Green Day - American Idiot (The Original Broadway Cast Recording)

℗ 2010 Reprise Records for the U.S. and WEA International Inc. for the world outside the U.S.

American Idiot (The Original Broadway Cast Recording) Tracklist:


Just why you’ve made me almost dislike Green Day more but then I realized no it’s them they made it sound bad not Green Day so yea just a big fat the size of the Sun No.1 it’s too clear I liked it better when Green Day did it for one you say words more then once like a echo which is not in the original and it’s too clear unlike the original where it’s really loud (which I love).


This is amazing I love Jesus of suburbia and whatshername but my favorite is st jimmy


Beautiful and great music and artist.

Koala lover dingo RIP

So good wish it could come back!!

Donaldson aakakakak

Thee American idiot play was the most incredible heart thumping play I have ever saw!! After seeing it I wish I could've listened to the songs, I later found this album. I am a Green Day fan and I loved there original songs but the play takes it to a new level. Creating new versions and making them into theater.

william stits

these idiots believe they are helping the liberal cause. but all they are doing is really making more ENEMYS.


I guess I'll be buying holiday and boulevard of broken dreams here even though they aren't as good as the original


This album is amazing. Teens who made the mistake of putting in their actual birthdate(such as I) can buy this album and still listen to Holiday. So.... 6 out of 5 stars.

Revy Quinn

I want the Green Day version of this song


Wish it was the recording of when Davey Havok was st. Jimmy but no complaints. Plus that last song ;) worth it




MAKE A CLEAN VERSION OF BOTH OF THE ALBUMS!its a great album, many the best ever but I'm only a kid and I'm not allowed to listen to curses!!PLEASE DO THIS!!


I accidentally bought boulevard of broken dreams thinking it was the original. I want a refund dammit.


This album is amazing! Most people think that a band sounds better when it is in the studio, but for this band, they sound much better live! Also, Broadway makes everything better :).


People will love this album so much, your going to be wanting to buy their other albums!! You all should buy this!! It's awesome!!!


Anybody else think holiday sounds like Hurricane from Panic! at the Disco?!?!


Oh god, after hearing this album (and I have the original too) I really really REALLY want to see the musical *^* I think they did the harmonies really well and that they didn't over do it.


Love this album


These versions are so good! I love them so much. Seriously buy them it's totally worth the money- you'll be listening to them everyday. I love boulevard of broken dreams, holiday, American girl, and are we the waiting. They are all amazing. Boulevard of broken dreams is now my favorite song btw.


i'm reading all the bad reviews on this and here's what i'm saying. this is a broadway cast recording. it's not green day. but i CAN tell you that green day directed or had some part in the making of the musical. so they approved it. and about the album, it's great! not the real AI, but it's great! :D

Max Moundas

Don't get me wrong, I love this song. But if I want the actual song that isn't acoustic I have to order a whole album that costs $15 (the Grammies album). I love this song I just really want a single for this song.

Vermillion Jay

American Idiot originally had some songs that weren't really intended to be sung by Billie Joe Armstrong (the way I see it). Letterbomb, for one, is supposed to have a female voice to begin with, seeing as it's from the point of view of Jesus' girlfriend. I always thought Extraordinary Girl would have been cool as a duet. Insofar as this album fulfills these aspects of the album, I'd say the Broadway production was a success. It's easier to see exactly what happened in the story. I can respect the violin parts as well, that was a nice touch. The thing that makes it fall flat on its face is the male cast's singing. It's not like John Gallagher Jr.'s a bad singer or anything (for the most part, their singing's pretty good), but I always feel like Billie Joe should be the one singing American Idiot and Jesus of Suburbia, y'know? Just a pet peeve.

Seymour krelbourn 1937

Great for if your happy or sad

Allen Harbold

I saw the show back in April and I still can't stop listening to it! The music is so good! The harmonies are muy bueno and the way they put the whole thing together song by song (or sometimes song+song with them combining songs into one) is amazing! I'm a Green Day fan and a Musical Theatre fanatic/performer and I'm very impressed.


I didn't even realize some of these songs were Green Day! I just knew I really liked them! Now that I know, I also really like Green Day!


I didn't even realize some of these songs were Green Day! I just knew I really liked them! Now that I know, I also really like Green Day!


Ive been a fan of Green Day since 2007, and honestly out of my own opinion this album is not really good. Yes John Gallangher is one of the best singers on broadway but he completely butchers the beginning of American Idiot, just let Green Day perform their own songs.

Green Day fan for life105

I love this album so much. But there are some other green day American idiot albums. WHY???!!!!


This album might not be for everyone, but I really liked the songs personally. They are not as good as the original recordings by Green Day, but they are close. The musical is amazing too!! I have been a Green Day fan for a while, and they have done great things so far, and i support whatever they plan to do in the future.


As a child, I never really noticed that this was a Broadway rendition of Boulevard of B D I was listening to. Time passed. Bought other songs off album. Sounded strange. Final finds the real American Idiot Album. *Facepalm*

Arrow Monkey

I saw the broadway just last month and it was the best show I had seen and the songs all sounded great..


They just sound babyish in this.


For you real idiots out there, before you buy something, look before you purchase if it says (the original broadway cast recording). It's probably not the song your looking for that came out in 2004. Any true Green Day fan would know "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" didn't come out in 2010. About the cd (my review). The cd is great, I've wanted to see this musical for a long time, especially since the main music I listen to is rock. The live performance is even better than the cd, I saw it recently in vegas (2013) and the cast now who sings is better than the original cast on here in my opinion. My favorite song on the cd is 21 guns. Absolutely great cd, I'd buy it on ebay though cause you can find it on there cheaper. GO SEE THE SHOW THOUGH!


They're last day in my town is today, and it's 11. It's too late! I heard from a friend it was amazing! And we happen to be doing some of these songs ("Jesus of Suburbia, Holiday, Wake Me Up When September Ends, American Idiot, and another one) for Orchestra! ;A; This sounds legit great! :D

South Side Punk

I bought this album in stores for the same price didn't have all the tracks had to spend more money to get the rest of the songs I saw the show with different actors so not who were all hearing but it was great


All I wanted was boulevard of broken dreams thinking it was green day, but its just a cover. I don't want a cover. I wasted my money.


I'm a fan, big time. I've never seen the musical but I just might. I love this. It gives it a new flavor to their songs. I don't understand why there's so much hate on it. :)


Bought Boulevard of Broken Dreams then realized it wasnt even Greenday singing just a stupid cover! Want my money back.


Saw the musical, or as Green Day likes to say a rock opera, for my birthday a few weeks ago and fell in love! It takes Green Day's American Idiot to a whole new level!! And for those idiots that think this is Green says ORIGINAL BROADWAY CAST in the title!

I mean it.

I p'm only buying Boulevard of Broken Dreams. I can't even see all the people who sing it. Greenday, why u have so many ft.'s?!?!

HATE IT!!!!!!😡

I have Holiday and 21 Guns, it's AWESOME! You people out there that say you thought it was Green Day you're an idiot it says Broadway Recording!


Agree with red


The best album ever


In my opinion, these covers are absolutely amazing. My favorite is 21 Guns. It's just so beautiful! :D


I bought this expecting Green Day, but its just a phony singing a cover, I am so angry I wasted my money on this crap


I recently saw the broadway show on tour and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT can't get it out of my head had to buy the whole album I love the way they changed up the renditions of the songs works perfectly !!!!


Really good

Awsomeface girl

I love green day but these covers were amazing I'm forced to buy these 2 songs but at least there almost like it

Selena G Fan!!#1

Just... Amazing... That is all.

Scott McCutcheon

I saw there musical and this is it you need to read it but the musical was amazing and these songs are too I really suggest buying some they are very good