Guns N' Roses - Appetite for Destruction

A Geffen Records Release; ℗ 2018 UMG Recordings, Inc.

Appetite for Destruction Tracklist:




One of the best rock albums ever. I bought this when it was new. Still holds up against anything today.


Best debut album ever in rock history nuff said. Best rock band ever period!🤘🏻 #Axl #Slash #Izzy #Duff #Steven


Favorite album


This album is the best ever if you do not agree you don’t know what rock is!


Great album

Chrystal Hendrix

Appetite for Destruction was for sure the Greatest Album of The 80’s and for a lot of us, The Greatest Album Ever. It’s a Masterpiece. Every single song is Golden. It’s the only Album I can ever remember owning, that I Loved every song. I would listen to it on a continuous loop over and over. After its release, Appetite quickly became my favorite album and 33 years later it’s still my favorite.

Beaker Music

Not the best ever, not the worst ever. GnR is good but not the end all, save all, band.


It’s the in the only top 10 albums that I can listen to all the way through

Xboss57 2

Might be an over exaggeration but this album was pivotal for rock in general. Every song tells a story and it is perfect.

Daddy Nugget

Why dose this exist this is not rock


Name another album out there that has this many legendary songs and doesn’t have a bad song?? If you are a real rock fan and appreciate rock music you won’t find a bad song on here. If you just like rock in general you still won’t find a bad song on here but maybe a few 3-4 songs that you can just vibe with. They have 3 top tier godly songs Jungle, Sweet Child, and Paradise City, 5-6 great songs My Michelle, Nightrain, It’s so Easy, Rocket Queen, and Mr. Brownstone, and you could even argue Think About You. Then You’re Crazy and Anything Goes are average but still good in my opinion. I honestly listen to all 12 of these songs.


Love it


Best Album Ever


The best album ever composed with the best song ever written "Sweet Child O' Mine" (better than any Led Zepplin album)


This is one of the best bands and albums of all time <3. My FAVORITE band. Especially SLASH! He’s my hero.❤️

W. Slash Rose

One of the best hard rock bands of all time.


One of the greatest, if not THE greatest, album of all time l

Snaketail 96

This is god tier rock!


From start to finish, this album is a masterpiece. It has the huge 3 anthems that you hear practically everywhere ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ ‘Paradise City’ ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ and other great songs like ‘Rocket Queen’ ‘Nighttrain’ ‘Mr. Brownstone’ ‘It’s so Easy’. Most bands have a couple good songs each album, well all the songs from this album are amazing in their own way. Greatest selling debut album of all time as well


My favorite artist


I love it, i really do but I’m gonna say it: Paradise city rips off zero the hero from black sabbath


For Guns and Roses first album, you have to give them a lot of credit. It has some of the best rock songs of all time, and each song has a distinct, and awesome handprint that it leaves. Guns and Roses, what would rock have been like without you?


I like popcorn balls at the state fair with goats milk and mr. brownstone.

Fatty McChuggins

Best album ever sweet child o mine, paradise city, rocket queen, night train, mr brownstone, and welcome to the jungle are some of the best on the album


One of the best albums ever made, this is a masterpiece. But stop taking the original off then putting it back on. It removes all of the ratings and prevents people from completing an album.


No doubt about it

William 9870

One of my favorite albums my favorite songs are it’s so easy, paradise city and sweet o child mine you should listen to it if you haven’t it’s good


guns,n,roses band appetite for destruction album is an awesome album

Assassins creed unity

they’re music is the best


The album is a masterpiece and perfect. Unfortunately iTunes took off the original version (which I think sounded better than the remaster). Welcome to the Jungle is an iconic song. It is played at almost every sporting event. The chorus and guitar match perfectly and blend to make one of the best songs of the 80’s. It’s So Easy is a fan favorite song. It is one of the best songs love of the whole album. Axl using his lower register makes the song feel different from some of the other lyrics. Duff’s bass intro sets the tone for the whole punk/hard rock song. Nightrain is a great song, and Slash saying it’s his favorite to play live shows just how good it is. The energy provided by the song is incredible and the matching guitar of Slash and Izzy is awe inspiring. Out Ta Get Me is Axl’s message to police. After being harassed his whole life, he lets out all of his aggression in this song. The attitude of the song shows what the band can do. Mr. Brownstone is about the addictions of the band members. The songs beat makes you want to start doing Axl’s snake dance. The song shows how well all of the band members play together. Paradise City is IMO the best song on the entire album. People say save the best for last and Paradise City has a permanent place as the final song in a concert. The song is instantly recognizable from the chorus. The beginning is amazing, but the double time at the end shows the talent of Slash and how amazing his solos are. My Michelle is a true story of a friend of the band. Axl wrote all the lyrics about her life. The song manages to be dark yet catchy at the same time. Think About You is the weakest song on the album. Saying this is the weakest shows how amazing the album is because this song is still better than most hit songs put out by other bands. Sweet Child O’ Mine has one of the most recognizable riffs of all time. Axl’s lyrics show how much he actually cares as compared to other people who write power ballads. The song proves to be loving, yet hard rock at the same time. You’re Crazy is maybe the fastest track on the whole album. It is the closest metal song on the album. It’s lyrics show why the album has a “parental advisory” label. Anything Goes is a song all about sex. The song has two memorable riffs going at the same time. The use of the talk box adds a uniqueness to the song. Rocket Queen is another song that has been cited as a favorite by fans. The beginning is pure hard rock with the last half being more a power ballad. The moans over the bridge were real and showed just how dirty and grimy the band was. This is one of the few albums without a bad track and it deserves its place as one of the greatest rock albums of all time.


I liked everything except the new intro for "Out Ta Get Me". It sounded too different and off.