Sharon Van Etten - Are We There

℗ 2014 Jagjaguwar

Are We There Tracklist:


There is much left to be wanted from the lyrics. This is not poetry but some middle school child’s version of making things rhyme. That being said, the sound is solid. Though I wonder if it is just a regurgitation of some other sounds. This albums feel easy to listen to but it does not feel new.


I woke up and heard this and it was soothing to the soul.


A few years ago I stumbled across SVE’s song “Serpents” on some randomly generated streaming playlist and was immediately smitten. Fantastic song! I’ve been a casual fan to date but “Are We There” really won me over. Sharon is, in my opinion, one of the best songwriters and performers in America. I could stream this entire album on Spotify for the cost of my monthly membership however, I’m buying the download because it’s what we all need to do to support artists with such a unique voice. Keep making music Sharon Van Etten.


She’s constantly embracing her voice and finding ways to create meaning great sounding songs.


I’m apparently the only one disappointed in this. I’m all for new directions, but this album finds SVE taking a turn in the wrong direction. Frankly, it sounds like over-produced, BAD 80s, Giorgio Moroder produced music. Her voice and songwriting remain beautiful, however...

De Oreleans

What an amazing talent this woman is..her writing are vignettes of love lost, etc. boring in other artists...but SVE takes us on an amazing journey with each song and her eclectic use of instruments and her incredible voice! Saw her live in Northampton mass May 8 and she played this new album live and we were all spell bound! Def a great journey this album highly recommend! She ROCKS!

good brayton

good mick


It's difficult to top her 2012 "Tramp" release but if "Are We There" doesn't match it, it certainly comes close. As with her last, I've skipped around the songs fixating on one before discovering another. This is the kind of music to savor and I expect I'll be listening to this in my car over and over again. For fans of Ms Van Etten, this should certainly live up to expectations.


I was looking for some new music to jam to during the summer, and I think I have found. Before searching through the Alternative section of iTunes, I had nver heard of Sharon Van Etten. I think the only reason why I clicked on the album in the first place was because of the album cover. It looked like it would be a good album. Yeah, I know it sounds petty but when you hear this album you will instantly fall in love with it. It's good to find an album that you don't want to skip any of the songs on it. Thank you, Sharon Van Etten for choosing such a mysterious and cool looking album artwork ;))))

Music Lover #2

I was dissapointed in this album. Overall weak performance.

Melly Ohio

I've never written a review before... All I can say is if you're familiar with her music...if it touches your soul...listen to this album. Seeing her in Cleveland in June.


Well to be honest I have never heard of this artist before. I listened to the first play on iTunes Radio and the music got to me. It's perfect for my taste in music. I'm now kinda glad I listened to it.


saw her in Hudson over Mother's Day weekend and she and the band sounded super duper!! loving these new songs on this sunny monday. i always turn it up when it gets roaring on Taking Chances. <3


Love, Love, Love it!!!! Great honest music.....


I've been waiting since January hurry up the 27th


Hurry up 27th!


...for Summer '14

Jayson Chun

Love the new song. Can't wait for the album. She's an amazing artist.