Guns N' Roses - Appetite for Destruction (Super Deluxe)

A Geffen Records Release; This Compilation ℗ 2018 UMG Recordings, Inc.

Appetite for Destruction (Super Deluxe) Tracklist:


What the heck happened to you guys? I thought you were the “most dangerous band in the world.” Now you guys are just kiss-ups. I understand that One in a Million was a little offensive, but seriously! You’re Guns N’ Roses! You’re not supposed to bow down to this “politically correct bs”! I was going to buy this album but when I found out that One in a Million wasn’t on here, I decided not to. You can’t pretend that the song never happened! It’s like slavery and the confederate statues. Yes, it may be offensive and politically incorrect to modern culture, but it’s still history. That is why we still learn about slavery and war in school. Now, since you’re pretending like it never happened, this is an inaccurate portrayal of the Guns N’ Roses I knew. If you add One in A Million back onto this album, you’ll get yourself another $30. Until then, I’m not buying it and I urge everyone else not to either. Viewers, if you want an accurate portrayal of the old Guns N’ Roses, buy the original Appetite and then buy GN’R Lies.


I’m a HUGE Guns n’ Roses fan, but this... I just can’t bring myself to listen to. When this came out I was very unsure of it especially when they did the GnR box that was $1000. I, as a fan, never would pay for that and definitely not this. I understand it’s part of their history but maybe that should have been released years ago. This was such a let down for me, I continue listening to my vinyl.


Excellent. Thank you GN'R for releasing this material. Outstanding.



Rock music advocate

This is an unbelievable album collection. The sound quality on all the tracks is amazing. You can actually hear different nuances in the tracks that were more or less muted on the original. You can also play it louder than the originals which is how all GNR music should be played. 30 dollars for the album is completely reasonable, remastering isn’t free people. Read up on it haters, Appetite is one of the greatest rock albums of our time, and a rock band that changed the game back from glam rock to hard rock. Every great rock album has been remastered from skynyrd, AC/DC, Zepplin. All of those sell for the same price if not more than the originals. I own appetite 4 times over basically. I have it in cassette tape, record, cd, digital, and am not composing one bit. If you don’t like the price, don’t buy the album, stick to your latest Ed sheeran cookie cutter pop album.


The boys are getting up there in age......why not have the gullible population pay more $$$$$ for a "deluxe ripoff of the century." I remember when this album was released....I didnt get it. Sounded like Lynard Skynard meets the Rolling Stones...but not as good as either. The heroin addicts down the hall really liked it.


Best ever.

bert / momo mnd

Love that they released old demos and unreleased tracks on this box set. I been a GNR fan since 1988 and I’m forever jamming this box set.


Why do people enjoy these guys? Total trash.


While the remaster of Appetite itself doesn’t sound terribly different from the original, it’s the rest of the included material that really makes this shine. One question: is the track listing/metadata messed up for anyone else? I literally have to guess what song I’m tapping on when I play something. It is ALL screwed up...


GnR being politically correct and censoring themselves!!! Sad day. 1986 versions of themselves would call them posers.


The pinnacle of rock music.


You basically put out all Guns n Roses songs except Use your Illusion and Spaghetti Incident and you don't include One In a Million? Don't reward that obvious decision that was purposeful and aimed at the 2018 social climate. HYPOCRISY


This would be complete if one in a million was on here.

B too cool

Highly recommend, everything I expected & waited for. I just wish we got a “one in a million” remaster too though


Guns & Roses are wanna be rockers that don’t know how real rock n’ roll should sound


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Kfred The Ratmonkey

Ive had a handful of these demos for years, but to have it all remastered is epic! Little disappointed theres no vocals on ‘aint goin down’ and obviously the omission of ‘one in a million’. But how about the other version (not the sound city one) of ‘shadow of your love’. Fantastic! Almost sounds like its a brand new recording with the current lineup 🤔. Hope they do this with the ‘illusions’ and we get remastered versions of crash diet, bring it back home, too much too soon, sentimental movie etc.


The band and a couple of their songs were a flash in the pan a long, long, long, long, long time ago. This isn't a great album by rhe Beatles, The Who, Led Zeppelin or The Rolling Stones. Its a mediocre album by a band that crashed and burned after making a small splash. Sheesh.


Why leave off one in a million


As a couple others recently had happen, upon purchasing, the song titles didn’t transfer over for the tracks. The name of every track is the same as the sub album that it came from, so you don’t know what track you are listening too or wish to pick in advance. E.g. every track on “Appetite for destruction” is entitled “Appetite for Destruction.” “b sides “ all titled “B sides.” I’ve deleted, checked on other devices, including iTunes on the computer, a phone, and iPad in my “recents.” I’ve also hidden and unhid to redownload and still have this problem. I am also a subscriber to iTunes Match (and in the cloud) if that helps the troubleshooter. Please help!


The original album (iTunes version) never had the best audio quality. The songs were there, but they could never be as loud as your car or speaker system could play other songs. The audio quality on the original tracks on this release is a night and day difference. Much better, the rest of the other gems here (yes minus One in a Million - which was excluded for obvious reasons) are great. Worth the buy, hands down and I hope there’s a new album soon and a long future ahead for Guns N’ Roses. See them live if you haven’t yet!


No “One In A Million”, no sale. I guess Axl has become a coward in his old age.

thibody of lake horn

Easily made the decision to purchase the album. Sounds amazing. You retards giving 1 star because it’s not a so called “ new album” are ridiculous. Reviews are meant for the current product. This is hands done amazing in every way!

blklinger45 purchase. $30???


Super excited for this release and itunes has a great price for this considering the Super Deluxe version on Amazon as well as on the GNR website is like 179.00 dollars right now. Only trouble is one of the special things about this release next to the music is all the unreleased photos & such. Liner notes are a part of the expierience so I feel like I will still have to buy that. Oh and guys previous releases were not remastered so I don’t understand why some are saying it was, this album has never previously been through the remastering process. I’m a massive GNR fan so I would know haha. Update: the sound and the remastering is fantastic, at first I couldn’t tell the difference but than I started hearing things I didn’t before. It’s louder and crisper without losing the grit. Bonus material wise, I could do without all the live tracks but if you are a die hard fan like me the complete sound city sessions make the Super Deluxe worth it. If you are just a casual fan the Deluxe or Standard with do you just fine. The demos are nice but definitely still not essential. Oh and thanks guys for officially releasing the acoustic November Rain!


But the fact that this isnt 5 stars is just simply disrespectful

snake maness


chilango 666

Esperando este álbum desde hace unos meses atrás por fin llego


I never could understand the attraction to this band. The music is decent but the vocals are hideous. This band was overrated from the start. Commercial fodder with no substance. Mind numbing like most of the drivel that is put out these days. I guess that might explain this brief resurgence.


Why. This is not new.


This is all just a bunch of filler. Low quality filler that should’ve never been released. I want my $30 bucks back. Absolute shlt.


They actually put in a good amount of effort on remasterting the album. Sounds considerably better (both the mp3 and the CD version).


All I’m showing for the track list is the name of the album. Would love to see what song I’m listening to. Please fix.


I liked this the first time I heard it and still do. But $30.00 for stuff we pretty much have already have had for more than 30 years is a bit of a stretch. Sadly this should be called Appetite for Deception.


I bought the super deluxe version with 4 discs of music in a new remastered set. This album really needed to be remastered it’s one of the best in rock history. All the people that are complaining that we need new music and giving this album 1 star are clearly not Guns fans and just trolls. So don’t listen to those babies and buy the super deluxe with the bonus b-sides and EP’s. The only thing I didn’t like is that they censored themselves by not including the track “One in a Million”. I know it’s politically incorrect but it has always been a fun song to sing and I wanted it remastered. I won’t nock them a star for it just a little surprised. Over an epic buy!


They even included all the songs from Lies on this one which has been remastered as well. Everything sounds great with just the right amount of loudness without overdoing it like some of the other remasters out there.


-they chose to include on any of their previous albums, so... They must not have even made the cut (GNR didn't like the songs enough to use them). It's just a money grab.


I completely agree with 1Gossard. This has been my favorite band since I was ten years old, so don't take this the wrong way, but a reunion tour that goes on for this long with no talk of a new album, is called, "Hey we're in it for the money!" Your money that is. Who wants trashy demos? These B-sides have all been released in different forms in the past. There are a small handful of good ones, but throwing the "Lies" album and "live like a suicide" stuff on there is just a re-release.

Just Buy It Now.

Again, 30 million.


Too sjw for one in a million?


Want something new


One of the best albums of all time. So glad it's going to sound brand new again.

i mak reviews

Sounds like songs (Try Green Day)

The Bradleyss

Just like a Rolling Stones record, if the Rolling Stones sucked. Don't kid yerself. It's just not very good. This is a washed up band cashing out.


When I listen to Appetite for Destruction it’s like it’s connecting directly to my soul! I still remember first time I played it!


Super stoked for all the remastered works. I️ was seriously hoping that they’d officially release Crash Diet! Oh well. Maybe next time.


Now every simpleton bobs their head to primitive jungle beats with auto tune.


That’s a track that should be on this!!


Seems like overkill adding a second disc to this popular 89's hair metal band's classic album. Definitely needed remastering as the older versions sounded a bit flat. But to add a second disc is a bit much. Guns N Roses were a decent band but I always felt Dokken were far superior.