we need more of that in music today. What a talent. Anyone blessed enough to call her a friend is a lucky S.O.B.


Love the songs. Great quality and sound. This needs to be heard everywhere!


Such talent. Each song draws you in with such passion and emotion. Totally blown away!!


Love listening to you sing!!


You will want to listen to it again and again!


I have this album on repeat in my car right now. Ashley is such a talented writer, musician, and vocalist. I love every song on the album! I wish I could give it 10 stars!


This is music sourced in the thousands of miles travelled to and from small town bar shows and the lessons learned from those who gather around...the only kind worth listening to if you ask me.


Best production and sound quality to date! Amazing songs that just make you want to sing along every time! A must have album!!!


Get ready for summer! Better on The Water is sure to be your new summertime anthem!


This rocks!

West Monroe Girl

Finally a record with soul! This girl knows how to tell a story! I can't stop listening - I want more!


Wow, so refreshing to hear real country music. You can hear in her voice that this is her life not just a song that is being sung! Bible and a .44 is pure gold!


Amazing album!!! Look out Nashville real country music is coming back, and I'm ready... "What if we don't" is a hot track to keep your eye one.

Chelsea sheffield

Love her music. She is so authentic and brings a new meaning to country. Buy this album and you will not be disappointed!


In an era where so much of country music is nothing more than watered down garbage, this music speaks for itself. Can't wait to see what the future holds, but in the meantime, this is a rock solid start.