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Haters you can kill yourselves


Awesomeness at its finest ☮️


OK it’s not the best album by prince but it’s horrible it’s not prince feels like one of those new singers I like the original prince better


See Above


It isn't a great album, but it's still super lit lit lit!


every album Prince releases is different, u cannot critic his albums by comparing to the last albums, take it for what it is and really listen to it. let the sound of the instruments and the lyrics flow. this album is amazing. way back home has messages that goes deep. listen to the entire album with a clear mind. thank you Prince for blessing us with tour talents. i miss u, we miss u. there can only be one purple one....U.

Angel's Wicked Truth

Before you decide just to purchase one song listen to the rest. They're absolutely fabulous. Our favorite musical genius did it again! There is no way to choose just one song to be your favorite on this album.

Speak Knowledge

This album is everything. I'm so glad he continued to show his growth. As much as I love his 80's music, I am all grown up now. He said himself that he lived his life in the present moment. I will still rock out to 80's and 90's Prince songs, but to not expect Prince to evolve like he did is just silly. No one should want to continuously relive the past because that means wasting time in the here and now. Kudos to Prince for always standing on his own and being a musical genius regardless of whether or not his albums topped the charts.

didnt know it was explicit

just dont like it.


Doves are crying, by your departure from Us.. Thank- you Prince for coming in my In 1978.. Rest Peacefully 🕊💜👑

Hector V. The One

Prince you will be missed.Hector V.


Please add Eye Hate U!!! It's from the Gold Album. I can't find the song anywhere!!!


My fav Prince album in a LONG time, and could possibly be one of my favs from him, ever. The album is concise and maintains the artist’s vision from start to finish. This Could B Us is classic Prince. Clouds, The Gold Standard, the title track and Time are all worthy of attention.


U r back WOW luv this cd


Listening to my playlist of this album mixed with HITNRUN, and it sounds better and better each time I play it. Best Prince in decades! Highly Recommended!

Saleh World

What a beautiful album .. after all he is Prince 😍


Amazing and pure genius. I love this album. "You could never underestimate the power of a kiss on her neck when she doesn't expect/ a kiss on her neck/ when she doesn't expect…. When life's a stage, in this brand new age How do we engage?"


Tracks 10, 11 & 12 make this album worthwhile. The rest is a messy, mixed bag of slick ballads & processed funk that sounds like leftover cuts from 1996's Emancipation dud. Prince ruins the dramatic ballad "Breakdown" by using his cheesy, dated, toy piano sound, instead of a real piano. 80's Prince would've killed this song with a real piano & could've brought it up to the level of "The Beautiful Ones". But Prince is Prince & he seems stuck in his own world, regurgitating his old sounds but with the cheesy gloss of a Vegas lounge band. Prince's recording style (during his prime) was raw, rough, under-polished, & minimalistically funky. As a long-time fan & collector, I long for Prince to return to that level of genius & innovation. Here, we only get to see a few glimmers of that Prince. Closing ballad "Time" is as close to Sign O' the Times-era Prince as we've gotten in 20 years.


Love Prince, have loved his stuff since I first heard 1999 way back in the day, and haven’t missed an album since. Many of these tracks are excellent! A couple won’t ever be on my “gotta hear” list, but far more hits than misses on this. I could listen to Way Back Home all day long!

B.O.B Luke Dillion Job SR.

I like some of his Prince's music. he is very talented but what even happened.? Prince had masterpiece songs like "When Doves Cry", "Purple Rain" & "1999", etc. but this is so unrecognizable. the voice sounds autotuned up the wazoo. No wonder this album wasn't talked about in 2014... Prince a 7-time Grammy winner.? this album makes that hard to believe as for he's a talented man.


Prince's music forever and always keeps me happy, motivated, smiling, dancing and feeling love. I love all the CDs, all his songs, Along with the CD too! Keep making brilliant music!! I love you Prince Rogers Nelson!


He will be 4ever! He evolves with every album he puts out.

Sis. JMarieJohnson

I am loving this album and telling everyone I know that they need to get this! I am a way back fan. I definitely love the music, as I always have; but as a Sister I really appreciate the biblical word play in your lyrics. It's the cherry on top for me. Looking forward to the next piece of art. 😊

Anonymous 1onE

Very underrated album! No radio play is unjust. Prince we like ya new stuff too man gotta bang it at the concerts also. Do U it's what makes U Unique.

Mastermind DC

I've always liked that prince is a great musician that can adapt to the times and generation that he can still be himself in the music with his funky style but mix it with the culture of music in this new age arrangements on point soothing and relaxing feel to the album

Rodny Riley

Thank you Prince for another complete masterpiece of an Album!


The 3rd-EYE on Prince's glasses is for true lovers of music of the Genius status, for example: Mzart, Beethoven, ....time.............The Beatles, the Rolling Stones...Bob Marley...etc. The other 2-eyes are for normal viewing. Prince is like the oceans, the seas and the clouds. We all play a part in life, but if Prince was not around; we all would be that more thirsty for the lack of him. I say, anchor yourself in the past but open your mind to the possible future. For now we have prince and he is a force of music to be reckon with. ENJOY.


how can i say it.. i am a longtime fan and so it hurts to write that.. i cannot feel the vibe of the pre 90`s songs. he is living in his own world and influenced by his own world. how come? he is just not faced with the truth, no real critics. the first track i really put to the garbage. it is impossible to listen to. the rest is so boring after listen to the album more than two times i can`t go any further. everything seems to be so overloaded but yet heard many times before. remember the style change from purple rain soundtrack to around the world in a day… crazy wasn`it? Now just air…nothing more. please come back!


Prince has done it once again. Amazing album!!!


Prince.... True music royalty and without question a musical genius who is near unmatched. I do miss the sound of the 70s, 80s and 90s..... But I've stayed on this wild and interesting musical journey and have no plans to de board the train.... I only request we - your truest of fans get treated to some of that OLD SCHOOL PRINCE that got us all hooked on this musical drug of yours....


Whimsical and light touch, but actually very serious music. He is the genius. Prince is genius forever.


Prince has it and you know it…


Any fan listen to say, not the go to classic albums, but those overlooked ones like Graffiti Bridge for example? Gone is the atmosphere, the care of instrumentation choices, the colors, original ideas and trail blazing in terms of rocking you to the core. The compelling quality of Prince’s songwriting is only barely captured in ‘Time’. It’s slightly on the “Forever In My Life’ but still lacks something. The Gold Standard, that doesn’t make me make the “Funk Face” it makes me grimace in an ‘Oh-No-Face’. The Gold Standard is really based on “The Latest Fashion”, hence my reference to GB. I mean, can’t you tell?! If you’re a real Prince fan, not one of those, oh ‘he’s a genius _#@)@+_ greatest awesomenesst of them all fan, but a real fan that truly knows his music, you would of caught that. It’s awful. I’m sorry Prince …it is man… And how about YOU, I mean ‘U’ program the ORIGINAL LM-1, and not let that other guy touch a sampler… and even get on the real Studio A Neve board and produce and record some great music for crying out loud!!! Not this Pro Tools with a Laptop and MPC stuff. Get on the drums and use that studio reverberation! Give it oomph, a pocket, drama, compelling sound you used to do! You still have Paisley Park!! I love you man, but although there are hints of greatness hidden in several, at times your songs still come off as “Prince copying Prince”, much like on MPLSound and 2OTAN… your voice is still great, but it’s too breathy and too much inflection, go back to that wonderful style of straight singing from the heart, passionate phrasing ala ‘Grand Progression’, “Another Lonely Christmas’, ‘Free’, ‘Love U In Me’, ‘Still Would Stand All Time’. Anyway, I’ll give AOA a try, you haven’t looked this great in years, I LOVE your new style, it’s like a continuation of The Gold Experience era! I don’t care what anyone says, your AFRO IS FABULOUS! And your style is strange, odd, outside of the norm, all that made you a stand out back in the day. Good luck in 2015, find your way back home, you’re close!


I have Two words and two words only to describe Mister Prince. Musical. Genius!


I've been listening to this along with a lot of other music, old and new, and it stands on its own. Prince is a grandmaster in music and while it doesn't push any envelopes musically, it holds its own and is greatly enjoyable. The tracks are dope, and the drums are knocking. Very good album.


Definitely best album in a long while. Deserves much more rave reviews and attention than it seems to have gotten this year. One of the years best albums. Wide range of funk, R&B and slow sexy ballads. Even the interludes are interesting which normally I don't like.

Sweet Lo

To these so called grown up fans who still live in the past and hasn't grown musically, like Prince has, just better drop this cd and others like it and go back listen to what was in the 70's, 80's, & 90's. Like "Dirty Mind", "1999", "Purple Rain", & "Diamonds & Pearls". Don't get me wrong, I love my old school just as much as the next person. But I'm now in my 40's and my musical taste have grown and matured a bit. Just like Prince's has. And this work is definitely not the kid stuff. Songs like "Gold Standard" & "Funknroll" just wants you to dance and lose your mind while "Time", "Clouds", and "Breakfast can wait" just makes you cuddle up with that special one and get real close. Prince is not the naughty boy like he used to be true nuff. But he still gives you that guilty pleasure in a gentle and sweet way. I'm already looking for the follow-up. Good job P!

Knew Approach Productions

My Purple Brother You never cease to amaze me with your musicology!!!!


Prince will always be my favorite artist but he has become a con artist, pushing this sub par filler on his fans which the initial splash and hype of Prince returns yet again, and of course his stage work is better than ever. He sells these songs live because he is the best on stage there is….but when that glow subsides and you grow tired of imbuing these songs with more than is there….you feel jipped yet again. I don't buy his music anymore nor have I since 2 releases from 96 and 97, "The Most Beautiful Girl" and "Holy River off that dismal Emancipation album. That was back when I gave all his stuff the benefit of the doubt and even bought the albums JUST to hear them. Prince writes jams now. Little did dies; sketches for what could maybe be great songs and he christens them finished. He owes his fans for ripping them off the past 20 years -the great irony with his fight against the record industry and internet!

Lyons space

You have to be a true fan of Prince to see the evolution of one of the most creative artists we have seen in our time to know you are hearing greatness at work. From the gumbo groove of FunkNRoll"to the chill of "Time" expressing his feelings to the woman he wants to be with. Prince covers all categories of music as well as breaking some so called rules along the way. Don't listen to this album if you don't have time to absorb it. I think it's his best in over 15 years.


Most of the songs are very “Prince”. The amazing, familiar, funky sound who has been delighting us for 3 decades but only a couple of the tracks are worthy of “that Prince”… I love Prince since I can remember but you don’t become a Legend with albums like this one. Sorry.

Always been since 1978

And the Genius get even Greater!!! I expected nothing less as always. You can"t stop, define, or defy his greatness.

vanilia ice

i like prince but this is just….bad

Kym B

I can dig it... Nice Record!!!


On this album Prince sounds like he's channeling Kevin Barnes even more than Kevin Barnes has been influenced by him in the past! At least on the first few cuts. I keep wanting the music, as well executed as it is, to break out from Prince's mastery of musical history. As it is, a lot of it sounds a bit canned and overly premeditated. Oh well. Still a good album.


His Royal Purple Highness never disappoints! 🙌🙌🙌 I'm loving this newest work of art! *listens on repeat* 😍


I have Love this Man, from way back, when I first saw him! And his music is unmatched, untouched,& this Album Touches that!! The Very Best of the Best!! 💜💜💜💜!!👍👍👍!!


I have been listening/singing to Prince since I made my Aunt sing "I wanna be ur lover" when I was four years old...the one thing you can count on from him is his artistry. He's never written songs for them to be 'hits' he writes and sings what he feels. And if people don't get it, go back to your generic music with that 'hook' your looking for. There's more to him, and music than being in the top twenty...he's been around too long, a musical genius, and has a loyal fan base, he can do what he wants! And those of us who get it are the lucky ones...


A musical genius! His Expertise and craftsmanship is in full bloom on this album. Every cut tells the Truth. Brilliantly composed I really can’t stop listening to it. Think you Prince and Keep on Jamming because ‘This Is What It Feels Like’.

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