Hollywood Undead - Another Level

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Another Level - Single Tracklist:

~FL Girl~

It’s different and I love it


Nor can Haters ever hope to get on ANOTHER LEVEL!


I’ve always loved HU, especially when they try out new things. Gotta let go was great! This is another great experiment that I think they’re doing good at in a way that feels like them. Yes it is similar to modern rap but they’ve always made their songs unique yet similar to other artists. Yes swan songs was great along with all their other albums but they’re exploring new ideas and that should be respected.


Ok first things first I don't know why it's labeld rock. I get HU wants to experiment but please not this. To me this is a very Generic monder day Trap/Rap style that I've heard before and I know HU is waaaay better than this. I'm speaking as a hardcore fan that loves these guys.

No earplugs

These guys would'nt know rock if it bit them in the...


Just horrendous


Terrible chorus. Terrible verses. I miss Swan Songs.

srv lover

How..did this happen?

LP Old Fan

I like the song but they spent a little to much time using the same line in the chorus. Should've been shortened down.


I’m glad Hollywood Undead likes to explore different music, instead of staying the same. I love it!!!

Dr. wolf1417



This band is the best band of all time I have several Hollywood undead tattoos I met the whole band in Boston they are very cool just like myself this band is the greatest I love every song they put out I, also the biggest Oakland raiders fan from Massachusetts go RAIDERS RAIDER NATION 4 life BUY THIS SONG AND BUY THE ALBUMS THEY ARE GREAT


This song is perfect for the true HU underground army. Constantly raising the bar!


I really love this song it has a kinda face off theme to it Gotta let go was beautiful And Another level is hard core

Zuka Z

Only true HU fans will like this song. People always want the same exact thing over and over, if that’s what you want go listen to an older album. I love when bands (especially my favorite ones) try something new and unique and gives us something like this. Definitely shakes up putting all songs on shuffle. 5 stars.


Another dope song guys.💯🔥🤘

Disaster boy

This is not rock I tunes really needs to get the genres right.