Florida Georgia Line - Anything Like Me - EP

℗ 2011 Florida Georgia Line

Anything Like Me - EP Tracklist:


In 2010, we all knew they were going to be big and here we are.


We all knew FGL was gonna hit big, I still think their fist few Albums are the best.


Awesome music great voice big fan of music thank you


So crazy coming back to this and thinking these were their first songs, and now look at them. They're huge. They've grown so much though. FGL is the best


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I absolutely love this album. Every song is amazing even though there are only 6. My favorite on this album would either have to be "Black Tears", "Man I Am Today" or... Who am I kidding? All of the songs are my favorites!

double digit

This EP is good. Not the best ever but good enough for me to buy. I am a FGL fan and I love their style of country music.


i never really listened to or cared for country i might start listening now because of these guys they are freaking awsome they sound like alternative rock lol i love it

Shark Fanatic

I've had this album forever and it's one of my favorites! This is much better than singing pop/rap remixes with Jason DeRulo!


I SHould a known they were gonaa be huge, this was my dad's favorite album when it came out! Never let her go is my favorite song :)


This album was great. Now they are singing with Nelly. Sigh.


Having become a fan of FGL new releases I searched for older music. It was clear from the beginning they were going to be huge. Highly recommend


These guys have talent. great songs, you better be downloading them now


I admit it, FGL is one of those guilty pleasure bands that I like. I bought their big album last year because I liked Cruise and the rest of the album was great, but then earlier this year I found out they had this album. The first song I heard was Black Tears, and man, what a different sounds for them from what I'm used to. It was a darker, more serious sound and it had me hoping thier next big album will go to this sound. The Party tracks are nice, but these 6 songs are some of the best songs I've heard from them. Hope they expand on it in the next album.

Colby g78

This is the song that made me love this band keep the music comin boys




I absolutely love this band! Keep the great music comin!


I love both albums. Can't wait for more!! My favorite is !!TELL ME HOW YOU LIKE IT!!


Love it!


Bought this album when the first released it so awesome! Can't wait to hear there current album.

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Love the album


Cruise is one of the greatest songs I've ever herd


In love with these boys! Amazing music!!!

ryan vinyard

put cruise on here!


I am in love with their songs!! Great mix of stuff I want to jam out to and chill to!! I have told all of my friends about them!!! LOVE THEM!!


This album is amazing. "You're Country" and "Now That She's Gone" are straight up hard hitting Southern Rock songs. "Man I Am Today" is a great nastalgic song about growing up and all of the memories that you look back on, and "Black Tears" is a beautifully written and performed song. Every time I hear it, I get chills. I'm definately gonna be watching this band.


They are amazing! Going to be HUGE one day. Just wait. Saw them open for someone else and they stole the show. Amazing talent!


Black Tears is great! Ur Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I heard it on XM and love them.


Authentic southern rock sound. The sound is definately current, but also manages to bring the classics to the front of the mind. Really great stuff !


These guys are great xm11plays them all the time. Great sound!!!!


Rough sound...like that. Some of the guitar was hard to hear, almost like it was in the far background. All-in-all though, very good. I'm a truck driver and this is some good driving music.


Awesome!!! Makes you glad to be from the south! The kind of songs that make you want to roll the windows down & turn the radio up!!