Green Day - American Idiot (Holiday Edition Deluxe)

℗ 2004 Reprise Records for the U.S. and WEA International Inc. for the world outside the U.S.

American Idiot (Holiday Edition Deluxe) Tracklist:

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Believe me, “American Idiot” by far is the best Green Day album and probably the most successful punk/rock album of 2004. Just the multiple-part songs in this album will make you go crazy! “Jesus Of Suburbia” is probably my favorite song ever! “Homecoming” is up there with my favorite Green Day songs too. Everyone goes for “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams,” “Holiday,” “American Idiot,” and “Wake Me Up When September Ends.” But I’m more of a “Letterbomb,” “Whatsername,” and “Are We The Waiting” kind of guy. But you still can’t go wrong with that overly impressive guitar solo at the end of “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams.” Honestly, I cannot choose my favorite song on this album though. I love them all so much! 5/5.


Green Day is my favorite band and I cover their music all the time on my guitar, I'm probably gonna buy Dookie too! 😋😄


I love the album which is why I would buy the normal album and the bonus tracks separately. Why? Because for some dumb reason iTunes decided to condense many pairs of songs into one like why? What is the point of doing that? I want those individual songs to be separate! What if someone wishes to make a playlist and include a song but can't because its paired up with an undesirable one? Just leave the songs alone and include the bonus tracks.


Ive never heard of any of these editions of American idiot except for the plain album. Is this a special Green Day / iTunes collaboration?


i just want Hoilday not the whole Album


Why only album :(

CLip 3

Great album, great concept, and an amazing storyline, for those of you who don't know, songs 1-9 (original album) play out the main hero, the Jesus Of Suburbia's life and journey from small town punk rock wanna be to his new life in the city, from yearning to be a true punk rock freedom fighter, to realizing what one truly is, having a punk rock girlfriend, Whatsername, and making his own new self under a new alias, St Jimmy, overall, it is an amazing story and awesome album!!!!


Green day's best album - American idiot September 14,2004

Close vid gux

I went back to check if they had any other good songs, but I saw like all of them were explicit. I was like ,dang it! This is one of those bands...

Gold 50

Green Day is awesome

Ryan Kuchar

Its awesome

Joey the Jerk

this isn't as good as the regular american idiot but it is good