Prince & The Revolution - Around the World In a Day

℗ 1985 NPG Records, Inc. under exclusive license to Warner Records Inc.

Around the World In a Day Tracklist:


I had this alum as a kid and because of it Raspberry Beret was and is my favorite song. I really wish I could have the extended version of the song like it was on the album I had as a kid


One of my favorite albums from Prince ..always fun to listen too

John Sivells

I never cried from a song throughout my 25 years of existence, but when I heard "Condition of The Heart", I instantly got emotional and actually cried actually. That one emotion solidified my very love for music and how beautiful it is. It brings peace to the world and those who dwell within it. It brings people close together when it seems as if the very ground itself is breaking. People need to be reminded the reason for our very existence...To Love. The releasing of his catalog to the world was just that reminder... Love ❤☔️

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I wish the Story between Prince and The Revolution did not have to end. =( I love the man with this Band and they were really hitting it out of Paisley Park with this Album. I couldn't wait for their next project but like Purple Rain's prediction, they disbanned.


Around The World In A Day is 1 of Prince’s finest albums. It’s fresh, daring, melodic, beautiful, addictive and a massive rule breaker. Prince drew a line in the sand when he released this album (metaphorically)- he established himself as a visionary and not a sheep or a clone. In time, more and more people will be praising this album. It’s been slept on by many but there has been an awakening in recent years including new articles and other musicians expressing how underrated it is. Get it !


Still in shock! Can't believe he's no longer w/us. Musical genius! & I love this album & all his others as well. His music will never get old. He will forever be missed.


Maybe because it was out when I was a kid and I was longing for escape into the "real world", or maybe because it's simply a masterpiece from beginning to end (which it is), but this is my favorite Prince album of all. I will miss him horribly. Sometimes It Snows In April...... and now it always will :( xoxo Love U Prince 4Ever <3


This is a brilliant album. Coming on the heels of 'Purple Rain,' Prince put out this psychedelic gem with musical standouts, 'Raspberry Beret,' 'Pop Life,' and 'America.' The cover art is fantastic as well.


A masterpiece. Brings back so many memories. From the first track to the last every song is amazing!! Love this this album love Pop Life, Around the world in a day, America all them are fantastic! Prince is the best artist and performer the world has seen besides MJ. He is a Legend a Prince and a King! 💜💜💜🕊🕊


This is the best record Prince released in his illustrious career. The most challenging yet completely thought out record from start to finish. Probably over the heads of many listeners - a must have for any musician and/or lover of intricate pop/ rock music.

Raspberry beret girl

This was the first prince album I owned at only 11 years old. I listened to it endlessly then but haven't listened to it in over 25 years and yet I played it tonight and I remembered every word and every beat of every song as if they had become part of me. It's amazing when an artist can create something that becomes a part of you and never leaves even when you haven't visited or nurtured it in it years it's still there waiting for you to rediscover that part of yourself all over again. It's one of just a few albums I can put on and listen to it in it's entirety. I couldn't even pick a favorite song well maybe The Ladder :-)

Big Judd

Rest in peace...

Da king55555

This in my honest opinion was the best album Prince put out.


A lot of people anticipated the follow up to Purple Rain.You can't repeat a phenomenon. Moving into an entirely virgin field for himself,he startled everyone.


Kickin album and one of his best. it is a mainstay for old prince fans and a must have for newer fans looking to learn more about his music.

Chase Usrey

He's one of the best, this is one of his best ( paisly park) <3.....<+)O


ATWIAD is one of my favorite Prince albums. I only liked Pop Life and America at first listen because I, like many others, was looking for Purple Rain part 2. I have grown to really appreciate how good this album is. It was released in '85, by the way.

DonRicko G

Great song it takes me back to a time when people wrote songs about partying and making love. Not guns houses cars and how much money they got. It's so refreshing to go back to those days. This song is a front row seat to the good times for me.

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The cover reminds me of the Beatles Sgt/ Pepper album, and so does the music. A lot of the themes are reminiscent of the psychadelic 60s with songs ranging from the frothy "Raspberry Beret" (his summer of love?) and nostalgic "Paisley Park" (not so far from "Penny Lane") to the more spiritual "The Ladder" (my favorite lost classic on the album). There's also some political commentary here from "Pop Life" (another forgotten gem) and "America". Prince eventually evolved to a much edgier, funkier style, but album is a reminder that he is a master of many styles.


i need to hear; I Hate You, Billy Jack Bi+cH. I want Gold. Thank you


Please get the cd Mazarati that's made in 1985, from Warner Bros. Records.! I have been waiting forever for it! Thank you.


No no no no,,,, no one thought much of this album when it came out in the spring of 85. It didn't float anyones boat (r&b or rock n roller), and I'm stunned that so many of you 'fans' dig this thing. Come on folks, it's not 'awesome' or that deep, or much of anything- check out the b-sides instead! They would have made better choices!


This was a very, very clever album by Prince. You see Prince DID repeat himself! But diffently. America is really a repeat, sort of, of Baby Im A Star. The Ladder is Purple Rain pt 2! Tamborine in essence is Darling Nikki 2! Condition Of The Heart - The Beautiful Ones Sequal! Temptation is Computer Blue! Now mind you, not exact copies but like sister songs. Listen closely. I also dont think this album started a "new" sound but rather progressed a sound he had established and found success with which ultimatley set him apart from other mainstream artists. Prince still uses the Linn LM-1 drum computer throughout and the synths also play a big part. But what gives the album a beautiful atmosphere is his addition of more acoustic colors in terms of using an acoustic grand piano for Condition of The Heart and using actual other persusive instruments like shakers, tamborines, finger-cymbals and how he mixed them with electronic instruments of the day. Add to that the recording methods which were done to tape, sometimes in a big warehouse in Minneapolis he used for researsals and recording and those big pro studios of the day with all to tape for final mixes. Its a warm, intimate but open sound, like the music is literally being perfomed at a big Paisley Park. So, then, musically, the album does sound very colorful, happy, yet troublesome and lonely at times. The emotions covered is wide ranging. Factoids - if you look at the original album cover, a hint is found in the artwork for each 45 single, each song is represented by a "character" on the cover. An early version of the cover had a more realistic painting in the same sort of strange way. One character was a large man with a tiger, I wonder what song that was. Also in this original cover artwork was Lisa Coleman's brother David Coleman who's original demo of Around The World In A Day song was the basis for Prince's version and subsequent creative musical direction in this album. David apparently turned Prine onto the Los Angeles Paisley Underground music scene where bands such as The Bangles, The 3 'O Clock sprung from. Thus you get a Prince fusion of that and his electro-Funk-Rock sound you find in his earlier big albums like 1999 and Purple Rain. I wish oneday, we'll get a full remastered double, triple disc special edition. I say three, because a disc has GOT to hold the 20+ minute long version of America! C'mon! And the 7 inch singles B-Side Hello which has a slightly different ending on the fade out than on the 12 inch! And imagine pulling out a gatefold album with that wonderful artwork, wow.


After the commercial successes of 1999 and Purple Rain,this little gem came out of nowhere. With absolutely no publicity, this forgotten classic suddenly showed up in record stores in 1985. It was crazed, psychedelic, and dirty. If you were cool in 1985, you had this album and cranked up America while car surfing down the highway. This album also produced one of his slickest singles, Raspberry Beret. A must have for any serious Prince collector and in my opinion, a glimpse towaards his best album ever, Sign O' The Times.

Daisy Reeser

Correct! From start to finish, it is STILL rockin after almost 25 years. I still know every beat and every lyric as if I were still a freshman in high school. Paisley Park is very much Prince: beautifully sad. If you liked his Revolution stuff, you MUST have this WHOLE is well worth the 9 bucks! And put it in the car and listen to it LOUD while on the 405 (for those of us in LA anyway) and just WATCH how many smiles you get!! Im not joking!! :) :)

Ess Eff Arr

Great album. I wish Prince had included the extended version of Raspberry Beret. On another note....iTunes is saying that the albums 1999, Purple Rain, and Around the World in a Day were all released in '84. That can't possibly be right. I'm not sure of the years. Can somebody help us out?


LOVE LOVE LOVE this album. It was a turnaround from Purple Rain. He came strong, but it was not exactly what the world expected from him after the smash award winning album. He's an artist, and this collection of work is full, resonates in my soul, and takes me back to my childhood. I listened to the cassette tape over and over..till it popped!! Pop Teenage Life...


This CD was for the true Prince fan, if you understand it you are unique. If you don't listen to it


Just LOVE!


Paisley park has always been one of my favorite songs ever but there are a lot of good ones here. In fact they're all very good. Word Up!


This album was released soon after the largely successful Purple Rain album (and movie) without any publicity. Simply surprising fans in record stores. The album went Multi-Platinum selling over 2 million copies. He threw a curve ball to his listeners though. Instead of doing the predictable he challenged his listeners to a new sound. I love what he did with this album. He used instruments from around the world (hints the album title) american musicians seldom use such as an oud and a darbouka just to name a few. It may not have been the move everyone expected but it sure was a smart move for Prince!


i forgot how good this album is!! i was only coming in to purchase paisley park - my favorite - but i listened again and remembered the whole thing is awesome... truly a unique album.


This is a wonderful, highly enjoyable album- from start to finish, and all of the songs still sound fresh after more than twenty years. I would suggest purchasing the entire album instead of picking and choosing, but a few personal favorites are: Pop Life, Around the World In a Day, Condition of the Heart, and of course Raspberry Beret. Also, if you live near a music store that sells vinyl records- check and see if they have this in stock- because the artwork for this album is really beautiful (interior & cover).


This album sealed my love for Prince (& the Revolution). Truly creative in every way. It started a totally new sound for Prince with the help of the Revolution. I wished the B-Sides for the singles for this album made it on to the rest of the album to complete the whole package (Hello, She's Always In My Hair, Girl)


having been a prince fan for as long as i can remember, i believe this to be one of his most precious works. The album and its entirety truly take you around the world in a day. xoxoxoxo




This wasn't one of my favorite Prince albums. But there are some good songs here. Pop Life, Raspberry Beret are the classic ones